Sunday, October 3, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Brunch Bounding; Black Sweater Dress

Ah, nothing like a long weekend to completely restore my chill. After a busy two days of vacay spent doing our closet swap-overs, L and I headed to the Ruby for brunch on Saturday morning. We also visited friends for a dinner date that night - how fun to get dressed up again! 

Have you ever heard of "bounding"? It's a subtle form of cosplay (which is "costume play" if you didn't know) achieved with everyday clothes. I first heard about this from reading Epbot (link here 'cause I love, as always), run by Jen and John Yates, of Cakewrecks (link here) hilarity - both favourite daily reads of mine, and highly recommended for a giggle. This (here) is an example post from Epbot showing a bunch of folks Disney-bounding - as Disney theme parks do not allow visitors to wear costumes, bounding is a way for folks to pay homage to their favourite Dis characters without breaking the rules. 
When I heard that the Good Buy/Good-Bye theme (links to Nancy's blog here, and Shelbee's blog here) would be Hallowe'en for October, of course I wanted to feature a full-on Hallowe'en costume, but it's a little early (and the deadline is next week). Then I thought, "What about a bounding look?"

  • Sweater - Banana Republic, thrifted; purchased here for $21.95
  • Skirt - Peter Pilotto for Target, consignment; last worn here in October 2020 for a shopping day in Sidney with Cat
  • Booties - Prepare 2.0 Tracker, Fluevog; last seen here in February with vintage D&G and roses
  • Coat (below) - Elizabeth and James, 2017, consignment; purchased here for $32.00

See if you can guess what I'm bounding as! I'll give you a few hints.
Hint #1: The last time I wore one of these items, I channeled this same person. 

First wearing of this new-to-me brilliant blue sweater - it was fine. It's a useful item, which is why I bought it. I have a cami on under this. 
I am a fan of coloured tights - these blue lace beauties were a $1.95 purchase from Dots last season. I hope they get more tights in this year - the prices were so good and I loved the funk selection. 

I love the mixed patterns and colours in this cute mini skirt. 
And it's got pockets. Win! 

Masked up for being in public places. 
Hint #2: Double cuff bracelets deflect negative energy! 

Geared up for standing in line. 
It was sunny, cloudy and windy, so I loved having my silk scarf and new-to-me leather jacket. 

All done up, ready to go. 

Hint #3: Red, white and blue are super colours to wear! 

  • Purse - Danier, thrifted
  • Silk scarf - Elaine Gold, vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The stuff: 
Final hint: Red boots are Wonder-ful! I'm so happy to have these back in my closet! 

Bold bling: 
Doing my jewelry swap-over reminded me about my pendant collection, including this spooky tree and full moon glass tile. I like to incorporate bits of spooky things in my October ensembles. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Tile pendant - Raven's Roost, Vancouver
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave, Vancouver

Bounding answer: If you guessed my personal super-hero idol Wonder Woman, you're right! Ten points for you! Try bounding yourself for a fun way to show off your fandom, whatever that may be. 

After brunch, L and I did some errands - I had just enough time to pop into Rich Rags for a quick look around, where I spotted this scarf in a basket. 
I liked the navy blue, grey, yellow, caramel and browns - this is a good colour mix for me. 

I could tell it was silk by feel, but it's nice to have it confirmed. 
I also look at the edges, which are hand-rolled. No machine work here. 

It's by Forele, and it's Italian. I couldn't find much else about it, although I saw scarves by them listed for $60 and up. 
It was $20 and L bought it for me, along with a lovely yellow shirt for him that I noticed. Thanks, love! 

After a quiet afternoon, we headed over to Mac and Petra's for dinner. 
I did my pictures earlier so that I'd have light, but the stairway was so bright and sunny, none of them turned out except this one. 

  • Dress - Nina, vintage, consignment; purchased here (also at Rich Rags) for $10.00
  • Booties - Gabor; last worn here in December 2020 for the last shopping trip of the year
  • Leather blazer (below) - Danier, thrifted; last seen here in April

I knew we'd be sitting around after dinner, and I didn't want to wear anything tight or restrictive. 
A sweater dress is perfect. I don't do a lot of black in my wardrobe, but I do adore a nice knit dress. 

