Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Mental Health Shop with Texture Therapy

I woke up this morning in a funk, feeling full of doubts about myself and just SAD. I have always had bouts of being up and down, and it feels like my mojo has taken a vacation. 

I have a dentist appointment coming up this week (the nasty kind where I am loopy after), and so I'd shifted the Mom and grocery schedules around to accommodate that. I had planned on getting groceries today, but it was incredibly hard to motivate myself to get dressed and go. 
I did a quick inventory of our food supplies before I left, and realized - just as I was about to head to town - that I could pick up a few things here and there and skip a big shop this week. So instead, I walked over to the WIN Boutique on Quadra for a look around. 

  • Coat - Christian Lacroix for Desigual, consignment; last worn here in December 2020, and buttons resewn here in January
  • Cashmere sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here in July for another Mental Health Shop
  • Velour skirt - Sonia Rykiel, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in April 2020 for Book Club
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here in April for a day at the park with our friends

I'm deploying all of my tools for combatting the blergs here: Colour Therapy (orange!), Clothing as Armour, and pre-rewarding myself for going to the dentist by shopping. 
It did feel better to put all these things on, and I realized I'm using another tool here: Texture Therapy. My t-shirt is a soft cashmere, the skirt is a kitteny velour, and the coat is primarily woven cotton. Unlike clothes that are scratchy or plasticky, natural fibres are snuggly and kind to my skin, and feel soothing to me emotionally. 

Isn't the coat awesome? 
There's a Flashback at the "last seen here" link above. 

I didn't take the coat off while I was out, but I wore this version of the outfit for my Zoom call in the afternoon with Mom. 
I lost track of time while I was shopping (this is a frequent thing with me, as I don't wear a watch and don't have a phone), and had to hustle to get home for our Zoom call - I was dripping with sweat but I made the call on time! 

Masked up. WIN requires masks, but not a huge deal at all. 
I popped a big hole in these tights today. Dang! I liked them. Ah well, they were only $1.95 at Dots last year.

  • Mask - Lazy Susan's

The day started off grey - it rained overnight - but became brighter and warmer over the afternoon. We're back to our "normal" temperatures of the low 20s, and ah, it feels good. 
I didn't actually wear the jacket buttoned up - but I moved the buttons on it back in January so that I can do the jacket up, and I was just so happy to be able to button this comfortably. 

The stuff: 
A woman in the WIN Boutique exclaimed over my shoes - she'd once had the same colour in a nail polish. "That would be around 1999-2000," I noted. I know my 90s/00s nail polish colours! 

Gold bling: 
I like jewelry I can touch - I often play with my jewelry. 

  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Brutalist bronze ring - vintage 70s, vintage mall
  • Necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, vintage mall, gift from L
  • Earrings - thrifted

I popped into the WIN Housewares store for a peek around, and found three brand-new pillows! 
These colours will go really well in our living room. Our current pillows are getting old/worn. 

I really liked that the zipper has a little hidden home. 
That keeps it safe from the bitey teeth of a little kitty. 

They were only $7.95 each. 
There wasn't a mark on them, and no evidence of wear. 

And look how nice they go with L's couch. 
The bigger cushion is one that came with the couch. 

I get one for my couch too. 
The thinner amber stripe matches the fabric perfectly. 

I had to leave the pillows with the lovely WIN staff-person while I went to the clothing side to shop - they were too big to carry around with me. 

I had a really good browse in the little shop, and checked out everything. I often find good things at this store, as they keep the "good stuff" for this boutique - the bulk of the clothing donations end up at the big WIN Warehouse store downtown. 

I'm still not 100% on board with the sneaker trend, but these really appealed to me. 
The copper elastic, the black and white striped ties. 
That's a cute shoe! 

Even if I only wear them for walking to and from work. 
They are a little big on me, and Mom helpfully volunteered to take them off if I decide they aren't me. 

They were only $16.95. 
That's maybe a couple of wears on the sole - it's dirty, but not worn. Oddly, there is no brand name on them anywhere, aside from a tiny printed label inside the tongue. It had the word "Antics" and lo and behold, these are Steve Madden sneakers! They retailed for $89.95. 

I really liked that WIN is now making all jewelry the same price: $7.95 regardless of what it is. 
They have done up some lovely displays which I quickly took apart (I put them back - I'm a good shopper!) to pull out the pieces that I wanted, like this cool necklace. I love the leather straps, the silver and gold mixed metals and the blue faux lapis (it's plastic). 

