Friday, January 8, 2021

Orange You Glad It's Friday?

Hello, and happy weekend, my friends! I had to search and see if I'd used this post title before and...I kind of did? I did an "Orange You Glad It's Monday?" outfit here in 2014. Bah, everyone knows Fridays are better than Mondays!

Today's outfit is inspired by the call for monochrome (aka single colour) outfits from Nancy at Nancy's Fashion Style and Shelbee of Shelbee On the Edge for their Good Buy/Good-Bye series (link here). I usually forget to do these until the posts go live, but this time, I did it! 

Mostly, because I do love a monochrome look! 
Way back even earlier than my last "Orange You Glad" post, I did a whole week dedicated to monochrome outfits, appropriately titled "Monochromania!" (link here for all of the posts). I did grey, white, purple, blue and surprise! Orange! 

  • Blazer - InWear; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July 2020 for a little consignment shopping in tulle
  • Silk blouse - Zoe + Sam, thrifted; last seen here bookending houndstooth in April 2020
  • Skirt - Max Mara, consignment; purchased here for $27.00
  • Shoes - Vagabond, consignment; last worn here in September 2020 with a floral denim dress
  • Leather trenchcoat (below) - thrifted, vintage 70s; last seen here on Monday

As you might have realized, I love mottos (hee), and the one that best applies to this outfit is "always be upgrading" - if you take a look at my last all-orange outfit (here in 2013), you'll see my beloved tweed orange skirt, which I had for many years before it really started to wear out. 
This new-to-me Max Mara skirt is my upgrade and falls into the "Good Buy" side (nothing in this outfit is a "Good-Bye"), since it was only $27.00 second-hand consignment at Turnabout. It's wool, lined in silk, and it's thick and gorgeous and designer (so, you know, KLASSY). And yes, it really is a dark orange (like the shoes), not red, although it does skew slightly red on-screen. 

So, how to do a monochome look? Assemble all your colours! 
I liked how the skirt and blazer went together - they are distinctly different, but they go. 

"It doesn't have to match; it just has to go" - another one of my beloved mottos. 
At first, I had my orange cable-knit sweater (this one) ready to go with this, but the overall look was too much orange of the same tone. It also felt too casual, and the cable texture fought with the pebble texture of the skirt. I wanted the skirt to shine. 

I woke up thinking of this neon orange silk blouse, and easily swapped it out for the sweater, layering a rust camisole under it. 
I'd also considered rust-coloured tights, but again decided it was too heavy visually, so I just wore nylons. 

I don't like the jacket done up - double-breasted styles are difficult on us curvy gals. 
I only wore it like this when I had my coat on.

Masked up - first wearing of this perfectly matching "flame" patterned one from Mom. 
All the orange! I felt awesome in this all day, and saw a few coworkers briefly, many of whom commented on how nice it was that I was wearing "real" clothes. Yeah, you know I shared my "Life is short; wear the clothes" motto with them!

Outerwear - it was raining this morning, so I have my usual rain gear.
I added my orange leather gloves, and my cream/brown/orange scarf, plus my hat. It was clear by the time I left the office - we even had some sun today! 

  • Hat - Edward Mann, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Scarf - Lanvin, vintage 70s, consignment
  • Leather gloves - thrifted

The stuff: 
These shoes are almost a perfect match for the skirt - I love this rich, dark orange. 

Orange bling: 
I considered doing all copper accessories (I love copper and orange together), but when I spotted my "Jell-O Shot" necklace in my jewelry box, I knew I had to wear it. I have gotten amazing wear out of it, considering I paid $5.00 for it about 5 years ago. 

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Bronze ring - P. Sarpaneva, c. 1970

On Thursday, after our bi-monthly cleaner visit, I walked to town to get groceries, followed by my Mental Health Walk. I spent the afternoon de-lighting the trees, and then thinking about how I could keep some of the lights up without my house looking too Christmassy. 

I left one string of the curtain lights on the bar. Nothing's been rearranged or put back since I cleared it for my decorations back in November. 
L and I have been talking about revamping some of our big living room/dining room area. I'm feeling a strong "nesting" urge now that we're going into winter, and I am mulling over what I want my nest to be filled with. 

We spend most of our time in this space, either chilling with Vizzini (the cuddle benches), playing games, reading, listening to music and watching TV/movies. 
I pushpinned about 5 of the LED strings of white lights from the big tree under the valances that are over our windows. I wrapped them around the mirror, thinking wistfully of parties. The corner is quite bright, and I'm still deciding where that big crystal vase still full of lights is going to go. 

I love the ambience of a movie theatre, and I like dim lighting when I'm Netflixing, so I put more lights under the valences in this section. Yay, this makes me so happy!
Vizzini has his big post back in the corner again - he's been scratching away at it like it hasn't been right there in the bedroom for the past 2 months, and he's been anxiously checking out the neighbourhood to see what he's missed. Surprise! No more leaves on the trees. 

Well, I'm off to enjoy my twinkly lights right now, and will be back on Sunday with tales of adventure. Have a lovely weekend, everyone, and thanks so much for stopping by. 


  1. Such an awesome monochrome orange outfit! it's so cheerful and that blouse was the perfect piece for it! :)

    I like how you've kept the lights up too Sheila! I still have a string of lights I didn't tidy away with the rest of the Christmas things I'm thinking about how best to use so I can have them up year-round. Haven't made a final decision though!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! It will be a quiet one here, we are all in a 3 day lockdown due to a case of the virus being found outside of hotel quarantine for the first time in 113 days.

