Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Ice Blue Flashback and New Tapestry

Phew, I had a very busy day today - I don't think I'm going to have my Thursdays off for much longer, if this keeps up. That's a good thing...and a bad thing! How ever did I have such a busy life in the Before Times? 
Indulging in a little Colour Therapy today with my new ice blue tights - aren't they a great match for this blazer? 

  • Blazer - Karl Lagerfeld, vintage 90s, consignment; last worn here in January with burgundy
  • Sweater - Wanko, thrifted; last seen here in August with a deconstructed dress
  • Skirt - Topshop, consignment; purchased here on the weekend for $29.69.
  • Shoes - Gadea, consignment; last worn here for a glam photo shoot with Mom at the Castle back in March
  • Coat (below) - L'Atiste, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here in April

I spent the day cleaning out desks and updating spreadsheets until I was sweaty and my head was a-whirl. 
I should not have worn a wool sweater underneath this blazer! 

It's a stupendous piece - we'll have a wee Flashback on it shortly. 
I've never worn a short skirt with it, but once I realized how well these new tights ($1.99 at Dots on the weekend) went with this difficult-to-match ice blue, a mini skirt was the logical choice. 

I loved this new-to-me skirt! So comfy, and so many colours for matching things to.  
I didn't take the blazer off at all, but I did open it up and flap it vigorously! 

Masked up - the pattern is pinecones. 
It was the closest thing I had to this tapestry skirt's pattern. Good enough! 

  • Mask - by Mom

Outerwear - with the blazer's wide shoulders, I don't have a lot of choices for coats that will fit. 
I adore this plaid oh-so-80s jacket! The edges are all distressed, with black sheer fabric, and there are beaded and crystal decorations on the top and lapel. It's not vintage but it has that vibe. 

Again, not using my umbrellas! I've had this hat for ages. 

  • Hat - Delux, Saanich Fair, c. 2010
  • Scarf - MetroWear, San Francisco, 2006
  • Leather studded gloves - Danier

The stuff:
I picked sensible shoes - more blue! 

Bronze bling: 
The cuff is a quote from Edgar Allan Poe: "I became insane with intervals of horrible sanity."

  • Cuff - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Leather wrist wrap - Kipling, thrifted
  • Leather heart brooch - Smoking Lily
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, Finland, c. 1970s, vintage expo
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Earrings - LA Express, c. 1994
  • Brass Mexican horoscope necklace - Mom's, vintage 70s

Flashback: KL by Karl Lagerfeld Blazer

I bought this lovely blazer here in April 2018, when Ally of Shybiker came to town to visit. We met up with Dar, another blogging friend, for lunch and then visited My Sister's Closet (sadly, since closed) and House of Savoy consignment stores, where I found this for $45.00.

The asymmetrical lapels, the curved hemline! 
Then I saw the KL by Karl Lagerfeld. 
K is for Klassy! 

Even the buttons are fabulous. 
As always, I dig for labels and tags. 
Wool and cashmere? Yes, please! 

It was made in West Germany, so it's likely late 80s. 
It's a tricky piece to style, but it's so unusual. 

Here we go! I wore it immediately in April 2018. 
That skirt drove me bonkers - it rode up continuously. I let go of those shoes this year (too hard on my plantar fasciitis). 

I like this outerwear look from October 2018.
I still have those amazing trousers (although they are a wee bit snug), but these glitter loafers were substantially less glittery when I unpacked them this season. Buh-bye! 

You'll remember this February 2019 outfit from my Gianfranco Ferre skirt Flashback.
We'll see that blouse again - I let go of it this year, as I felt I'd gotten enough wear out of it. 

I love this look from October 2019 - I need to belt this again! 
I hated that skirt - it was just awful to wear. Good colour, though. 

And here's the last time I wore this lovely blazer, in January 2021. 
Same blouse as above. This skirt also did not make the cut this season when I unpacked it. I have better skirts. 

Mathy stuff: I've now worn this blazer six times which is a respectable $7.50 per outfit. 

What would you wear with this? Do you like asymmetry in your clothes? 


  1. Morning Sheila! My styling options would be the jacket with slim pants, a short skirt or as outer wear. I also quite like the jacket belted. You have me well schooled in appreciating matchy matchy as the tights and jacket are quite appealing together. What I most like about the jacket is it's unusual shape although (and this may be sacreligious!) I'd likely have the lapels made much smaller. Yuh, I know, then it wouldn't be a pure KL. Mea culpa.

    Fred and I have an outing planned today for an historical house tour, a walk around the grounds and lunch to follow. It's about a 90 minute drive north from where we live. Following your cues, my outfit is going to be a dress and sensible walking shoes; if left to my own devices (ie before following all your Mom outings) I'd likely wind up wearing...jeans! The curious part is, walking in a dress and tights or leggings is *much* more *comfortable* on the inner thighs than walking in jeans!

