Saturday, January 2, 2021

Happy 2021! Brunch in Bronze and a Flashback; New Year's Reading Resolution Recap; Cat Vs. Boots

Happy 2021, my friends! We made it! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve, and I wish each and every one of you all the best for the coming year. Let's just take it one day at a time, shall we? 

Much love to my partner-in-crime, L, who looked so dapper on New Year's Eve with me. He put his outfit together himself - such a stylin' guy! 
We spent the evening playing boardgames, then joining our Family We Choose of friends in a 4-hour Zoom call/dance party/photo share/marathon, coordinated by our awesome friends Vero and Justin. I wish I could have seen them in person, but that will happen in time. 

L and I lounged about on the first day of the year, enjoying some telly and Netflix (having enjoyed The Witcher, we've moved onto The Good Place), followed by Arkham Horror until the wee hours. 

Back to our routine, we headed out to Pluto's for brunch on Saturday morning. Despite the torrential downpour, we opted to walk, even though we now have a car. It's good to get whatever exercise we can (and that car gobbles gas!). 
And although I may be sweet, I'm not made of sugar! I won't melt in the rain. 

  • Leather jacket - Burberry, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July 2020 with a palm tree skirt
  • Sweater - Zara, pass-along from Rae-Ann; first worn here in September 2020 with fall-ified summer clothes
  • Flamenco skirt - no label, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in February 2020 for brunch
  • Boots - Aldo, consignment; first worn here in November 2020 for our last in-person Winesday

Rainy days have to be planned for, sartorially! I often default to leather if it's not cold out - as well as being stylish, I find it is the best for not getting wet. 
Many people would be shocked that I wear this shiny Burberry jacket in the rain, but it's not the first time. We're going to have a Flashback on it shortly. 
It has a Saran-Wrap-like stickiness to the shiny patent surface of the leather - it clings to itself, and sounds like I'm wearing cling-film. 

I only took the jacket off while I was in Pluto's, but this is what I was wearing. 
Aside from planning my outerwear for rain, I also have to pick shoes that can take a wet walk. I picked this floofy flamenco skirt to show off these studded boots. 
The gold lining (ruffled, like the skirt), led to this thin gold sweater. I have a full-length vintage slip on under this for extra warmth and socks on in addition to my tights. 
I like how the skirt is sewn in twisting panels to really make it swoosh. It is a black skirt, but skews brown due to the tan thread/tan lining. 

Masked up - this is one from Mom. 
Outerwear - I adore this jacket so much. 
I hate carrying an umbrella, so rain-proofed my hair in ponytails and wore a hat. 

  • Hat - Delux
  • Scarf - Danier, thrifted
  • Gloves - Roeckl, consignment

Fully ready to go out into the rain. The water just beads on the jacket, but my skirt, hat and ponytails got quite soggy.
L and I picked up some groceries after, then walked home. 

  • Purse - Roots, thrifted

The stuff: 
I love these boots - they were fabulous in the torrential downpour. Not even a drop of water on my toes! 

Bronze bling: 
I had to wear Mom's astrological pendant right away, of course. Groovy, baby.

  • Belt - Pringle of Scotland, vintage fair
  • Brass/copper cuff - Karen's
  • Brass/leather cuff - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Brass necklace - Mexican, vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Earrings - LA Express, c. 1994
  • Feather ring - Fossil, thrifted
  • Silver/smoked topaz ring - Anneli Neuman, Sweden, vintage mall

Flashback: Bronze Leather Burberry Jacket

Whenever L and I go to Vancouver on our anniversary jaunts, we always check out the consignment stores there to see what we can find. Some of my best treasures have been sourced while on vacation. 
This incredible jacket is a great example. I bought it here on our March 2018 anniversary trip.

As you can see, it's a metallic dye, with almost a sparkle to it - it's patent leather, but still really soft and supple.
And it's by Burberry. I have never found anything like it online, so goodness knows how old it is. Pre-Internet, maybe? Early 00s?
All the proper tags, etc.

I found this at a Front & Co. pop-up store on Main Street that had 40% off on everything. 
They noted $4,000.00 retail on the tag - this was originally $368.00 but came to $220.80 with the discount. I waffled over this - that's still a lot of money! - but L encouraged me to go for it, and he was totally right. I would have had Major Regrets if I'd passed this up. 

