Sunday, August 8, 2021

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Lettuce and Snakes; Book Club Picador in the Park

I'm back, my friends! I hope you've all had a fabulous weekend, doing whatever it is that makes you feel joy. 

As for me, I played Ulti, had brunch, went to a mall (a MALL!), hung out and played boardgames, and distributed my pick for Book Club, which was held in our usual park locale. 

Unlike previous years/decades of me wearing a dress and changing into my Ultimate Frisbee gear at the field, I didn't put on "real" clothes until after we'd finished our game on Saturday, had brunch and had come home and showered. We're playing at a new field this year, and frankly, I can't be bothered to do that whole rigmarole of changing. Screw it, I'm eating brunch in my workout clothes. Don't care! 

L wanted to pick up some books/magazines for a friend, and I vaguely remembered that I had received an Indigo gift card at some point in the past. Digging around, I discovered that not only did I have a $20 gift card, but I had a $100 gift card to the same mall (likely a birthday gift from Mom a few years back). 
I haven't been in a mall in YEARS. I'd better put on some Clothing As Armour! 

  • "Lettuce" Dress - Taylor, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August 2020 for brunch with a haori
  • Shoes - Lucky Brand; last seen here (2nd outfit) in June for a Zoom call with Mom

It was hot and windy, so I didn't bother drying my hair - it's wet here from the shower in these pics.
Squeezing in a wearing of my Lettuce dress, so named because of the rows of cotton eyelet ruffles around the hem. It reminds me of lettuce!
We drove to Mayfair Mall - my hair got spun around like cotton candy in Vlad the Jag, which actually made my shaggy mullet look even cooler. 
Masked up - a bit blurry. 
I was anxious that there would be huge crowds in the mall on a Saturday afternoon, but it was quite spacious and not too bad, although there were far too few people wearing masks for my preference. I popped into the MAC Cosmetics store and treated myself to a new lipstick and a couple of eyeshadows that were on sale. 

  • Mask - by Mom

With my cool shades on. 
The ladies at MAC enjoyed my outfit, noticing the hair, the snake jewelry and the bag. There were a LOT of people in athleisure-wear in the mall, so I stood out. 

The stuff: 
Easy shoes for a short amount of walking. These are a good neutral - and of course, once I'd decided on snakeskin shoes...

Snake bling: 
I wore my snakes! I hope there will another vintage fair soon - I'd like to find some more! 

  • Purse - Enid Collins "Roadrunner", vintage 70s, consignment
  • Snake necklace - vintage expo
  • Snake cuff - Whiting & Davis, vintage 80s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver

L and I both bought several books (I'm a bit of a book addict), and happily used up our gift cards. At home, after a look at what books each other had chosen (we have about 50% overlap in tastes), we crashed and had a nice long nap before dinner and boardgames in the evening. 

On Sunday, after a sleep in and a big breakfast, L dropped me off at Beacon Hill Park for Book Club. 
I'm ready for sun, heat, wind and cold. You never know in Victoria! 

  • Cardigan - no label, thrifted; no longer tracked
  • Top - Jones New York, thrifted; last worn here in May with much pastel blue
  • Picador skirt - vintage 1950s, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in August 2021 (Flashback there too, scroll way down)
  • Shoes - Hopeful Sunny, Fluevog, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) for a long weekend Canada Day shop in July

I always enjoy wearing my wonderfully gory Picador skirt - it's very old vintage but in great condition. This is my 12th wearing of it.
I have always paired it with solids, so again I tried a pattern with it. Go, me! So adventurous! 
This striped top is navy and white, and has two little navy ties off to one side.

Stripes go with everything. 
I added the cardi for sun coverage and in case it was cold from the wind. 

Showing my pantaloons - I planned to sit on the ground, so just getting a bit of extra coverage.
Here's the outfit without the cardi, and showing the full circle skirt. 
Do you see the man on the horse, sticking a "pic" into a bull? There's even painted blood! He's a picador, who would anger the bull (guess how) in readiness for the matador. Bullfighter skirts were a souvenir trend for a while in the '50s (very Hemingway). This one has a tag inside still, bit it's completely worn off from age/washing. 

