Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sheila Figs - Wizard Chick with Book Stand

It's been a couple of months since I did any painting - doesn't help that it's football season, which kind of takes away some of my Sunday recreational/hobby time.
I was so happy to get this figure; I really like painting women figures, and I wanted to do something really cool with her cloak. I decided to do a "disco" theme for her, so went flashy with the colours and ornamentation on her.

Here she is, ready to primer, all the flash and edges filed down. Primered! Now I can really see the detail and start thinking about colours.
Skin has been done, as well as the base colour for the book's pages.
The first colour. Originally, I was going to do a more silvery cloak, but I found the grey just too dull, so I painted over it later.
Getting the darker colours in the creases and lightening up for highlights.
Disco cloak! I really like how this turned out. As you can see by her arm, I'm not really very careful about the other colours - it's easy to just paint over and clean up - until I start working on the highlights and lowlights.The cloak is done, now for the rest of the colours. Hair, base metal colour.
Lots of work on the book and stand. Yes, the stand is made of skulls. Ooh, scary!
And after a few hours' work yesterday, voila! Details done: eyes, skin shading, silver highlights on the metal, bases, blacklining and words on the books pages. The intent is that her dagger is causing this book's page (obviously it's some evil magic book) to blacken.
A shot of the back.

I'm pleased with this figure, but it's not one of my best. I like the cloak the best - it's very "Fantasia" and was fun to experiment with.


  1. Actually I think it is one of your best. And I'm not just saying that because it's a buxom blonde with windswept 70's feathered hair that looks just bubbleheaded enough to give me a shot while I ply her with frothy mugs of root beer at the A&W drive-in, the tray hooked onto the window of my rusty Nissan Pulsar but then I go too far, she's had too much and keeps leaning over, sloshing foam and twisting the dial to turn up the intro to that vaguely humiliating Aldo Nova song, singing along even though there's no words yet, singing along to chopper noises and feedback and the waitresses are looking on in pity (poor guy, she must be on a day pass) and I'm trying to turn things down (they're all staring at me), turn things off (stop it you retard!), it's gone too far (whispering: It's just a fantasy!), I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!

    *runs away crying*

  2. Dishpig! You're back! I missed you, and not just for the Aldo Nova references (*screeching guitar riff*).

    Glad you like her.


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