    Happy Thursday!

    1. Good morning, Laurie! I like your suggestions, and I will be belting the jacket again at some point. I love the asymmetrical lapels, and I will not be changing them (I would not dare!).

      That sounds so lovely! I'm glad you're dressing for the occasion - and you're totally right on dresses/skirts being far more comfortable for an outing! Enjoy!

  2. I'm hearing you loud and clear, Sheila: I've no idea how I coped with such a busy life in the "Before Times" - a term I'm totally going to adopt! I'm keeping my fingers crossed there are a couple more Thursdays off in store for you, so that you can get used to the upcoming change!
    Colour therapy to the rescue: those tights and that magnificent Karl Lagerfeld jacket are a match made in heaven and both are perfect with the Topshop tapestry mini skirt!
    I love the Edgar Allan Poe quote: insane with intervals of horrible sanity, that could be me :-) xxx

    1. Ugh, I do not miss the Before Times, Ann (yes, totally take it!). I have at least one more, but I'll probably go back within a month, I think.

      Oh for sure - I loved this colour mix. Me too - that cuff is my little touchstone.

  3. Ahhh, you paid so much for that Topshop skirt when I got rid of the very same one a little while back! I paid £3 for mine in the charity shop and loved it but I got another one which was too similar. Shame.
    The KL blazer is funky and how cool to have matching tights.
    I have no idea how I juggled all my school stuff pre Covid. I'm still not doing all my clubs yet but I know I'm going to be knackered when a lot of it commences after half term!

    1. LOL, that always happens, but we don't have Topshop over here, so my chances of finding it cheap are nil. That's so funny that you had it!

      I know, I love that my tights matched.

      How did we do it? I don't think I can go back to that crazy pace!

  4. I am hoping that nobody has to be as busy or stressed in these new times as they were pre-covid.

    Love the KL jacket. My particular favourite is the outerwear look from 2018; I think it pairs particularly well with pants. Having said that I really like the new tapestry skirt.

    1. Same here, Nana, but there is much more discussion and acceptance around mental health needs now, so I definitely plan to make sure I don't get overloaded again.

      Thank you! I like that one too - I should wear pants with it again.

  5. That blazer looks so good on you and I really like the blue tights with it. It's a great first wearing of the tapestry skirt too! :)

    I hope that things settle down into a more manageable pace for you too. It took us a while to get back into the swing of things life wise, although thankfully work has stayed constant through it all with being able to work from home so much.

    1. Thanks so much, Mica!

      I hope so - but it will probably just get busier as we gear up for people returning to the office. My work-life has been so up and down over the past 2 years!

  6. Yes, life after Covid does take some adapting to.

    Love the KL blazer; looks great with those blue tights and tapestry skirt.
    My favourite is the blazer belted with the cobalt blue skirt. x

    1. What "after" though, Phyl? We are still in it!

      Thank you so much! I like that look a lot too - I'll have to belt it again.

  7. I love asymmetrie in my clothing, especially skirts. I like that blazer with the blue skirt, you know I'm a sucker for monochrome.

    1. I like it when it's deliberately, not accidental, Nancy. I like that too - I like monochrome.

  8. Those tights are the perfect shade with that rather swanky KL jacket which much hold lovely memories after you found it with special friends. I thought Kezzie had that Topshop skirt once, I was hoping she'd comment.
    Loving the blazer belted with the awkward blue skirt.
    Boo to a busy day and here's to a deliciously lazy weekend! xxx

    1. I love that matchiness, Vix. I know, I love wearing things I got with friends. Such good memories. Speaking of - you remembered this skirt too! Too funny.

      Thanks, hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things soon.

  9. Such a fantastic blazer. I adore how it hits the marriage of structured lines and curves magnificently. That is hard to get right and not the easiest to find in post-1950s (and to a degree, 1980s) attire. What a stellar 1990s piece. It's chic and super timeless!

    Autumn Zenith �� Witchcrafted Life

    1. Yes, it's a work of art - Karl was a master! It does have a 50s vibe. Thank you, Autumn.

  10. I was with you when you bought the black and white coat (and Mel too!). The blue blazer has such a nice shape to it - now that you have tights to match you can wear it more often.

    1. I remember! I think about you every time I wear it! I know, very happy to have a matchy piece for the jacket!

  11. Lovely blazer, its colour is so beautiful and I do love an asymmetric shape!, I think it looks fab with pencil and mini skirts, really cool, but my favourite outfits are those with trousers.
    Love your 'so 80's' jacket too!

    1. Yes, me too - I will have to make more of an effort to squeeze back into those pants, and to do more trousers. Thank you!

  12. You did well to keep the blazer on; I'd have dissolved into a sweaty mess. It does look lovely with the jumper.

    The Poe cuff is great.

    1. I was close, Mim! Gah, the sweats, they are a pain.

      Isn't it cool? Thanks!


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