Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Silver Fox

First, thank you all for your support and kind words - I know I need to prioritize myself and take care of my mental health, but gee, I got so used to being able to respond quickly to comments, and to visit and leave leisurely comments on my fellow bloggers' sites. I miss that! 

Anyway, I'll have a catch-up one of these evenings, but for now, I'm just going to keep posting my outfits. As some of you pointed out, I do post almost daily! 
Today's outfit felt SO much more me than yesterday's! 

  • Sweater - Gap, thrifted; last worn here in December 2020 with velvet boots
  • Skirt - Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, F/W 2011, consignment; first worn here in June for the Day of Indolence
  • Shoes - Asos, consignment; purchased for $38.40 and first seen here in September for Book Club
  • Coat (below) - Baez Leather, consignment; last worn here in September for the Mom-Day at Royal Roads

This was my view this morning. 
The Castle looked so pretty in the pink light as the sun came up. 

I really wanted to build another outfit with my amazing Vivienne Westwood skirt. 
I liked how the blue in the fox's eyes matched the blue in the plaid weave of the skirt. A few of my long-missed colleagues - hello, Trisha! hi, Elaine! - came into the office, and I was all, "I'm a silver fox," as outfits, newly grown out grey hair and weight loss transformations were exclaimed over. 

I wore a full black slip under this for coverage - the skirt has a fairly high slit on one side. 
I spent a lot of my day bending, stretching, pushing boxes around, and helping my colleagues clear out their desks. 

It was a sweaty day. 
I was very careful not to let the big swaths of fabric in this skirt get caught on things. 

Masked up: 
My colleagues liked the tiny gold sparkles on this navy mask.

  • Mask - by Mom

Outerwear - another colder day (we're in the high single digits to mid-teens), but too warm for a big wooly coat. 
I think I shall wear some leather! This is how I walked home - I was far too warm to be done up. 

  • Gloves - Parkhurst

You can tell when I'm feeling it. 
Yeah, baby. 

The stuff: 
Comfy shoes for a day mostly on my feet - they left scuffs all over the office floor! Sorry, cleaners! 

Black and blue bling
Simple pieces to not get in the way. 

  • Leather cuff - Guess, thrifted
  • Lucite/crystal cuff - Alexis Bittar, consignment, Sidney
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Stay tuned - the next post will be the Tattoo Snake Jacket reveal (and first outfit)! 


  1. Your fox sweater is lovely, and I like how you added a little edge to the outfit with these accessories.

  2. That leather jacket is everything! Love from japan

  3. Love the silver fox and that's a beautiful skirt! It's so nice you got to catch up with colleagues too - I still haven't seen everyone back in the office as we go back so sparingly but it's always fun to see people there I haven't seen for a while. Hopefully I'll see some more colleagues in person next time I'm in. I think after all the years of blogging you can certainly cut yourself some slack too - blogs will always be there when you're feeling back to it but you're sounding better already!

    1. The skirt is everything - the sweater is fine, and quirky, so it gets to stay. I loved that I have been seeing more of my coworkers. I didn't realize how much I missed them until they started coming in again.

      Thank you - I just get overwhelmed sometimes. Hug to you, my dear friend.

  4. Love the fox jumper; very different and looks great with the swishy, swishy skirt.
    Like the outfit topped with your leather jacket (OMG the shape is fabulous) and studded shoes.
    You do look like you’re rocking this one !! 😀

    1. Isn't it cute? I love that skirt so much. I know, isn't that an amazing jacket? The shoes were an extra piece of badass that I just loved.

      I felt like I was rocking it! Thanks, Phyl!

  5. Whimsical and lovely! Like Phyl, I'm loving the swish.

  6. Such a fun outfit! I have a fox sweater too, although mine's not silver, but she has glasses and I love that. :)

    1. Hello and welcome, Carissa! How cool - I love the sound of yours! Glasses!

  7. What a fun, true Sheila outfit! Both the skirt and the jacket are such statement pieces, and work really well together. I can certainly see you are feeling this one! The matching blues of the fox's eyes with the plaid weave of the skirt are a brilliant touch.
    I too miss the time I had to devote to blogging, which is noticeable by the decreased frequency of my posts and the time it takes me to reply to comments. You can always catch up later, and in the meantime, we keep enjoying your outfit posts! xxx

    1. Thank you, Ann! The skirt is actually quite tricky to style, so I'm happy that this outfit worked.

      Thanks for the reassurance, hon. Blogging really got me through a rough time, and I'd gotten used to all the extra work.

  8. The combo is perfectly Sheila! The fox, skirt, super tights and shoes all speak to strength and umph, with your jewelry adding a bit more emphasis to those qualities. Yup, compared to yesterday’s outfit I completely understand the distinction between the two.

    Yay for seeing some colleagues at work. My daughter-in-law works from home but would eagerly go to the office if there were others there to greet. Cheers, Laurie PS Thanks for the offer of going to Dots on our next visit!

    1. Thank you, Laurie! This feels so much more me, even though I did like the previous outfit.

      It's been really nice to reconnect with a few of them. Yay, for sure we will!

  9. I love how the drape of the jacket echoes the drape of the skirt! Fab! The silver fox jumper is so cute. Your silver grey hair is lovely and you have let yours go grey very young;congratulations. I waited until my year of retirement at 60 to let mine go grey!

    1. That's so nice, isn't it? The jacket doesn't go with everything, so when I find something I have to wear it. I have been dyeing it lavender and it fades out to this white, which is really close to my natural grey. I like playing with the colour still, but I'm not going back to a darker colour again.

  10. You look fabulous! And I can't imagine anyone would begrudge you a bit of R&R. Hope you enjoy some early nights and pampering!

    1. Thank you, Katrina! I'd gotten used to being able to comment right away and to build connections with other bloggers. It's a little sad that I have to let go of some of that.

  11. Gosh gosh gosh! That skirt!! I adore Vivienne Westwood! And that skirt represents her totally for me. Fantastic.

    1. I think of you when I wear it, Nancy, as I know we are both fans of her! Thank you!

  12. Very cute fox sweater...and that asymmetrical skirt is a dream. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Oh yes this is far more you. I would have been scared to wear this skirt while moving around so many things.
    I just noticed your grey hair. Must go through some older posts as I missed this.
    Suits you though, like any crazy colour haha.

    1. I was careful, I promise.

      I haven't actually gone grey, but this is pretty close to my natural colour. I've been dyeing it lavender and it fades to white - I like it and I won't be going back to a darker colour. It's so nice not to deal with roots.

      Thanks! I'll still be toning it lavender for now.

  14. What a playful outfit - I hope it raised your spirits appropriately!

  15. What an awesome example of coziness and chicer-than-chic glam coming together to create something truly magical in an outfit.

    Please, my very dear friend, know that we understand and always want you to engage with the blogging sphere at whatever pace and level works best for you at present. Staying abreast (or even anything close to such) on comments and other peoples' sites can easily become a full time job unto itself. During my vintage blogging years, I tackled this by setting aside some or all of my productivity hours in one or two days a week to focus on these areas. I've now brought that same approach with me to my current blogging adventure, which is why you'll often see multiple comments left here from me on the same day. :)

    Huge hugs & the happiest of Halloween season wishes,
    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Thanks so much, Autumn! I really enjoyed wearing this.

      Thank you for your understanding, calm words and wise advice. It IS a full-time job!

  16. Hurrah for you! It's great to see you back on track with this splendid ensemble. The fox sweater is cool as are my dear x

  17. You are most certainly a silver fox, and this is a FAB-U-LOUS ensemble. GAWD, that peplum jacket is to die for.


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