I didn't need a mask at all, as we were outside, but I brought my red one anyway. 
I usually pick out the reds in the skirt for my accoutrements. 

But I also like yellow! 
"Fetch the car for me, would you, L? I need a ride to the park."

I kept my hair looking somewhat decent with my Movie Star Wrap. Coffee is so I am nice to people. 

The stuff:
Although L drove me there (thanks, love!), I had planned to walk home  - so thank you also, Cat, for the ride, darlin'! These shoes were chosen for walkability, but also because I liked how the straps echoed the stripes in the top. 

Bold bling:
My new Fluevog belt makes another appearance - I have to get the cost-per-wear down on this one! The skirt's waistband is knotted and hooked (no zip) so it needs a substantial belt to cover it up. 

  • Belt - Rohesia belt, Fluevog
  • Silk scarf - vintage, thrifted
  • Leather/steel cuff - Rimanchik
  • Lucite bangle - vintage, Lazy Susan's
  • Dragon bangle - Lazy Susan's
  • Silver earrings - Brenda Schoenfeld, 1992, vintage mall
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Silver/sodalite ring - Scotland, 1996

Warning: Foot pictures ahoy! 

I remembered the last time I wore these sandals that they rubbed my baby toe. Reader and former blogger Tat commented that she used silicon "toe-tubes" and I was all..."what are those and where do I get them??" Well, I found them at the drugstore in the footcare aisle (support local!), and they were the instore brand (Life/Shoppers for my fellow Canucks). These came as a pack of 2 for $10. 
They are washable (soap and water) and reusable, and fit on any size toe. 
See? Stretchy! 

Not on a toe. 
They were awesome - no slippage, no pressure and best of all, no blisters or pain! 

Vizzini, aren't you impressed? 
"Yes, they look quite delicious."

They are totally in his elastic-eating wheelhouse, so I'll be keeping them out of his reach. 
"Well, you're no fun at all, Woman."

I got to the park first - I was the picker, so I was so excited to debut my book choice. Look at this glorious day! The field we sat on is being watered (note the dry fields in the distance), and the clover was buzzing with fat bumblebees. 
My "Cool Cats Read" bag is from Hamilton, Ontario, from when I visited Elaine years ago. I have a can of sparkly water, and a bag of cherries, which I shared, and I sat on my Ralph Lauren poncho. 

Mindy and Ciara couldn't make it (both visiting family), so we had a small group, but it was so nice to catch up. 
Caro, who just got back from camping. We all immediately ended up with our shoes off. 

Yvonne just got home last night from visiting her Mom and family in Ottawa for the first time in SO LONG. 
We discussed her book pick, "Bel Canto" by Ann Patchett. It was quite good, but the ending caught us all by surprise. We always have really lengthy and deep book chats - I love that.

Janaki and I found out today that we share a birthday! 
Peace out, my b-day twin! Love that Matt & Nat bag. 

And here's Cat, chillin' beside me. 
We laughed and talked about our lives, the book, our future plans for Book Club, and I presented my pick, Octavia E. Butler's "Fledgling" (link here, 'cause I love). I even did a little intro about Ms. Butler, who was a pioneer in science fiction as a black female writer from the 80s onward, winning multiple awards. As the picker, I bought all the copies (second-hand, local, of course!) and present them as a surprise. It's a really fun way to share our personal tastes and read outside our comfort zones - this one's going to be a doozy, I suspect. 

I arrived home to a squawking cat. 
"Where have you been? It's dinner time!"

It wasn't even 4 o'clock - he's such a liar. 
"You should just do what I want."

If I did that, he'd be a very fat cat. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! 


  1. I've been meaning to read an Octavia Butler book for a while, so I just put Fledgling on hold at the library. Sounds intriguing. I always love seeing the skirt with the picador -- love the striped top with it!

    1. I've read the first two in her "Lilith's Brood" trilogy and have really enjoyed them, Cynthia. I plan to read everything she wrote, as I really like her style.

