Sunday, October 17, 2021

Weekend Wrap-Up: Suede and Floral Brunch and a Wee Shop (Next Art Project)

Hello, my friends! I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, full of good times. It's been quiet for us, but I'm totally cool with that. I have a busy week coming up.

Not much on the slate other than our usual brunch at the Ruby with Nick on Saturday morning. 
Getting in first seasonal wearings of two items I bought over the summer: this bodysuit and this vintage suede skirt. 

  • Vest - Maison Scotch, Bohemian Chique 2010, thrifted; last seen here in June in an outfit salad
  • Bodysuit - Abercrombie & Fitch, thrifted; first worn here in September with satin joggers
  • Suede skirt - Kelco Leathers, vintage 70s, thrifted; first worn here in July for Mom-Day at Rithet's Bog
  • Boots - Clarks; last seen here and Flashbacked in January with my puzzle dress
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here in September

I'd always planned for both the bodysuit and the skirt to be in my fall/winter collection. 
I might keep the bodysuit available all year, though - a dark floral is always useful. 
I added the vest for extra warmth - you never know at this time of year. 
I loved wearing this skirt again - I've decided it's from the 70s. 

Masked up.
Matching the pinky reds in the skirt and top. 

  • Mask - by Mom

Better wear a scarf. 
And gloves. 

In reality, although it tried to rain, it ended up being sunny and HOT. 
I roasted - hot flashin' all over the place. I could not wait to get home and get it all off. 

I briefly tied the scarf over my hair while we stood in line at the Ruby, as rain tried to spit down on us for a few minutes before the sun came out. 

  • Purse - Ted Lapidus, vintage 90s, vintage fair
  • Silk scarf - Pierre Balmain, vintage 80s, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - thrifted

The stuff: 
Easy boots for a small amount of walking after lunch, as we did some errands downtown. 

Brass bling: 
I'm fond of all of these pieces. 

  • Poe cuff - Jezebel Charms, gift from L
  • Brass/leather cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Brass/jade ring - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, Finland, vintage 70s, vintage expo

I popped into Dots briefly while Nick and L browsed in Ditch Records. My leather snake tattoo jacket is nearly finished (it will get its own "I'm done!" post this week), and I need something else to decorate. 
I've been eyeing this oversized faux leather dress for a while. 

It's finally marked down to a price where I don't mind if I screw it up by drawing on it. 
$14.99 is perfect. It's by Kaffe, and is called the Kaedlyn Dress - it retailed for $99.00. I bought some metallic markers for it, but when I tested them on the seams they rubbed off. I tested my gold pen on it, though, and it worked great, so that's what I'll be using. 

I had the brilliant idea to do a pair of gold feathered angel wings on the back! I'm super excited to try out a gold on black look. 

I also picked up more cheap tights for $1.99 a pair. 
Clockwise from top left: black and burgundy micro-fishnet, blue with a copper seam, silver, herringbone black/white tweed, and cherry red. 

L and I spent the rest of Saturday napping and playing boardgames till late, just chilling out with Vizzini. 
"I'll be joining you for the napping parts."

And then football-watching all day Sunday. What a lovely calm weekend! 


  1. Oh very cute style
    I love it the black dress

  2. Replies
    1. Sorry, not till tomorrow, possibly Thursday, Cynthia! Soon!

  3. Aww, the cat! <3 I love seeing her. The red skirt is gorgeous and so you. xx

    1. He's a very pretty boy and appreciates the comment. Thank you, Anca!

  4. That skirt is lovely! I'm so pleased your jacket is finished and I look forward to the reveal of it! :) And your plans for the dress sound amazing too!

    1. I like it - it was nice to wear. I'm really excited to show off the jacket, and I am very stoked to start working on the black dress! Thanks, Mica!

  5. We all need a quiet weekend from time to time. Ours was quite busy in comparison, what with charity shopping, walking and our first flea market since 19 months on the slate!
    I'm swooning over that gorgeous suede skirt, and I love how it matches the pinky red flowers in the bodysuit. Your Clark's boots are fabulous too!
    I can't wait to see the finished jacket and how you'll decorate the oversized faux leather dress. And one can never have enough tights, surely? xxx

    1. Especially since this weekend is going to be very busy. That sounds like a fun one for you and Jos, Ann!

      Thank you - I love that pinky red tone.

      It's exciting, can't wait to get started, but I need to just bask in the jacket for a bit first. No, I can never have enough tights!

  6. Lovely outfit. I like the skirt; I'm a Seventies gal!

  7. Ah, but for a local place to find and buy inexpensive tights in patterns and colors! Your haul looks like it will cover many outfit possibilities, sweet. :)

    I am looking forward to the enhancement of your new-to-you black dress! Methinks you have the “art on leather” nailed with your creative eye and steady painter’s hand.

    Here’s to Autumn as it segues us from one season to the next!

    1. Next time you visit, we'll do Dots, Laurie. :) I think I'm well covered for tight options.

      It feels like a good fit for me, creative-wise. I've always wanted to decorate clothes, but I don't like the girly or sparkly look - skewing more tattoo-inspired feels much more in my wheelhouse.

      Here's to Autumn!

  8. Can't wait to see the results of your gold ink project on that dress you finally got.
    Beautiful outfit btw, love that suede dress. The boots look really comfy.

    1. I hope it turns out - I'm always trepidations when I am about to embark on a new project. Overcoming that fear is so freeing.

      Thank you! And they are!

  9. Oh sometimes a quite weekend is the best. No appointments, nothing special to do, just doing what you want to do. And there is that gorgeous leather coat again, so cool.

    1. The quiet ones give me the energy for the busy ones...which we're about to have! Thanks, Nancy!

  10. A nicely chilled weekend is a blessing! Time to oneself is very precious.
    I loved this autumnal outfit; it looked smart yet casual and oh so comfortable! The hot flashes are such a pain but they do get better - trust me.
    Vizini has the cuteness levels up to maximum!

    Hope your week is going well.

    1. Yes, it is - I really value my quiet time, and can now appreciate how important it is to my mental health, Vronni. Thank you so much - for the assurances! I am so tired of hot flashes!

      Vizzini is such a little ham. :)

  11. That does sound like a perfect weekend, calm and with plenty of cat cuddles!
    I love the outfit, every component is a joy and they work wonderfully together.
    That dress looks like the perfect project for your artwork, loving the sound of the gold wings! xxx

    1. All good things for my mental health, especially the cat cuddles. Thanks so much, Vix! I'm excited to get started on my next project!

  12. Lovely suede skirt, so beautiful colour and texture!, and lovely boots and trench too (this is a very autumnal shade, I think).
    Looking forward to see your jacket and this dress too!, golden on black, wowww!

    1. Yes, very autumnal - I like wearing fall colours this time of year. Thanks, Monica!

  13. Such a fantastic outfit, my dear friend. It has the best 1970s boho vibe to it. A look that, IMO, suits fall's crisp, nippy weather to an absolute tee.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. This is as close as I get to the boho look - it's not really my thing, but I like the 70s vintage look of this outfit. Thank you!


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