Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should It Stay or Should It Go? Doris Day Pink - 200th Post Extravaganza

Okay, there isn't really an extravaganza, but it is my 200th post. Yay, me!

However, this is going to be the first installation of "Should It Stay or Should It Go?" where I am going to wear wardrobe items I am feeling dubious about. YOU tell me: Stay or Go.

Featuring the bright pink jacket below:
Dubbed "Doris Day" by my co-workers, I am not sure that I want to keep this jacket. I love the upright collar (but it limits how I can wear it, since it looks weird open), but I'm not so big on the colour (ugh, pink...BUT another co-worker loved it on me).

Tell me: Should it stay or should it go?

Also featured: my black lace dress (it has little spaghetti straps). I'm thinking of getting it altered, as it's a size 8 and the straps are way too long. I like the mix of the lace and the rock 'n' roll accessories with this outfit (once again: the BBB combo of boots, belt and buckles).

The boots still stink. How do you get PVC to stop smelling?

And just because I haven't showcased this other old favourite jewelry set, here it again:
Jacket (Cleo), dress (Kensie), boots (something cheap, I've already forgotten), belt (Jacob), silver/black bracelet, black stone/silver earrings.


  1. I say the jacket should stay but hey, you know I love vintage inspired clothes especially when they look so classic


  2. I actually love the jacket! But if you're uncomfortable in it because it just doesn't feel like "you," you should toss it...I often end up returning things I buy because someone else says it looks good on me--and then later I realize I should have gone with my gut.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts, ladies! I agree with both of you: it's a great jacket and I love the vintage look of it. The big thing is the colour.

    Maybe it would just be better on someone else.

  4. Why not over dye it in, say, purple!! It is a nice cut and would be a pity to give up just because of the colour.

  5. Hey, Mervat, welcome!

    Now THAT is an interesting idea...it's 65% poly, 32% cotton, the rest spandex. Do you think that much poly would take dye?

  6. I think you look great in the photo - it's a really well pulled together look, so it's hard to say get rid of the jacket just because of the colour.
    Give it another chance!

  7. I will give the jacket another chance.

    Thanks, everyone, for weighing in.

  8. The following link may help in info on dying fabrics not 100% cotton:

    Hope this helps!

  9. Thank you for the link, Mervat! It looks like more trouble than it would be worth (I am quite lazy and certainly wouldn't bother doing a high-heat boiling dye), so looks like I will just have to suck it up and either live with the jacket or else consign it.

    Thanks so much for looking that up!


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