While I was showing it to Mom and playing with it, I realized - it's reversible! 
The spiky bits have crystals on them, and the backside of the "lapis" is silver. Nice! 

It's by Stella & Dot, and it's called the "Natalie" necklace, and it's from the Fall 2015 collection.  
Not sure how much it retailed for, but a quick poke on the interwebz, but I saw it for between $30-$95 new. And that strap is real leather! 

I picked up this square brooch because I like the all-pewter tones in it, and because I have its twin in purple (slightly smaller). It's likely from the same store (Eaton's!) and era (late 90s) as my pin, which I bought new for around $10.00 on sale back then. 
The earrings were cute and will go with my new-to-me snake cuff. 

And my last $7.95 jewelry purchase was this steel and Lucite ring. 
I love the nice smooth shape, and the Lucite changes from red to orange depending on the light. 
I spotted the "CK" initials - it's Calvin Klein. 

It fits my my pointer finger. 
This is going to get a lot of wear. 

I had a quick poke through the random housewares in the clothing boutique and came up with a new slotted spoon. 
My old one broke. 

It's marked INOX and is stainless steel. 
I'm sure it was more than $2.95 new! 

I couldn't resist this men's skirt - if it fits L, he can have it. 
If not, then I'll be giving it to Nick for Christmas. 

It's by Suslo Couture and was only $12.95. 
This would have been $49.95 originally. 

I always go through the hosiery - you never know when you're going to find a pair of sparkly never-worn tights for 95 cents! 
The extra bonus? They are fleece-lined! 

I also spotted (har har!) a pair of leopard tights by Joe Fresh. 
I like that the leopard print is woven into the tights - it's not printed. These were originally $8.00, but I paid $2.95. 

This gold wool took me right back to the 1970s! It's Gold Mist, made in Italy for Panda Yarns of Melbourne, which is still around and uses the same knitting bear logo. 
The two balls were packaged together for $2.95. What should I make with them? I'm thinking some kind of shawl/collar/wrap. 

Now here's something you have NEVER seen me buy, EVER, on this blog. 
A plain white t-shirt! 

I normally do not bother even looking at the t-shirts, but it's a small store, so I pawed through every garment, even the tees. 
The thick feel of this t-shirt caught my hand. I like that the back of the neck and the top seam over the shoulder are both reinforced. A mark of quality. 

This tee is by Gen-O, and is made from 100% organic cotton. 
That website has expired and there is nothing online about this company, so it's gone out of business. However, $6.95 for a beautiful cotton tee? I could not leave it behind - the curvy cut looks great on me, and it's not see-through! 

I've been looking for deep cobalt blue sweater for ages. It's a really useful colour in my wardrobe. 
I love V-necks - they suit me. 

The colour was so rich that when I tried to show it to Mom onscreen, it blew all the colour out weirdly. My camera couldn't handle it! 
Showing the ribbed detail over the shoulder and down the sleeve here. 

It's by Banana Republic and is 100% merino wool. Not bad for $21.95. 
BR's merino wool sweaters start at $107.00 new. 

This one is from Spring 2019. 
It's not even old! 

I really liked this mohair wool-blend sweater. It's marled dark grey and has good details. 
I like that it's longer - it goes just past the bum. 

The button placket has woven gold stars on it! 
Shoot, I forgot to take a picture of the faux leather elbow patches! 

The pockets are trimmed with copper sparkly sections. 
I spy a familiar metal tag. 

The metal buttons give it away. 
Hello, Maison Scotch! 

The back of the cardigan has an open-work strip down the centre. 
I like those kinds of details. 

There's the tag, and we have some poetry. 
For the: 
- Log fires
- Early dark
- Coziness
- Starry nights

More sparkly copper on the shoulders. 
It was only $16.95. 
I'm sure we could add another "0" to that for the retail price...

I spotted this skirt from a mile away! 
SHINY. My crow heart leapt with joy. 

It's a bronze colour woven with a blue-ish grey. The darker sections are the back/flip side of the gold. 
I love a good brocade, don't you? 

It's by Mandala Design. They are still around (link here, 'cause I love!) and still make all of their clothing in their St. Clair West store - they're the Toronto version of Smoking Lily. 
Ah! This is the Estelle skirt (here). It retailed for $98.00 and is marked down to $29, if you want to match me. I paid only $7.95.