I wore it in April 2018 to Sarah's baby shower - holy smokes, that means Magnus is going to be 3 this year! 
I have yet to wear this vintage D&G sweater slip dress and the Gaultier top this season, but we did a Flashback on those boots here

You'll start to see a pattern now - since the jacket works best as outerwear, I tend to wear it shopping, especially on rainy days. 
This is also April 2018. Shoe Flashback here

The bronze colour goes well with black, gold and olive greens (it has a strong chartreuse-y/olive tone to it). I mixed it with the fall colours in this velvet Betsey Johnson dress here in June 2018.
Pretty fancy for a pub dinner! 

I really like this picture from September 2018. 
This will not be the first time we see this Kenzo skirt or these tan boots (Flashback here). 

I wore it to dinner with Tammy in November 2018. 
I still have everything in this outfit but the necklace. 

Another shopping outfit, in December 2018. 
Skirt Flashback here

This was my brunch outfit the morning after the 25th anniversary of the Victoria Film Festival Gala in February 2019. 
There's that Kenzo skirt again. Boots Flashbacked here

I wore this in March 2019 to work (I have a green sweater on underneath) and then to a Vintage Fair afterwards (and dinner with out pals after that). 
I love this skirt with it - so fancy, all that shiny gold! 

The jacket and the shoes are the best thing about this outfit from April 2019. 
I didn't keep that skirt, but we did see the Flashback on the shoes (here). 

Over the same dress as above, in October 2019.
I think this was the first outing of the purple wool shoes. 

Another shopping outfit, from November 2019. 
Hat + ponytails + jacket + funky skirt + tall boots = Always Works! 

Variation on a theme, from December 2019.
I need to wear that skirt again soon - it's lovely. 

And here's the last time I wore it, in July 2020, with my palm tree skirt. 
Giving you a back view, as it's fitted really nicely. 

Mathy stuff: Well, I'm nowhere near done with this jacket - it's a "lifetime" piece in my closet and one of the things that keeps me motivated to stay active and not eat All The Chocolate (only some of it!). Including the current outfit, I'm at 14 wearings of it, which brings us to...$15.77! I'm pleasantly surprised at that number, which feels much better than close to $300. I'm confident that I'll bring that cost-per-wear down even more - this is a favourite piece that I always reach for. 

2020 Reading Resolution Recap

As I've done for the last several years, I make the identical New Year's Resolution: Meet or Beat the number of books read the previous year. I've been tracking my reading for over 10 years; here's last year's New Year's Eve outfits and books, if you're interested.

Last year I read 31 books and this year, it's...39! Woot! I'm chuffed that I beat last year's total by a long shot! Well, considering I was home an extra two days a week, I "should" have read more (says the little voice inside my head, which I'm now punting to the curb). 

Here's my list - I didn't give any books 5/5 this year, so I've bolded my favourite 4/5 books (I'm a hard marker), and would recommend any of those. I am happy to see that I didn't give any 1/5's this year! Any books labeled "(BC)" are ones chosen by Book Club members.

  1. Purity - Jonathan Franzen - 4/5 (BC)
  2. The Way She Looks Tonight: 5 Women of Style - Marian Fowler - 3/5
  3. The Three-Body Problem - Cixin Liu (translated by Ken Liu) - 3/5
  4. Nautical Chic - Amber Jane Butchart - 4/5
  5. White Tiger - Kylie Chan - 3/5
  6. The Lock Artist - Steve Hamilton - 4/5
  7. The Blue Guitar - John Banville - 4/5 (BC)
  8. Fashion Victim - Michelle Lee - 2/5
  9. John Dies At the End - David Wong - 3/5
  10. The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu - Paula Gunn, ed. - 4/5
  11. Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson - 4/5
  12. To Have and Have Not - Ernest Hemingway - 4/5
  13. Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson - 3/5
  14. The Paris Wife - Paula McCain - 4/5
  15. The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms - N.K. Jemisin - 3/5
  16. My Year of Rest and Relaxation - Ottessa Moshfegh - 4/5
  17. Time Out of Joint - Philip K. Dick - 4/5
  18. Flashback - Dan Simmons - 3/5
  19. Dreadnought - Cherie Priest - 2/5
  20. Full Throttle - Joe Hill - 4/5
  21. Canal Dreams - Iain Banks - 2/5
  22. A Gentleman in Moscow - Amor Towles - 4/5 (BC)
  23. The Broken Kingdom - N.K. Jemisin - 4/5
  24. Gods and Kings: The Rise and Fall of Alexander McQueen and John Galliano - Dana Thomas - 4/5
  25. Standing in Another Man's Grave - Ian Rankin - 2/5
  26. Inversions - Iain M. Banks - 2/5
  27. The Overstory - Richard Powers - 3/5 (BC)
  28. The Outsider - Stephen King - 3/5
  29. When Fashion Really Works - Marnie Fogg - 4/5
  30. The Bridge - Iain Banks - 2/5
  31. Stella: Unrepentant Madam - Linda J. Eversole - 3/5
  32. Tuck Everlasting - Natalie Babbitt - 3/5
  33. The Shining Girls - Lauren Beukes - 4/5 (BC)
  34. The Kingdom of Gods - N.K. Jemisin - 3/5
  35. The Awakened Kingdom - N. K. Jemisin - 3/5
  36. Jirel of Joiry - C.L. Moore - 2/5
  37. How to Pronounce Knife - Souvankham Thammavongsa - 4/5 (BC)
  38. Annihilation - Jeff Vandermeer - 4/5
  39. Death In Her Hands - Ottessa Moshfegh - 4/5

