Friday, October 22, 2021

Fancy Friday: Festive Fall

Happy Friday, my friends! I wore a plethora of fall colours today, as you can see. 
Tee hee, not so much. It's getting even darker in the mornings, nooooo. 

  • Jacket - InWear; last seen here in September for a Mom-Day Adventure
  • Sweater - Tatyana, thrifted; last worn here in September under a dotty cardi
  • Skirt - no label, vintage; purchased here yesterday for $5.00
  • Shoes - Aubrey Groovy, Fluevog; purchased here yesterday for $249.99, but they were free with gift cards! 
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last seen here last weekend.

I was a autumnal blaze in the bright lights of my office. 
My coworkers were fans of my festive fall ensemble - I got to see more of them as they come into the office to clean out their desks. 

My French colleague Killian asked if I ascribed to the "No more than three colours" rule. Everyone says this in France, apparently. 
I've never heard of this so-called rule, have you? I call BS on most rules, since anyone should be able to wear whatever the heck they want. What if I WANT to wear a rainbow? 

No one tells me how many colours I can wear. 
I'm wearing four different shades of orange, red, black, pink (the shoe buckles), white (sleeve cuffs) and burgundy. 

Masked up: this is a glittery spider/web design from Lazy Susan's.
First outing for this new-to-me skirt, and it needs a unique and easy-to-search name so I can find it again, as there's no label and "plaid" is a word I've used fifty bajillion times on this blog over 13 years. Suggestions welcome! 

Outerwear - it rained in the morning, but was trying to be sunny by evening. 
I didn't need the scarf or hat by then. 

My new toque is good at not giving me Hat Head. 

  • Toque - Catawumpus, gift from Tammy
  • Fur scarf - Danier, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
These shoes were fantastic - so comfy, and that is a perfect heel. LOVE. I'm inspired by the colour too - I tried on a lot of orange shoes at Fluevog.

Copper bling: 
I wore two brooches on my lapel. 

  • Copper brooch - thrifted
  • Copper mesh bracelet - Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Enameled copper bracelet/earrings - vintage 60s, consignment, Portland, OR
  • Cat pin - Charmaine's

I adore the little black cat pin - it reminds me of another little black cat. 
"I'm not a little cat - I'm a big cat."

Have a wonderful weekend, my friends! It's my birthday party this weekend - it's been TWO YEARS since we had a party, and I am so excited! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. 


  1. Love, Love, Love your outfit!! The colors, the fit, the proportions, the jewelry, the mask, the shoes, the tights, the whole shebang! The skirt is just perfect from where I sit. As for a name, hmmm, Autumn Plaid? French Plaid? (In homage to the conversation with your colleague.) Color Me Plaid? Perky Plaid? (LOL Right about now Fred would suggest I stop. ;))

    Here’s to your weekend and birthday celebration PARTY! Wahoo! πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ‘‹πŸŽˆ

    1. Thank you, Laurie - I loved wearing it! None of those - possibly perky - would work, as I say those words too much in my posts. I need a word I don't use often, that is easy to remember. I love all the ideas, though!

      Thanks, Laurie!

  2. I really like the red and orange together! I need to try red with my orange blazer I think - I wore it to the office the other day but went my usual safe route and stuck with neutrals, haha!

    I'm not the best at name ideas (I only named one of our boys, hubby picked the name for the other one, ha!) so no idea what to try there.

    1. I love colours that are adjacent on the colour wheel, Mica - they always go well together. Break out that orange, girlfriend!

      It's okay, thanks for thinking of it. :)

  3. If I wear few colors it's due to lack of creative license but never a rule. You and Vix have helped me see I should dress for me! Now that's not to say that me should step up her game. I love your fall ensemble. That I might be comfortable in. I once had a red, orange, brown long skirt with orangey red jacket I just loved. I did purge them in my last closet purge due to fit.

    1. Lol, same here, Sam - more like when I'm at home. I have to dress for me - I'm the one wearing it! Thanks so much - I hope this prompts you to try mixing up some colours!

  4. That black cat pin is adorable, just like Vizzini!
    I love the colours of our outfit and agree, those "rules" are nonsense. I'm not sure why so many people aspire to dress like French women, I've only been to Paris a handful of times but found their dress sense to be very bland and uninspiring. Bring that rainbow on!
    Hmmm...what to name that skirt? Hard to tell the exact colours on my eldery PC but I'm thinking Tangerine, Tamarillo or Tabasco Tartan.
    Have an absolutely brilliant party - I can't wait to see what you wear! xxxx

    1. It even matches his curly tail, Vix!

      I know, why must we have so many rules about what we wear? I also find the "Paris look" incredibly dull - more colours!

