Monday, October 18, 2021

Doubtful Duchess Dress, Barbie Shoes and Cute Kitty

Happy Monday, my friends! I've had a busy day and feel the need to crash on the couch, so let's dive right in. 

Here's a dress I bought in the summer.
I've been waiting for the weather to cool off substantially from July to wear this. I named it the Duchess dress, as I bought it at Duke & Duchess consignment. 

  • Duchess dress - purchased here for $23.00
  • Shoes - Arnold Churgin, vintage, thrifted; last worn here in May with an optic dress
  • Coat (below) - Elizabeth & James, consignment; first worn here a few weeks ago

I'm feeling doubtful about it, though. 
It's lovely, well-made...fits me well...
"You should let me sleep on it."

...but am I feeling it? 

I did a lot of physical work today, and had several hot flashes. Ugh. Thank goodness I wore a vintage slip under it to keep from sweating in the dress. 
I was pretty stoked about this dress when I bought it. I didn't feel all that stoked about wearing it today, though. Maybe I'm just In A Mood? I haven't chucked it in the giveaway pile (yet), but hung it up to give it another shot. Don't be hasty, Sheila. 

Masked up.
My purple spider mask is in heavy rotation. 

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

Outerwear - I didn't like this hat in the picture so I eschewed it, but I didn't have time to take another picture without it.  
I clipped the dress-belt-that-became-a-pouffy-clip to the hat band and did not like it either. 

I carried both the scarf and gloves home in my bag on the way home - it was way too hot and sunny out! 

  • Hat - vintage, thrifted
  • Gloves - consignment
  • Pashmina - Portolano, thrifted

The stuff: 
I am fond of my Barbie shoes. I can't believe it's been 5 months since I wore them! 

Purple bling: 
I pinned the brooch on the tie near the neckline - did you spot it? 

  • Bracelet - Myka, gift from L
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Silver/lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Earrings - Kate Spade, consignment

Yesterday while L and were watching football, we wondered where our little furry monster had gotten to - he usually crashes on L for a full day of football-viewing. 
"I was in the tie-box, Woman."

He was sleeping on top of L's tie collection, then in L's closet all day. 
"And now I want attention!"

He rolled around, getting even cuter. 
"Hee hee, you're upside down!"

Of course, this works - L and I are big softies when it comes to giving him attention. Many cuddles and naps were had! 

PS - Sorry I haven't been around commenting as much or participating in link-ups. My mental energy is getting sapped, and I've been choosing to go to bed early and take care of my brain. I will make it around to visit you and comment, I promise! 


  1. Self-care comes first, comments can wait. :)

    As for today’s dress, agreed it fits you nicely. Maybe it just needs an assist of color like a pink belt to go with the super shoes?

    For what it’s worth, going back to an additional day of work, coupled with the change of seasons, sounds like a potential energy sapper, especially when the incoming season portends less daylight. This is when self-care becomes paramount. Hugs, Laurie

    1. Thank you, Laurie - I know this, even if I don't seem to actually DO this. :)

      I like the idea of a pink belt - I must find one, time to go shopping. :)

      It's been rougher than I thought it would be - just one more day! I appreciate the reminder, my dear friend.

  2. I love that dress on you and I think it's great. normally I'm all for "if you're not feeling it let it go" but I think you should give this another try when you are feeling a bit better - take care and keep resting and doing what you need, blog land will be here for you when you're feeling better! :)

    1. Thank you, Mica! You are always a voice of reason versus my rash decisions. :) I agree, I will give it another chance, but I have a feeling it's not going to last.

  3. The Duchess dress is very pretty. I also love how you paired with with those adorable Barbie heels. The Vizzini is always adorable, I'm sure neither you nor L can resist giving him cuddles and attention.
    Don't worry about not visiting, you can always catch up. I haven't been posting at all lately, I've had so much on my mind that putting together a blog post was a mission impossible. Sometimes our brain needs the rest!

    1. I love it with the pink heels, but the dress itself did not quite grab me. Vizzini is such a cutie when he wants to be. :)

      Thank you - I like staying on top of comments, and touching base on others' blogs. I love that community. But yes, sometimes we need to rest. Wise words, Ivana.

  4. That is a beautiful dress and is perfect from the waist up. I'm thinking it is a tad wide and straight from the waist down. Perhaps a slight alteration to make it just a bit more form fitting on the bottom half would do the trick.

    Vizzini is adorable.

    Take care of yourself :)

    1. Thank you, Nana, and while I agree, that's what makes it walkable on the bottom - it doesn't have a slit, so taking it in will make it harder to walk. It's a conundrum.

      Isn't he? Thank you, my dear.

  5. Evening Sheila, firstly thanks for your post know all about having to save some energy so you take good care of yourself. That is a classic dress and I bet when energy returns to 100% you will dream up some funky outfit with it. I thought you looked great as per usual. You have a great figure for a dress like that so just hang it up until another time. Vizzini is so cute! Love that jacket! shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Yes, mum, I will behave and take care of myself. :)

      I think I will give it one more shot, but if it's not working, then it's out. Aw, you are so sweet, thank you!