And lastly, you know I was going to be looking for light-coloured leather while I was out shopping! I found a camel-coloured jacket.
I'm not normally a fan of this colour - it looks good on me, but it's just kind of a dull colour. I love the cut of this and the waist detail. It looks good on.

That's a nice big open space to play with on the back...I also like the waistband, possibly the collar/lapel. Ooh, maybe I could do some skulls! 
I'm thinking something along the lines of Manuel Cuevas (a Nashville, TN, designer famous for his country-western looks - good article w/pics here), and his amazing designs. We went to his shop in Nashville but I couldn't afford anything. 
The jacket is real leather - I had to check, as it's so soft. The CA number is for a company out of Vancouver; the design was registered in 1995. 

The buttons are in treacherous condition, threatening to make a run for it. Mom's going to look for some metal buttons for me (something in gold, antique-y looking) to replace them.
I'll probably remove the buttons and loops on the sleeves (one is missing anyway). 

It's by O Collection, and as expected from that 1995 date, there's nothing online about them. 
I have no regrets if I screw up any creative endeavour and ruin the jacket - it was only $16.95!  

That's it for my purchases - I've done enough shopping to help me get through the next couple of days. Do you have a favourite? Have you ever bought a plain white t-shirt? That felt weird, hee hee. 

Oh, and one last thing I can't forget! Reader Dominique recognized me while I was standing in line to pay. How very cool! Yes, Dominique, I promise I will not stop blogging! So nice to meet you in person, and thank you for reading!

Vizzini, I'm home, aren't you glad to see me? 
*snore* Were you out, Woman?"

Silly kitty. I'm coming in for a cuddle! I need some Purr Therapy ASAP. 


  1. That wool!! Gold wool!! Oh I want to shop with you. These are all good purchases, such treasures. I'm not feeling joyful either. I have these tones where I sleep so bad. 4 hours a night. Broken nights. After a few weeks my mood sinks down under the ground. I hate that because feeling not happy is such a waist of time! I hope your mood flies by!

    1. Isn't that the most fun wool, Nancy? I don't know what I'm going to make with it, but I'll have a good time figuring it out.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who has these bad dips in mood. I'm also a broken sleeper! It's so hard to come out of these sadness troughs. Thank you!

    2. HI Nancy and Sheila,
      I recently read an article extolling the virtues of a good foot massage just before bed as a way of promoting sound sleep. If you like massages, maybe of use?
      Cheers, Laurie

    3. Aw, that is sweet of you to think of it, Laurie! Maybe for Nancy - I can't stand my feet being touched (and I loathe massages in general).

  2. Inertia is what gets me so your mental health shop (as with your mental health walks) always seem like a perfect antidote to the blahs. At worst, I stay seated; at best I haul myself up and out. Come to think of it, that used to mean going to the closest clothing store (confess it was The Gap) to find something to cheer me up.

    I did buy a white tee shirt, just last year! I thought it would be a good staple to have for layering, especially under sleeveless dresses. Have I worn it? Not yet!

    Getting back to your shop, what a haul of interesting items from clothing to housewares. I like the pillows. Am eager to see how you decorate the leather jacket. With its color and design it is the perfect backdrop.

    May your dental appointment go smoothly. We had checkups yesterday with a new dentist/new dental practice. Both of us were a bit chagrined to find some issues. However, we quite like the people and can walk to the office. Looks like 2021-22 will be our TLC for Teeth!

    Sending a hag or two or three to help chase away the blahs.🤗🤗🤗

    1. Yes, inertia is a b*tch. It is hard to get out of bed some days. Recognizing when I'm in one of these valleys is the most helpful thing, as once I'm aware of it, then I can take steps to bring myself out of it. Sometimes I am not as aware though...My mom always took me shopping when I was a teen, to cheer me up. Funny how I still do that!

      Ha ha, you bought it and haven't worn it? I don't feel so bad. :)

      I am thinking the classic skull/snake/roses design. I have a gold pen too, that I might try to add to it...

      Thank you - by this time tomorrow it should be done! I have to go to the dentist/periodontist so many times per year, but it's better than losing my teeth! Good for you and Fred both to take care of your teeth.

      Thank you - I could use the hags...LOL. Visions of a Menopausal Hag screeching away my bad feelings!