      Tabasco is good - thank you, I might use that!

      You know it will be good - but of course, you've seen it by now. :)

  5. Fantastic colours in your outfit, Sheila, and your new skirt gets my full approval. But isn't this time of year just horrible for us blogger girls? On a good day, I might still manage a couple of photos after work, but soon that'll be finished too. Then it's back to outfit photos during weekends and holidays only :-(
    I've never heard about that silly rule, either. Yay to a plethora of colours!
    I'm loving your copper and enamel bling, and how cute is that cat pin!
    Have a fabulous party, Sheila, can't wait to read all about it, and see your outfit(s).xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann. Ugh, this lighting - stop! I demand bright normal light all year round. It's also getting darker in the afternoon here.

      Agreed, bring on the colour!

      Thank you - I love the little cat. I know you liked the party outfits!

  6. Fabulous, gorgeous outfit. Those shoes are amazing, and what a bargain that new skirt is!

    1. Thanks so much, Cynthia! I loved the new shoes - and agreed on the skirt!

  7. WHY are people cleaning out their desks!? Is your office closing!?
    Skirt name: festive fall skirt

    1. No, we are moving to a "hoteling" booking system, and using alternate desks. I need people to get their crap out.

      Great suggestion, but I say all those words a million times. Too hard to search on those.

  8. Don't you just hate 'hat head'? Berets do it to me.

    Love the outfit and the colours are fantastic. Of course the 3 colours rule is BS as are all fashion rules; yah boo sucks to fashion rules, I say!

    The 1960s bracelet and matching earrings were just fabulous.

    Have a brilliant birthday weekend.

    1. I do! My hairstyle is pretty messy (on purpose) these days, but hat head is the worst, especially when you've had a good hair day up till that point, Vronni!

      Thank you! Agreed, phooey on rules!

      Thanks, hon, you too!

  9. I think it's a pumpkin skirt. As that orange blazer and those shoes are the most perfect combination with that gorgeous skirt. What a joy to look at!

    1. I might use pumpkin, thanks, Nancy! I was really happy in these colours, thank you!

  10. Happy birthday!!!! xxx

    I love the colours and the outfit. It's so bright and very autumnal too. The accessories look amazing too.

    1. Thank you, Anca! I'm glad my outfit made you happy. :)

  11. Happiest birthday month wishes, my beautiful friend! May you and wellness, serenity and tons of amazing fashion finds me yours in the coming year of your life (and always!).

    Sooo in love with your warm, wonderfully autumnal ensemble.

    While I've heard of that "rule", it isn't one I personally subscribe to. Much like those that say black and brown don't go together (likewise for black and navy blue) or that white is a no-go post Labour Day, I just politely smile and keep right on marching to the beat of my own sartorial drum.

    Autumn Zenith πŸŽƒ Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thank you, Autumn! What lovely wishes!

      No, rules are for breaking in my world. Ugh, why must we impose rules on what we wear!?

  12. I love that skirt! What great colours. I would call her Miss Loopleata. Why you ask?
    Miss as in single - no jacket so not a suit (but if you come across the jacket one day you could then change the name to Mrs. Loopleata)
    Loop for the loops
    Pleat for the kick pleat
    A for the latina sound it gives to the name referencing the spicy colour of the skirt.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you, Robyn, and WOW, what a name and explanation. However, I don't think I would be able to remember that!

  13. As always, your mix of color, is so gooood! And those shoes! Orange with pink buckles? Fluvog deserves a Nobel Prize for Fabulous on this one.

  14. What a feast for the eyes my dear! These autumn colours set the place alight and I'm green with envy. The tweed skirt fits like a dream and looks divine with those humdinger shoes. Awesome autumn outfit x

  15. Ha, I'm not sure I ever wear fewer than 3 colours! Love all the oranges.

  16. woww, lovely outfit and lovely colours!, this plaid skirt deserves some 'flaming' adjectives ;DD
    Your orange blazer is so fab, and I'm loving your new shoes 'in action' even more!

    1. Thank you so much! Flaming is a good word, and I don't use it much. Hmm! I love these shoes.

  17. No more than three colours? Don't French people wear prints? I'm fairly minimalist in my approach to clothing, and even I'd struggle with just three. Goth chums aside, most of the best-dressed people I can think of wear way more than that. And seen together, your new purchases prove what a silly rule it is.

  18. I remember reading about how Chic Parisian women always look, yet when I finally went to Paris I didn't see anyone who was beautifully dressed, which was so disappointing.


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