      Thanks so much! I was quite pleased with myself for thinking of stripes.

  2. I like the stripes with that skirt! And it's nice you got to enjoy shopping and spending your gift cards! Always a treat to find an unspent gift card! :)

  3. Lovely to see the gang and yes, we know all about lying cats, they're giving us hell this morning after daring to go out last night, they're on their fifth breakfast (or should that be brunch, already!)
    I don't blame you for wearing clothing as armour for a trip to a mall. I went to one once in the 1990s and its a trauma I shall never repeat. Hopefully the lettuce and snake outfit might inspire some of those lazy ath-leisure dressers to make an effort with their appearance (although they were probably shopping in there to stock up on more shapeless horrors!)
    Loving the matador with the stripes, too.
    How funny, I spotted those silicon toe shields in Wilko yesterday. I'm glad they work! xxx

    1. Oh yes, and Vizzini is a master liar, Vix! He has caught us a few times, and gotten extra food and kitty treats, so he knows it can be done.

      Ugh, I loathe malls. They smell of plastic and fast fashion. I'm trying to lead by example, but it may be a losing battle here in this casual town. Thank you!

      They were awesome! Try them!

  4. Good afternoon Sheila, what a lovely big post! Wow to your lettuce dress outfit. I thought you had done your hair like that on purpose to echo the dress, a ride in the wind I see but wow it looks fantastic! I would need to be armoured for a trip to a mall too not been in years. I am too into second hand. Books that's different how nice to find unspend gift cards. I am beginning to see stripes can go with a lot more than I thought. You sound like you had a great week end. Love seeing what you get up to. Must comment on the ring from Scotland I like a lot. Shazxx

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Shaz, thank you! I like to see how a cut air-dries, as sometimes that's the best way to deal with it, and weekends are usually the time to try it. Books are something I never get tired of.

      It was a wonderful weekend. Isn't that ring lovely? It was made by silversmith in Scotland - I picked it up when L and I traveled there when we were first dating.

  5. I haven't been to a mall in ages either. There's a huge one on the outskirts of Antwerp and while I'm not a fan, I sometimes meet up with a friend there who loves shopping there. Masks are still mandatory here, in individual shops as well as inside malls, which is quite a relief. And yes, of course one dresses up for shopping! Your lettuce dress is delightful, and the snake print shoes, fabulous snake jewellery and Enid Collins bag are perfect with it.
    I'm also loving the gory Picador skirt outfit. The striped top, red cardigan and yellow headscarf is giving it a definite 1950s vibe! Very va-va-voom!
    Will have to keep an eye out for those "toe tubes", they sound just the thing for me too! xxx

    1. Individual shops had requests for masks, but many people weren't wearing them. Ack! It's not that much of a big deal for me to just do what the store wants. I enjoyed my mall outfit, though - I certainly stood out!

      Thank you! I always get a chuckle out of it. I was amazed by how well the tubes worked!

  6. I totally and thoroughly LOVE your book club outfit from head to toe! Not only do you look fabulous, but the items themselves work so perfectly as an ensemble.

    Nice nail polish and I have to remember to write down the toe tubes tip. Katryna took us out for pedicures when we were visiting (my first one in about 10 years!) and I now have deep purple toes. Figured I may as well opt for bold. ;-)

    Looked up the book you are reading next for book club and it was a tad beyond my comfort zone, though I do like vampire books. Might turn out to be a winter read for me, as that's when I tend to go out of my comfort zone because it feels good to shake myself out of occasional winter doldrums!

    1. Thank you, Laurie, I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it! I love that you opted for purple toes - my polish is cheap Sally Hansen quick dry because I'm lazy (hee) and I loathe pedicures (stay away from my feet!).

      That's cool - I have gruesome and odd taste at times. :)

  7. A mall! Gosh, I haven't been in one for over 2 years I think. I had to pick up a package today and had to pay for it and I hardly could remember my pincode! Haven't used in in such along time. And we played boardgames too, with friends, also after almost 2 years! What a world we live in. Love that skirt and the photos in the park! So cosy and such a treasure to have good friends.