    2. Oh my am I chuckling at the image of a Menopausal Hag screeching away!!!!

      Also, meant to say that the new-to-you sneakers didn't look like sneakers to me until you called them what they are. Pretty classy looking!

      Ha, we *thought* we were doing a good job taking care of our teeth. However, turns out as we age our teeth need more TLC. Ah well, so be it!

    3. I have a good picture of the MH! Ha ha!

      Yeah, I think I will end up giving them to my Mom - not sure that they are right for me, but I need some insoles for them first.

      I have so many teeth issues, from scaling to fallout decades later of knocking my front teeth out. A lot of PTSD for me around dentists...

  3. I know you know what I meant to type, but still, Oy vey, HUG, definitely not hag!

    1. I'll take hugs too, Laurie! Although that was a funny slip. :)

  4. The blue coat looks so fun and stylish, it suits you and your personality very well. I hope the dentist appointment was not too bad.

    1. Thanks, Anca! It's a gorgeous work of art. I am not going to the dentist until tomorrow...but thank you for the good vibes.

  5. You're a shopping maestro. Love the unusual ring. And the sparkly tights. And the male shirt. If L doesn't want it, Nick doesn't want it, and you run out of male friends...

    1. I just like to find the good stuff, Ally! That shirt's a size small, will not fit you - it was too short in the arms on L, so it's going to Nick. :)

  6. I know how much you dread the dentist so I'm sending you loads of good vibes!
    You're right, that coat is awesome and looks incredible. Nobody could feel down for long wrapped in a beauty like that!
    What a fantastic morning of retail therapy, I love the leather jacket (my favourite colour for leather) and the cushions and spatula were great finds. That men's shirt is fantastic, Jon would have nabbed that if it hadn't been a small! I remember that Gold Mist yarn! My mum used to crochet around marbles and make the most incredible pendants with it.
    I've never bought a white tee shirt. I think I've only ever bought one tee shirt new, an Oasis one when I went to their infamopus Knebworth gig in the 1990s.
    Sending lots of love to you, L and the Viz-meister! xxx

    1. Ugh, I do dread it. It feels like I was JUST at the periodontist too, even though it's been 4 months.

      The coat is glorious, isn't it? I did feel good in it. I love the style of the jacket, but the colour is...okay. I almost always snag cool men's shirts when I see them. I remember this yarn too - my mom had some. OMG, marble pendants, so very 60s/70s.

      I think I might have bought a white tee once, pre-blog, when I was heavy - it was something I could find that fit me. Oh, I always buy band tees when I go to concerts! That doesn't count. :)

      Thank you, right back to you, Vix!

  7. Oh Sheila, I am so hearing you on being prone to ups and downs! I'm exactly the same. I've had a couple of really bad days since we got back from our little holiday, and I too seem to have mislaid my mojo. I admit that I didn't even find joy in dressing up so far this week, the colour therapy and clothing as armour thing wasn't working properly. Perhaps I should try some texture. Or some mental health shopping perhaps as oh my, you've been shopping like a pro! You've found some amazing jewellery, and I'm loving the gold wool with its cute knitting bear logo. The Maison Scotch label made me smile too. The brocade skirt is gorgeous, and so is the leather jacket, which I'm sure won't look boring at all on you.
    Here's to hoping all went well at the dentist, sending you hugs xxx

    1. I know you get the "peaks and valleys" same as me, Ann. It's so hard to face the world sometimes, isn't it? I just did not want to do anything yesterday - no mojo! Colour Therapy is usually my go-to when I'm down, but Texture Therapy worked to help me feel like I was in a cocoon.

      I'm excited about my purchases! Now that I've had the reward...comes the punishment tomorrow.

  8. Good evening Sheila, firstly sending a great big hug - and here's to more up days than down. You know before I got to the bit you say about textures I thought hmm there is cashmere and velour ideal for some amour in the soft and comforting department. Your coat is stunning. I have to wear soft textures if I feel a bit down. I am in awe of all your finds! The brocade skirt is a stunner and lots of jewelry too. I love that you got homewares too. I like your cute shoes too. Sending good vibes for your dentist appointment bye for now Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Aw, thank you, my dear. You knew it was Texture Therapy before I even said it - those are some good instincts. I'm happy with my purchases - I love checking out housewares, but have to restrict myself to only things I truly need. Thanks, I'll need those vibes tomorrow.