Some assorted musings on what I read: 
  • I read a bunch of fashion books this year, having picked some up on clearance at Russell Books when they moved locations. Nearly all of them were excellent (numbers 2, 4, 8, 24, 29). Avoid #8 (it's really dated - they are very ooked out by second-hand shopping), but you might be able to find the others easily - most of them were under $10 in clearance sections - #4 and 29 are both coffee-table-style books with lots of pictures with excellent text. They've all gone into my fashion library. 
  • The N.K. Jemisin novels were all part of a ginormous omnibus, as I work through everything she's written. One of my favourite writers. If you like fantasy, check her out.
  • After finishing the TV series "Black Sails", I revisited a beloved book from my childhood - Treasure Island - which reminded me I'd never read Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. They were both so much fun. 
  • Our Book Club pick of The Paris Wife (a fictionalized account about Hemingway's first wife) led me to read To Have and Have Not. I enjoy Hemingway in small doses. 
  • I'm pleased we were able to have five Book Clubs during this crazy year, and all of the books that we picked received a 4/5. #22, 33 (my pick) and 37 were all fantastic books. How to Pronounce Knife received the Giller Prize the day after we received it at Book Club (great pick, Cat!).
  • My love of sci-fi, fantasy and horror have not abated: 21 of the books here fall under those categories. 
  • L and I have now almost finished reading everything written by Iain (M) Banks; thanks to L's coworker Ian for loaning us a few we were missing. 
  • Hi, Mom, yes, I read the book I gave you for Christmas...(*sheepish grin*). This is an old habit of mine, going back to when I gave my dad Stephen King books for Christmas back in the 80s. He took forever to read them, in my defense, hee hee. 

I worked my way through many of the books in my stacks beside the bed this year, and have eliminated the stacks on the floor (go, me!). I have 15 books on my nightstand right now, and for 2021, I'd like to start doing some re-reads of the hundreds of books in our library, as L and I weed through the dross. 

And finally, the first of many cat pictures for 2021, I'm sure, Vizzini vs. Boots
"What fun! The Man wants to play with me!"

After we got home from town, L swapped his Fluevog cowboy boots for his more-waterproof lace-up Fluevog boots. Let the shoelace battle commence! 
"I will take this one - you may have the other one."

Vizzini has very good balance on his back feet - he will stand right up on them. 
"Heh, the Man hasn't even noticed!"

The ritual of the shoelaces always ends the same way: Cat does not get to chew on them. 
"It certainly feels like I'm chewing on them, Woman."

The Man always wins, Vizzini - he's bigger than you. 
"If you'd feed me more, I might get bigger too."

Not much chance of that, bud, sorry. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, enjoying this last hurrah before the Monday "back to work/school/life" is here. Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. Happy New Year, Sheila! glad to see A Gentleman In Moscow on your list -- I also read that this year and loved it! You've given me some ideas for my TBR list :)

    1. Happy New Year, Cynthia! Oh, cool - wasn't that a great book? Happy to give you some ideas!

  2. I love that jacket Sheila and you wear it well - definitely was worth the splurge, it's so unique! :) Happy new year too, I'm glad you were able to celebrate even if it was only virtual. I felt a bit bad not taking advantage of our relaxed restrictions to do anything. The big city fireworks were cancelled but there were smaller local ones (we heard a lot around) and we were able to gather in groups of up to 100 without having a special COVID safe plan (like the bigger businesses need). I spent NYE in bed asleep though, haha! I was just too tired with the kids!