    1. Thank you, Mica! I really enjoyed it.

      I am so happy I kept some lights up - I love their warm glow. I hope you keep yours up too!

      Thank you - it's very quiet with our current restrictions getting extended till early Feb now.

  2. Your "Jell-O shot" necklace is such a fantastic statement piece (and I adore the name that you gave it, too).

    Big hugs & tons of joyful weekend wishes!
    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

    1. Isn't it fun, Autumn? I've always called it that - it totally reminds me of Jell-O shots!

  3. Your monochromatic orange styling is fabulous. Wonderful skirt, blouse, blazer, necklace and heels. I also love your brown coat! Very cool 'raining' gear.
    Great lighting touches in your place. Good to know Vizzini is enjoying himself.

    1. Thanks so much, Ivana! Rain gear is essential this time of year here.

      Thank you - I like the soft glow of mini lights. Vizzini is much happier with his post back in its "proper" place.

  4. Lady Marmalade! What a deliciously zingy look!
    The lights look fantastic, no Xmassy, just cheery. Mine are staying up, too - they make me happy on a dark winter's morning.
    I bet Vizzini is overjoyed to have his post back in the right place. xxx

    1. Oh, there you go - I should have called this post Lady Marmalade! Next time. :)

      Thank you, Vix - I just need them up, they're good for my mental health. Oh gosh yes, Vizzini is very happy about his post being back.

  5. Haha, I had post title incidents like that too. I generally find coming up with a suitable title quite a daunting task, and I've lost count of the times I thought of something, only to be reminded at the last moment to check whether I hadn't used it before :-) Friday is significantly different from Monday, so that's alright!
    I'm head over heels with your orange monochrome outfit. Very uplifting, especially on a cold and grey January day. No wonder you felt awesome all day and brightened your co-workers' day in the process. It's always a delight seeing your "Jell-O Shot" necklace, and your Max Mara skirt is fantastic.
    Leaving out some of your fairy lights is a great idea, we are doing the same.
    Phoebe's post is back in its old place too, but she doesn't really seem to care. She wasn't in the least interested in the Christmas tree either. Funny creatures! xxx

    1. After nearly 13 years, I'm running out of ideas, Ann! Ah well, not a huge deal, just one of those blogging things!

      Thank you! I loved the bright colours (especially the neon blouse), and it definitely brightened my day.

      I know, right? They add so much! I love mini-lights.

      Aw, Phoebe, such a cranky girl! Ha!

  6. Oh! Orange, the color of fun! My favorite. This look is marvelous & I especially adore your Jell-O shot necklace. Thanks for making me smile today.

    1. It is, Meshel! Thank you so much! Happy to spread a little sunshine to you!

  7. How wonderful. I only think of wearing orange in the autumn but what a great colour for winter. X

  8. I love the colors in this outfit. And it's so nice to see pics of your home again. Having been there I can mentally "see" it.

    1. Can you believe we are coming up on 3 years since you were up here, Ally? I know, that was such a good time! Next time, more playing in my closet!

  9. You look so happy in the orange. I'm a little too drawn to beige but we seem to have similar coloring so maybe?

    1. I FEEL happy in orange, Sam! Ugh, beige depresses me - go for orange, darlin'!

  10. Such a fabulous outfit. Monochrome orange - yes please! The skirt is gorgeous. I like what you've done with your lights in your living room although I did a double take at 'valances'. To us in the UK; valances are a sheet with an attached ruffle that goes underneath the mattress! We call the curtain valance; 'pelmets'.

    Take care and hope you've had a lovely weekend,

    1. Thank you so much, Vronni! I love orange, and this skirt is so luxe.

      Thanks! Yes, "valance" means that here too, but it is also applied to wooden structures that curtains can be attached to (like these). Ugh, I bet there were big curtain swags on these at one point, probably in the 80s! Pelmets is a new word for me - and you're right, I think that is more accurate term. :)

  11. wwwowwww, I love so much this outfit!, Orange is such a Fabulous Colour and You Rock It!.
    Your new skirt is a gorgeous piece, its texture and colour are lovely, and love your shoes. Love the way you added some other colour that go and the perfect necklace to enhance everything!
    I'm also keeping some fairy lights around!

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! I love orange too, and felt I nailed it with this look.

      I adore the skirt - it's so beautiful and tactile.

      Hooray for fairy lights!

  12. Woah!
    I want to wear everything you are wearing Sheila.
    This color combination is outstanding, the new Max Mara skirt looks even nicer when worn and the orange blazer is my fave.

  13. I think that Christmas lights should be left up all winter to counter the long, dark days. I have a few lights strung up in random places in my living room and they look very pretty (when I remember to turn them on).

    You're a much needed blast of Vitamin C in your orange ensemble.

    1. Mine are really helping my mental health - I love that warm glow. They just make me happy.

      Thanks so much!

  14. Even your mask co-ordinates perfectly - it's a smasher of an outfit. (The fabric on that skirt looks really interesting; is it cutwork?)

    1. I love to match, Mim! No, the skirt is actually more like lace - if you click through to the "purchased here" link, you can see close-ups of the fabric. It's gorgeous.


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