    1. Nancy, I know - I go into a mall once every 2-3 years, it's so rare.

      I'm so glad you got to hang out with your friends! Thank you! Yes, friends make our lives so rich.

  8. Bah to athleisure clothing - I bet the staff at the mall were pleased to have someone stylish to break things up a bit. The lettuce dress is great.

    1. I bet they were, Mim! I see SO few dressy people, and I'm on the look for them. It's just sad.

      Thank you! I love this cute dress.

  9. I'm so glad life is getting back to normal for you and for everyone else, Sheila. Hello normal!

    The lettuce dress is so cute and what an apt name. I loved the vintage skirt paired with the striped top - a lovely look and so very 50s; especially your headscarf. I love books and reading but I've never been tempted to join a book club - isn't that weird?

    And talking of weird; Vizzini is such a hilarious cat; I can just imagine him eating the toe guards; brilliant idea by the way I must see if we have them here in Boots....

    1. Kinda-sorta, Vronni - I don't think it's ever going to be the way it was again. It'll just be different.

      Isn't it fun? I really liked the shake-up in my styling of the picador skirt - I'm glad I tried it. That's funny - maybe you just don't want to read what others do?

      He is so funny, and he WOULD eat them! They're gold, look for them!

  10. Malls generally aren't my jam (or within my price range) either, but I have a bit of a soft spot for them, as I worked multiple jobs at one of Calgary's largest malls (Chinook) when I was first living on my own (so about a billion years ago now! :D).

    Still, in terms of clothing, I honestly can't remember the last time I bought something at a mall. I will occasionally pick up some earrings from Claire's as they have nickel-free options, but beyond that, my mind is legit drawing a blank (lol!).

    Have a fantastic middle of August, my sweet friend!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. No, me neither, Autumn, although I like to scout general looks and brands, both for inspiration (and subsequent thrifting!) and for future shopping. What store did you work in? I worked in a mall for about 5 years, off and on.

      Yeah, I think I bought something at Le Chateau (RIP) recently, oh yes, shirts for L when they were closing.

      Happy August to you - may it be smoke-free!

  11. Doubled fabulousness! ;DD
    Love your sneak jewellery and shoes!, and your Green dress is really cute!. And love the way your hairstyle look when wet!, I like this effect. It doesn't cease to amaze me that so many people wear sportgear everywhere.
    And I love the striped top with the 'picador' skirt (which is one of my favourite skirts ever!), and totally agree that stripes go with everything. You rock it!.
    Glad to see that your sandals are now comfy (I have to look for those silicon toe-tubes)
    Lovely to have a chat about books in the park, I'd love to join you!

    1. Thank you, Monica! I know, there is such a glut of althleisure and sports clothing out in public nowadays - I'm always boggled at what people think is appropriate for wearing in public.

      Thanks for kind words on my outfits - I liked both of them and felt awesome. You definitely need to check out the toe-tubes!

      Book Club is the best!

  12. I have a couple of pairs of shoes that rub on my baby toe so I will look for those "toe tubes" the next time I'm at Shoppers. I've always loved that lettuce dress on you and the Enid Collins purse coordinates perfectly with it. I'm digging the shaggy mullet, especially when it was still a bit wet. Have you tried using a bit of product in it to make it look like that when it's dry?

    1. I might pick up another pair, I love mine so much.

      Thank you so much - I'm glad to still have this dress in my wardrobe, it's so cool.

      I have not tried adding product to it, but I like that idea. I'll steal some of L's... heh heh.

  13. Hi Sheila,
    I've finally summoned up the courage to post a comment on your blog!
    I say that for two reasons, the first being that I'm a bloke and consequently feel a bit like a fish out of water, secondly my comprehension of style, fashion and taste is minimal minimal at best alas!

    However, I love your sense of style individuality and taste.Being a Brit it's interesting to get a different perspective on things too!


    1. Hi, Paul, welcome. No courage needed, I'm not that scary. It's okay - men are allowed to like fashion/clothes too (just remember, don't be creepy). My husband reads my blog too! Read and learn!

      Thank you - glad to have you here from the UK!


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