I couldn't resist this one for $10.00 - it's been waiting for me since May! 
The cuffs and hem are lacy while the body and lining are a thicker ribbed knit. 

It also has a full lacy yoke-style collar that goes all the way around. 
Putting my hands under the lace so you can see it. 

Masked up for the cab. 
And adding another piece of my spooky collection. 

All done up. 
We ended up walking home, which I always plan for, so I wore appropriate shoes and outerwear that would be warm enough for this time of year - leather weather! This ended up being just right - it was a clear and crisp night, and we enjoyed each other's company as we walked through quiet leafy neighbourhoods. It took just over an hour to get home. 

My skull scarf is 15 years old this October. I bought it in San Francisco and it's one of my favourites. 

  • Scarf - MetroWear, San Francisco
  • Leather studded gloves - Danier Leather
  • Mask - by Mom

The stuff: 
Easy leather boots for walking. 

Snaky bling: 
If I had a snake belt, I'd have worn it - including my boots, that's three snaky things. 

  • Belt - Rohesia belt, Fluevog; first worn here with another black dress in August
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Snake ring - c. 1985, BC Museum Gift Shop
  • Snake brooch - c. 1985, gift from Mom & Dad
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

  • And how was your weekend? Are you wearing anything spooky yet?


    1. I guessed Wonder Woman but it took me a few clues, haha! I love that blue jacket on you! I really like the black lace dress as well :) Sounds like a very fun weekend.

      1. Good job, Mica! Isn't the jacket fantastic? I liked the black dress, but it will probably not stay with me. It was, thanks!

    2. Wonder Woman for the score! Gloriously delightful bounding outfit (new term for me). The bright blue jacket, top and tights are so perfectly uplifting, as well as the rest of the ensemble, especially as I am reading this on a dark, rainy morning before sunrise. And the black dress is what I would classify as a leveled up dress. The touches of lace up the ante for a little black dress.

      Have thoroughly enjoyed all your posts, read while in Belgium and at home this past week as my body caught itself up to fully land back in NY. ;) Alas, I didn’t make it to the second hand shop. Went shopping with my daughter-in-law’s parents for holiday gifts for grandchildren. After (for me, a late) lunch Isabel asked if I wanted to continue on to the store. We had already been to three stores and I was zonked! The store is now at the top,of my list for our next visit!

      1. Good job, Laurie! Isn't that a great term? I felt the power of Wonder Woman soar through me in this. I would never buy a boring black dress - I always like that little bit of extra detail.

        I'm so glad - I missed you, but knew you'd be having a fabulous time! Aw, that's too bad, but you have only so much time. I hope you had a blast, though, and found some amazing souvenirs.

    3. No, bounding was completely new to me. An interesting concept but I have never done fan things - ever - and I probably won't be starting now in my late 60s! Btw I guessed correctly; it was the the colours that gave it away. Those blue tights were lovely and the blue jacket was gorgeous. I have found several coloured biker jackets but none in my size. I'll have to keep looking...

      I loved your black knit dress; the blue belt was a lovely contrast and all the accessories you wore with it were fab epecially the snake brooch.

      I have no memories of ever having celebrated Halloween when I was a child and when I was growing up. I don't recall Halloween celebrations from my children's childhood either; but it was celebrated when my eledest grandson (now 26) was young. I'm guessing it made its way here from the USA about 25 years ago and now it's a big event here!

      Have a great week,

      1. No, I guess that will not be a thing for you, but that's cool. It's interesting to learn about these things, I think. Well done on guessing! You know me! It is rare for me to see a biker jacket this nice - this is one of my better scores, for sure.

        Thank you - I love that belt and it needs a dress like this to shine. I enjoy playing with my spooky jewelry this time of year.

        It's really a very North American thing, isn't it? It's definitely spread out - ah, commercialism!