  9. Love your clothing as armour - orange and yellow are those colours that always cheer me up to wear! after so many awesome purchases I'm sure you felt much better! I can't wait to see what the leather jacket turns out like! And I really like the reversible necklace. I'm feeling a bit blah with my necklaces at the moment so I'm hoping to try get some time to browse the opshop and pickup a few new pieces, now one of my faves is open again on one of my days off!

    1. Same here, Mica, those colours are the best to cheer me up (oh, and PANK!). I did feel better after shopping, and sharing it all with Mom on our call. I'm fired up right now about working on the leather jacket (I'm probably going to do a skull/snake/roses on the back, plus decoration elsewhere on it).

      I hope you get the time to upgrade your necklaces soon! It's good to freshen up our collections, and weed out pieces that feel old, dated or worn. Change is good.

  10. I hate to hear that you are feeling sad at the moment and I hope that these feelings pass soon. Hopefully the fabulous shopping excursion helped unfunk you. I am in love with the brocade skirt especially although all your purchases are wonderful.

    Feel better soon :)

    1. Thank you, Nana, I so appreciate your empathy. It's okay, this is part of who I am - I get down sometimes. Shopping did help! Thanks, big hug to you.

  11. Totally understand those feelings, just part of the life, and glad that you managed them with some colour and Texture therapy (love them!) and dressing up in fabulous clothes!. Love your kitteny velour skirt, love your orange top and Gorgeous Coat!, and obviously fabulous and comfy shoes!. I believe on Clothes As Armour, totally make a difference. And some thrifting also changes my mood too!.
    Loving your purchases, those shoes (comfy&cool!) and some quality pieces. And loving the 'SHINY. My crow heart leapt with joy' thing, which made me giggle and felt fully identified! ;DDD

    1. They are part of life, absolutely. I've gotten better at being aware of when I start to feel low, and can do things to help myself manage the lows when they come. Thank you so much! You and I both love the shiny things, ha ha! Thank you, Monica!

  12. I definitely feel the blues at times so I send sympathy.
    You did very well with the shopping though! I really love everything you bought. Love the Maison Scotch jumper and L's shirt- pity the arms were too short.
    Your orange top outfit is gorgeous! I adore those shoes- might have to look out for those!

    1. Thanks, Kezzie. I know they will go away, but it's hard when they come and get settled in.

      I had a fun time shopping. L has so many shirts - Nick will like this one. :)

      Thank you!

  13. The orange top looks great paired with that skirt...and matches the orange in the coat beautifully. Lovely styling... Great shopping therapy. You found so many fun items!

    1. I love orange and blue together - they go so well. Thank you, I did!

  14. The jacket is beautiful. I didn't know Lacroix cooperated with Desigual. You can see both their signature in this coat.
    We never had a slotted spoon like yours, in that size. We only have big ones. Then again, I cannot cook, so it is no wonder I don't know these things.
    You did very well on your shopping tour. I hope it helped to get you in a better mood. It sucks that menopause is causing you this.

    1. He did for at least one collection - I have seen a few other pieces out there from their collaboration (I used to have a dress).

      Ha ha! I have one slotted spoon and that's it - I don't need more as I hate cooking.

      It did help, actually. I am finding mood swings from menopause are like PMS ones, only worse. LOVELY.

  15. I've had several days of feeling anxious and/or depressed this summer and it helps if I can distract myself with a book, movie or a walk. I also subscribe to the "clothing as armour" philosophy. That orange and blue jacket is lovely.

    1. It's been a rough year+, in general, hasn't it, Shelley? I try to distract myself as much as I can, and use my clothes when I need to. I adore this coat.

  16. Coral and blue with hits of gold is a fantastic colour combo. It's both very chill and appealingly upbeat at the same time. Your way with colour always knocks my socks clean off, dear Sheila.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    PS: From the bottom of my deeply appreciative heart, thank you so much for each and every caring, wonderful blog comment you've blessed me with this summer. We're not in the clear yet on the wildfire front here (indeed, the fire nearest to us is still at about 80,000 hectares), but with the return of somewhat cooler days and a few pockets of rain, we're optimistic that that the threat of full on evacuation (or worse) may be dwindling. Fingers beyond crosssed!

    1. Thank you, Autumn! I love any combo of blue and orange together. Aw, that's so sweet, thanks.

      You are so welcome - the blogging community is so very supportive, isn't it? Hang in there, and hopefully the rains will come soon. Big hugs and good vibes to you!


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