    1. Thanks, Mica! It's been well worth it - it's such nice quality and so cool. It was good to see our friends via Zoom, but I am envious of the gatherings you're able to have! We heard fireworks here too.

      Nothing wrong with spending time asleep! :)

  3. Your New Year sounds off to a good start. Well done on the books. I must read more.

    1. It is, thanks, Sam! I try not to be too hard on myself if I don't make my "meet or beat" goal every year.

  4. Great skirt and jacket. Does Pluto's allow indoor-dining now? Many places here don't and it's too cold to eat outdoors. Happy New Year, my dear.

    1. Thanks so much, Ally! Pluto's has never stopped having indoor dining, as with all of our restaurants. They have to restrict numbers indoors, and provide spacing (removing tables), and all kinds of restrictions, but restaurants are still open. Our province also okayed the building of patios and extra decks, waiving the bylaws to help the restaurants survive.

      Happy New Year to you too, hon!

  5. Happy New Year Sheila.
    We celebrated NYE with boardgames and a takeaway to supoort our local restaurants who were given less than 24 hours notice of a closure on NYE.
    I love your outfit and the pigtails look pretty cool too.
    I am impressed with your book list. I always forget to record the books I have read but I will this year.
    I look forward to following your adventures this year.
    Jane X

    1. Thank you so much, Jane! That sounds like a solid NYE - our restaurants were given 24 hours' notice to close early and stop serving alcohol early on NYE, but they didn't haev to close altogether, fortunately.

      Thanks, it was a fun outfit. I've been jotting down my books since I was in my early 40s! I like to see what I've read.

      Here's to another year of adventures. :)

  6. You and L are smashing in your New Year’s Eve outfits! Your ushering in of the new year sounds like pure unabated fun. :) We played games online with Robin and Katryna, and enjoyed an adult conversation with our son and daughter-in-law in Belgium (usually it’s a second or two with them and 90 minutes with our grandchildren!)
    Yay and thanks for sharing your book list! As Cynthia noted above, am glad you enjoyed A Gentleman in Moscow. I found it an immersive story and Towles a wonderful wielder of words, and rated it 5/5.
    Oh yes, don’t want to forget Vizzini vs the shoelaces...better luck next time!

    1. Thanks so much, Laurie! It was a lot of fun, but I still would have preferred to have us all together. Your NYE sounds excellent, glad you were able to have an adult conversation!

      I loved it - I think L gave me another book by Towles, and I'm looking forward to reading it.

      No shoelaces for that cat!

  7. Aww, I love your outfit, perfect for NYE. L's outfit is really lovely too. And the cat... aww, the cat is hilarious.

    I was very curious to see your reading list. I read a book by Hemingway this year too, For Whom The Bell Tolls, and I would like to read more by him. Also, I see A Gentleman in Moscow, which is on my to-read list. Amazingly, it's the second time I see it in a reading challenge round-up, this week. I will have to read it this year, that's for sure. I read a biography of Alexander McQueen and it was fascinating, so the book you read about him and John Galliano might be something I would enjoy too.

    1. Thanks so much, Anca! We love getting dressed up, and as you'll learn, my cat is a very silly boy.

      Oh, that's a good one - I've read For Whom the Bell Tolls, and also The Sun Also Rises. You will like A Gentleman, I'm sure. I love reading fashion books, whether they are biographical or more about fashion history.

  8. Can't get over that black swishy skirt!
    Have you ever photographed your library??? I'd love to see it.
    Happy New Year to you both.🎉

    1. Hello, dear Rebecca! So nice to see you, and a Happy New Year to you and your husband!

      I have not really photographed my library, as it's where the giveaway pile and the stuff for donation is living right now. As I can't drop things off or arrange for a pick-up, it's getting a bit too crowded in there. Maybe in a few months, when I've cleaned it up a bit. :)

  9. Now, that is a beautiful outfit. The mustard yellow top is fabulous and I really like the skirt and the boots as well. I love your jacket. It was super fun seeing the fashion flashback with it. You wore it a lot. So great you read so many books last year. I have to check my goodreads profile, but I think I read around 40 this year. I didn't read much about fashion, now that's a good idea, I might include some fashion reads into my new year.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! I loved wearing it and felt very funky. I did wear the jacket a lot, and will continue to do so! It seems like you read a lot more than I do! The fashion ones are fun.