    4. I haven't heard of bounding but I love how Kezzie does Doctor Who costumes that are very wearable for every day. I think this is a great way of getting inspired by a favourite character/figure. It proves one can cosplay without doing a full consume. I also took a view at the Disney bounding crowd- very creative and fabulous people. I didn't know one cannot wear costumes at Disney parks but it makes sense as one would confuse the visitors with the official Disney costume wearing staff, right? Plus, there could be safety concerns.
      Your Wonder Woman inspired outfit is fabulous. I love the blue tights- so fun. The blue and red combo works really well to invoke Wonder Woman's colours. I didn't guess it, I have to admit but I love the look. I also love the black knit dress you wore. It's very elegant and looks comfortable. The silk scarf L. got for you is beautiful.
      Happy start of the week!

      1. Yes, Kezzie's doing a cosplay replica - I bet she has heard of bounding, but you nver know. It's a fun way to channel a favourite hero, for me. Yes, I think it has to do with their proprietary costumes, and security. But the bounding outfits are so lovely.

        Thank you! I love feeling that power. No worries, it's just a silly game. I love the black dress, but it's not really me. I found myself wishing I'd worn more colour. I love that scarf!

    5. I guessed it was Wonder Woman without the need of your hints :-)
      I have to confess I'd never heard of bounding, and if it weren't for Kezzie, I don't think I'd have known what cosplay was ... I'm such an ignorant so and so in these matters. I'm afraid I'm neither into Hallowe'en or any other costume-y thing. Sorry!
      Regardless of the bounding theme, I'm loving Saturday's playful red, white and blue outfit, and those red boots are particularly fabulous!
      I'm swooning over your lacy knit black dress. What a stunner that is, and just perfect for this time of year. Can't wait to start wearing my coloured tights! xxx

      1. Hmmm, it's like you know me, Ann! :) I've always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy in movies and books, so this is an intersection of those plus fashion for me. It was a fun outfit and I didn't feel costume-y in it. Thanks so much.

        It's a lovely dress, but even with all the great detail, it didn't really feel like me.

    6. Bounding is a new concept to me. I did guess correctly:) …loving the blue biker jacket, what an amazing shade!

      Your knit dress looks great with the accessories, my favourite being the flower belt.

      Lovely to be treated to the silk scarf, it’s beautiful. x

      1. Well done, Phyl!

        Thank you - isn't that an amazing belt? It weighs a ton too.

        I know, L likes to buy me little things. He's so sweet.

    7. Lovely outfit, I'm loving this skirt and tights combo!, and the fabulous new jacket!, and obviously Red Boots Rock!. Looking really Wonderful. Also lovely to know about 'bounding'! ;DD

      1. Isn't the idea of bounding fun? I love the subtlety of it. Thank you!

    8. I hadn't heard of Bounding before, but I looked at the blog post you linked to and I was impressed by the "non-costume" looks people put together to celebrate their fave Disney characters. I did guess Wonder Woman for your look - well done!

      1. Well done! I love the sneaky way they pay homage to their favourite characters but don't look so costumey.

    9. Tee-hee, at this point, it might me more noteworthy when I don't wear something spooky. :D

      Awesome ensembles, sweet Sheila. I've been familiar with bounding for a few year now, first catching wind of it during my vintage blogging days. You did a fabulous job of channeling Wonder Woman here. I suspected that was who you were bounding as and couldn't help but beam a wee bit when I read that my hunch was correct. :)

      Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

      1. I figured you would have heard of bounding, Autumn, and of course, yes, it's WW I'm channeling! Thank you!

    10. I got Wonder Woman after a couple of clues.

      I'd heard of bounding but didn't know what it was called - it's a fun idea, I think, as it places a high value on creativity, more than time or money.

      1. Good job, Mim! Bounding is such a fun idea - YES, it's all about the creativity, not just wearing a costume.

    11. Very proud to have guessed WW with only one hint, although I think the real hint might have been your mask!


      1. Ha, slightly! That was for people who were struggling, Julia. :)


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