  6. When there are more than a few things you dislike, chalk it up to A Mood.

  7. Although part of me gets why you are not feeling the dress, I wouldn't write it off just yet, and try it again on a better day. It's a totally gorgeous dress, which I would probably have bought too, but - I'm not sure how to convey what I mean exactly - there is not much going on. Perhaps it would benefit from a belt - I'm thinking of a matching Barbie pink - and a more "visible" brooch, as the one you used somewhat disappears in the dress's pattern.
    It does look a bit hot flush-inducing from where I am sitting.
    It took me a while to get used to my new work schedule too and was tired and moody for a while. Do crash out on the couch if you need to and never mind about commenting! Sending hugs xxx

    1. I agree, Ann - it is a gorgeous dress, so I think it's the styling more than the dress. It does need a bolder brooch, maybe silver bracelets? I can do it! It actually doesn't look right with a belt (believe me, I have tried!).

      I did a lot of physical work - not the best choice of dress for it!

      It's been rough, and I need to be kinder to myself and not let the stress ramp up again. Couch crashing is an area I am expert in! Hugs, thank you.

  8. The dress is fab. I didn't spot the brooch and I think a big show off type brooch pinned in a more prominent area would look amazing. I think you're wise to give the dress another try; it really is lovely and fits you beautifully.

    Don't worry about comments etc - you must come first. I find it amazing you post daily; I just don't have the time and I don't even work!

    1. Yes, Ann mentioned that too, and I agree, Vronni - you can't even see the brooch here. I think I will go silver next time and see how that works. Maybe a more mod look.

      Thank you - I've gotten used to my rapid pace of response and posting comments with others, and need to just take it back a bit.

  9. Self care is paramount Shiela, prioritise your well-being, always.

    I like the dress, but not the shape of it.
    I wouldn’t discard it, but would probably belt it, give it a waist.

    Great pink shoes, love the brightness going into Autumn.

    Gorgeous pussy cat..looks like a really loving boy. X

    1. I promise I will, Phyl. It's hard for me...

      Yeah, as others have also suggested - it looks odd belted. It's strange.

      Thank you! I am going to grab him for cuddles right now. :)

  10. When our lads look like Vizzini does in these photos we always say that they've got the devil in them and have to hide our feet for fear of attack!
    I love how you've funked up the dress with the moto jacket. I'd be rempted to shorten it and wear it with bright opaques for a sharper Mod look.
    This seasonal change with the reduced daylight and grey skies is mentally exhausting, be kind to yourself and don't stress about replying to comments or visiting blogs, you come first! xxx

    1. Lol, Vizzini sometimes goes after the hands if we rub his tummy when he's roly-poly-ing, but he's usually good.

      Thanks! I think I will aim for a more mod look next time, but I likely won't shorten it.

      It is...thank you.

  11. The dress is phenomenal. I used to have a good dress figure but now I tend to look like a sausage. I say no need to always follow others posts and comments. You're a dear to try but there's only so many hours.

    1. Thank you, Sam! I guess I need to appreciate my waist while I have it! Thank you, I do like to try to reciprocate when I can.

  12. Love this classic dress with the cute shoes, as they enhance the pink colour in the dress, and love the purple accessorizing and the blue jacket, so fab colour combo!
    This is a gorgeous dress, hope it finds its way into your wardrobe!
    And totally understand that you're tired and keeping away from computers after work! (I do it too ;DD

    1. Thank you! I don't think it's going to be a keeper, unfortunately. I will try it one more time, but I don't think it's going to be versatile enough to be a jammy dress.

      I need to shut off completely every couple of days. Glad I'm not the only one!

  13. I really like that dress, but it looks very minimalist and minimalism's not really a word I'd apply to your outfits. Maybe it needs some sort of layers or other pairings with it to Sheila it up a bit.

    1. Yeah, I tend to agree with you - it's very much in the range of a jammy dress, but I need my jammy dresses to do a bit more work for me. I like Vix's idea of going more mod, maybe my silver boots with blue tights next time. Thanks, Mim!

  14. I get your uncomfortable feeling about the dress. It is more me than you I think and even I would doubt. The brilliant shoes help though. Vizzini is such a dear.

    1. It's fine and nice, and I would not describe most of my wardrobe that way, Greetje - you know it.

      Isn't he sweet? Such a cute boy.

  15. Elegant and undeniably lovely as that dress is, I can see where you're coming from. It has a bit of a boxy-ness to it that I'm not adoring - at least not until your fab blue jacket entered the picture and the dress took on something of a skirt look all of a sudden.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. I don't think the dress is going to last with me - I don't even want to wear it again! The blue jacket is a winner, though. Thanks, Autumn!

  16. Honey, I feel for you that you've been challenged of late - I know how that feels. It's all about prioritising and your mental health comes first.

    Now, about that dress... Sheila, it's too damned dull for you! No sparkle or shine or fancy anything about it. Stylish? Yes. Classy? Yes. But no wow factor and no buzz when you enter the room. Sorry to be so brutal, but you deserve better my lovely friend x

    1. It does come first, Anna, wise words. I've had to push back my commenting to once or twice a week instead of daily.

      I have to agree, Anna. It is a lovely piece, for sure, but I'm not sure it's me. Thank you so much for your honesty.

  17. I go through periods like that where nothing I put on feels right, and I have very little energy available for any interaction, even if it's online. You do have to take care of yourself first, and I find I have to parcel out my energy more carefully now as it is not limitless.

    I'm not feeling that dress on you either. It is nicely made, and I like the neck detail, but it feels kind of matronly, which could be because of the length. I know you have much more exciting outfits in your closet.


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