  10. I always love to see your books. We also read A Gentleman in Moscow for book club this year and we all loved it! I'll have to check out some of your other recommendations. I have had a busier than normal year with even less free time than usual, strangely enough. Lots of overtime work hours that took away reading time, so I read fewer books this year than last. N.K. Jemison books are all wonderful. Our current book club challenge (we've kept meeting every month, but some have been through video chat) is to reread a book and see how it is different for us. I don't usually reread much, but I decided to read The Stand again. Seems like an appropriate year to do so. Plus I only read the original version and haven't read the longer republished one yet.

    1. Thanks, Charlotte! I'm always excited to tally them up. That's funny how many of us have read A Gentleman! I thought I'd have read a lot more than I did, but I go through periods where I either stay up too late on the computer or I just don't feel like reading. I love Jemisin's books - she's amazing. Ooh, that's a good challenge - I have done that with some of my picks for Book Club. I have read the "unabridged" version of The Stand (when it came out), but that does remain one of my favourite King books. Let me know how that reread goes!

  11. Love that jacket! SO many great outfits with it.
    Kudos to you for making your reading goal! I always try to keep track of all my books but invariably forget to keep track a few months in. Maybe I'll try harder this year.
    I read The Paris Wife a while ago. Not my usual choice of book but it was super good and I'm pretty sure I read The Sun Also Rises right after that. Treasure Island is also a personal favorite! Kidnapped is pretty good too if you want another dose of Stevenson.
    Happy new year!

    1. Thank you, Ashley! I am pretty chuffed that I beat last year's total (and L's, heh heh). I have a nice book I record all of my completions in, which helps for tracking.

      I liked it, and would not have read A Paris Wife if not for Book Club. I'll keep an eye out for Kidnapped, as we don't currently have it.

      Happy New Year!

  12. Evening Sheila, love the skirt with those boots and yep that photo of September 2018 is smashing. We have just played a board game and it is a nice thing to do for a change. that's funny one of my son's has set that as a resolution to read more and challenged me to do the same so I intend to get cracking on that. Love the formula of the pigtails, hats, funky skirt and boots hmm you do get me thinking. the other day I wore a pair of earrings of my grandmothers I have never worn another resolution wear the stuff stay safe Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Thank you so much - yup, that's my favourite one - I lucked out on the pose (could never quite replicate it). Oh, I love playing board games, and I'm glad you had fun doing something different. Reading is an easy resolution - no pressure - especially when you have a competition!

      I do like my outfit formulae - it makes it easier to build an outfit! You should definitely wear your grandmothers' jewelry. She would like that you did. :)

  13. That is a truly stupendous jacket and worth every penny you paid for it! It's totally unique in that I've never seen anything like it. I loved it with everything you wore in the flashback but I think my favourite was the velvet patterned skirt with the pink pumps and the wee handbag. So classy!

    You've reminded me I haven't counted how many books I'd read in 2020 so I;m off to do that.

    Happy New Year, Sheila!

    1. Thank you so much, Vronni, and I do agree, even though the price scared me at first! That "skirt" is a dress - I like that one too!

      Oh, I bet you're way ahead of me - I know you read a LOT. Happy New Year, my dear!

  14. Luv the bronze jacket. What a find and you style it well. Your book list is so impressive. If I get more than one a month read, it is a miracle. Thx for the list for future reads. Loved Gentleman in Moscow, as well. Happy New. Year to u and those u love.

    1. Thanks, Claire! It was a stupendous find. I'm happy with my books - it's not as many as I'd hoped (I wanted to break 40), but I'm still good with beating last year's total. That's funny, another one who's read A Gentleman!

      Happy New Year to you! Thank you!

