Sunday, October 26, 2008

Party - Chris' 40th Birthday!

Elaine and I went shopping at Winners on Friday night after work - I wanted to spend my $100 gift card that my Winesday Women gave me for my birthday. I bought 3 pairs of shoes, a blouse, a sweater, a dress and a slip.

This is the dress:
It was in the clearance section for only $20. I love the deep blue and black pattern and the bands of pattern at the hem, edges of the sleeves and at the waist.

The shoes are the real star here:
Yeah, baby, that's 5 inches of pure sex! The platform made these very comfortable to wear (they also have a ton of padding under the ball of the foot). I was hesitant to even try them on, but they were surprisingly comfy all night. My feet don't hurt at all today.

Dress (OC by Oleg Cassini - yes! Oleg Cassini! I know! $20! Get out!), shoes (JLo), crystal drop earrings, crystal cocktail ring, nylons (Hue).


  1. I love the dress and the shoes. I can't believe you coudl wear shoes liek this all day And THEY stayed comfortable.
    What a haul at the shops!

  2. Well, I only wore them for the duration of the party - about 4 hours. We'll see how they do when I wear them to work this week.

  3. Love the pattern of that dress, and those shoes!!
    Very, Very Sassy!


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