Friday, October 29, 2021

Spooky Friday: Purples and Gold Claws, and a Found Ring

Happy Friday, my friends! Like I do most years, I add spooky elements to my daily outfits around Hallowe'en - today it was my gold claw jewelry. Claws, rar! So scary! 

I also wore a purple jammy dress but the colour photographs poorly. It's a deep rich eggplant violet. 

  • Dress - Michael Kors, consignment; last worn here in November 2020
  • Shoes - Room 502 Entrance, Fluevog; last seen here (3rd outfit) in March with the lily dress
  • Coat (below) - Sisley, consignment; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September

I love a sweater dress, especially when they are slightly loose. I have a camisole on under this (purple, of course). 
You can see the rubbery snakeskin texture of my tights in the stair picture. 

I often do purple legs with these shoes but did black because...spooky snakeskin! It's thematic! 
Today was a busy desk day, not a lot of walking around. 

I saw a few people in person.
Coincidentally, I wore this dress on this same weekend last Hallowe'en - I hope I'll get another wear out of it this season, but so many dresses, so little time! 

Masked up. 
It's the same purple colour - such a difficult tone. 

Outerwear - our torrential downpour is over (for now). 
No brolly needed - my purple beret will do. 

Snapped up. 
It amuses me that this jacket looks somewhat mangy, with its patches of hair and plain leather. It's a zombie coat! 

I have two pairs of purple gloves - these ones are warmer, and are vintage. 

  • Beret - consignment
  • Scarf - MetroWear, San Francisco, 2006
  • Mask - Lazy Susan's
  • Suede gloves - vintage, thrifted

Skull scarf and mask. 

The stuff: 
I've loved these shoes since the minute I tried them on - they are shockingly comfy. It's still a bit of a heel.

Claw bling: 
I love my swanky designer jewelry - 18K gold-plated sterling silver and leather. Also, it's probably the most pointy of all the jewelry I own. 

  • Claw cuff and necklace - Ambush "Holy Mountain" collection, 2012, consignment, Vancouver, gift from L
  • Earrings - Biko, consignment
  • Chain bracelet - thrifted

I didn't wear any rings today (the gloves are snug) but weirdly, I found one. 
It was on the sidewalk, so I picked it up. 

The flowers are open in the centre. 
And it's sterling silver. Who did it belong to? How did it come to be lost? Does it have magic powers? Is preciousssss? 

Have a spooky and fun-filled Hallowe'en weekend if you're into that thing! I'll be back on Sunday with tales of adventure (and my Hallowe'en outfit!) - thanks so much for stopping by. 


  1. Claws and a jammy dress - love it! With the evenings closing in and Halloween upon us the spooky elements are a fun addition. What a lovely ring to find. I'm sure there is a story behind it, but we may never know.

    1. Thanks, Nana! I like the spooky bits this time of year. I like to imagine all the stories.

  2. You're opening photo quite sets the tone, as you look decidedly spooky :-) That jammy dress is a stunner, and your gold claw jewellery and snakeskin textured tights fit the Halloween theme brilliantly. I wore my purple beret yesterday too but a pair of purple shoes is definitely lacking in my wardrobe. Yours are beyond fabulous!
    How lovely to find a ring, and a sterling silver one at that. Somebody might be heartbroken about losing it, though ... xxx

    1. I love this dark purple - it's so lush. Thanks, Ann! Purple shoes are a must!

      I know, I hope it's not something too meaningful, but a lost thing found can't be that bad...right?

  3. The jammy dress is so darn cute and looks comfortable. While you have the spooky accessories. you still are nothing short of style.

  4. Ooo, loved your reference to my precioussss! Now Gollum would be quite the Halloween character, poor misunderstood and conflicted creature. Ooooo.

    Yay for your jammy outfit, spookified and all! Here's to Halloween however you enjoy it! We look forward this year to seeing the wee ones adorned in their costumes. We hand out candy to all who come a'calling, and the older ones usually come later and thankfully (for the hours we keep ;-)) stop around 8.

    1. Gollum is a poor wretched thing, but I do enjoy a "Precious" joke, Laurie!

      We had a fun and low-key weekend, celebrating our way. I hope you got some cute costumes!

  5. Love those colours! May I ask which Fluevog shoe is that?

    1. It's the Room 502 Entrance, just like I've listed it.

  6. That is such a cute purple dress on you, looks so cosy! I like the accessories and tights as a nod to Halloween! We don't really do it here but they had a little Halloween carnival yesterday - markets and info stalls and rides, that kinda thing. There was a movie at the end but also a storm blowing in so we skipped the movie and went home, which was good as it was a really heavy storm! Didn't see many costumes (Halloween isn't really a thing here) but some stalls had little pumpkin or bat banners up to try be themed. Too hot for the kids to wear any of their dress up pieces - they did put on some hats from their costumes but even they came off too quick for me to get a photo, ha!

    1. Thanks so much, Mica - it's a cotton blend too, so not too heavy. Oh, that sounds like a fun time - too bad about the storm, though! Yes, the weather would be a factor - it's always colder here by this time of year, so a costume isn't difficult to wear.

  7. Can't wait to see what you are wearing this weekend! Love the purple dress, a sweater dress is so warn and comfortable. I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  8. Gorgeous eggplant violent sweater dress, love those shoes as well. The claw accessories are cool.

  9. Oooh, that first picture is rather spooky! Your jewellery is actually a bit scary! The necklace reminds me a bit of the one worn by Jareth, Goblin King in Labyrinth! I agree about sweater dresses being better when a bit looser- don't want thick sweater material tight against armpits etc- that's just asking for trouble! :0)
    The boots look really comfortable!

    1. Hee hee, I do not mind that a bit! :) You know, I have not seen that movie? I agree - looser is always better. I love these boots.

  10. Snakeskin tights sound fabulous.

    Watch you don't get stolen by the fairies now you've found their ring...

  11. Purple...I adore purple! It's kind of my signature color! Must be my royal roots...hahaha! Such a lovely dress...I'm not sure what a jammy dress is, though!

    I need to up my tights game...ribbed are as fancy as I've gotten! Maybe you can point me in the right direction!

  12. Your "precious" really is just that. What a sweet, endearingly lovely ring. The universe couldn't have picked a better person to rehome it with than you, my ultra stylish friend.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    PS: Those snakeskin print tights are off-the-charts awesome!

  13. Love your purple jammy dress and fab purple shoes (I have a weakness for purple, but I agree that this can be a difficult shade!). Those textured tights and the gorgeous jewellery are so fab, they make a difference!. Brilliant style!

  14. Such a chic but simple outfit. In the first photo, because it's so dark, you can't tell that the claw is part of a necklace so it looks like it is just perched on your chest ;)


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