  15. You both look amazing! I love the bronze jacket and all the ways you styled it! You look cool in it!

  16. Happy 2021, Sheila, L. and Vizzini! What a pair of snazzy dressers you are! That bronze leather Burberry jacket was definitely worth every cent. It's a winner with each and every outfit in your flashback. Loving your ruffled skirt, boots and bronze bling too.
    It's my plan at the start of each year to make a note of all the books I read, but somehow it never happens. So, I haven't got the slightest idea of the total number I've read either. When I was put on temporary unemployment back in April, I thought I would read a lot, but that didn't happen either, as I didn't read more books than in a normal year. In fact, it's only in the last month and a half or so that I've really started devouring books! No fear of running out of reading material though, especially as I'm planning a couple of re-reads too!
    I hope your first day at work is going well. I've just finished mine, and it went surprisingly well. xxx
    P.S. I read your post on my phone yesterday afternoon, and then in the evening I completely forgot to comment. What a scatterbrain I am.

    1. I laughed at your PS, Ann - I have done that (although not on my non-existent phone!) as well, and thought I'd commented.

      Happy 2021 to you, my dear friend! Thank you so much - that jacket has been worth it, for sure.

      I keep a small notebook by my bed, where I jot down the title, the author, the year of publication, the format (eg. paperback), the date I start, and then when I finish it, I note the date I finished it, and do a little sentence or two to go with my rating.

      Like you, I thought I would read more, with all my extra time off, but I really didn't! I do read more in the dark months, that's for sure.

      First day is most of last year!

  17. Happy New Year!
    You both look fabulous (as do you, dear Vizzini!) That Burberry jacket is spectacular and worth every penny. Of all the combinations the most recent with the dramatic swooshy skirt and kick ass boots is my fave, just fabulous!
    L's boots and tartan trousers are the business!
    Loved reading about what you'd been reading in 2020. I was mad about Ian Banks for years although I don't think anything will ever beat The Wasp Factory.
    Hope your first day back went well! xxx

    1. Happy New Year, Vix! Thank you so much. I love the jacket and agree - so worth it! I love how versatile it has been. L's boots are so awesome, but like my lace-up boots, it's a commitment! His trousers are by Etro, purchased new in Florence.

      I got into him right before he died, and I also read The Wasp Factory first - which spoiled me for everything else! That was an incredible book.

      Back at work, and it's like I never left.

  18. Completely in love with your flamenco skirt. Those ruffles, the sweep of the hem, the way it must swish when walking - it's all so chic and dreamy.

    Happiest first week of January wishes to you both! May your 2021 house as many of the hard fought positives of 2020 and the barest minimum of last year's many negatives.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. The skirt is amazing to wear, Autumn, SO swooshy! I really think it must have been made for/by a dancer.

      Thank you - yes, here's hoping!

  19. I have a pile of Jemisins to read but haven't got round to any of them yet. So sorry you didn't like the Cherie Priest.

    Those boots are really smashing.

    1. I like her books, especially The Broken Earth trilogy and her book of short stories, "How Long Till Black Future Month?" I like Cherie Priest, but I didn't love this book.

      Thank you! I agree - I love them. :)

  20. Happy New Year Sheila. To L as well of course. Vizzini wouldn't understand.
    Love your blue New Year's eve dress and I adore the shiny leather Burberry jacket. Man, what a mark-down. It makes any outfit instantly glamourous.

    1. Happy New Year to you, Greetje! Lol, yes, Vizzini would just cock his head and stare at you. :)

      Thank you so much - I know, that jacket was a STEAL!

  21. woww, lovely photo of both you looking fab in your New Year's Eve festive attire!
    And love all your leather coats and jackets but this one is particularly Fabulous!, love its amazing shiny patent leather and colour! and it's such a cool piece. Lovely flashback!. you Rock It!

    1. Thanks so much, Monica! I love that L dresses up as much as I do - he's a wonderfully stylish guy.

      Thank you - I adore this jacket so much.

  22. You and L look so cool in the first photo - the colours in L's outfit are brilliant, and you look fab in the sweater dress.

    I have read a lot of books this year too, but I never think to list them, and unfortunately, I forget what ones I read. I have read a few of Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus novels when I want something "lighter", and just finished a newer collection of short stories by Stephen King that was quite good. I've acquired a few more fashion-related books recently too but I get caught up in looking at the photos and neglect the text.

    Wishing you, L and Vizzini a belated Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks, Shelley, Happy New Year to you and Sylvester! :)

      I am glad I started a list of my books (beginning around 2007, I think), as I like looking back on my annual lists. I love Stephen King, and probably have that book in my stack. I pore carefully over all text and pictures in fashion books, soaking it all in.


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