Friday, October 30, 2020

Of Course, the Hallowe'en Dress, and a Danier Flashback

What do I wear to work on the last day before Hallowe'en?
Of course, the Hallowe'en dress! As you can see, it was a very windy day.

  • Dress - vintage 60s, thrifted; last worn here in October 2019, exactly a year ago
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara, consignment; last seen here in October 2019 with brick and velvet
  • Leather jacket - Danier Couture, consignment; last worn here in December 2019 with shiny paisleys

And as you can also see, I have a hat on! I did the stair picture last this morning, and the wind sealed it - I took the hat off. So I really only wore it in these pictures. 
This is a vintage straw hat that I've had for many years. Ah, I identified it here in May 2010 as being acquired in the early 90s, so there you go. I spent some time last night sewing new elastic on it, so that it would stay on my head.

But here's how I actually looked for most of the day. 
I have a black vintage slip on under this, plus my Noa Noa floofy underskirt for extra floofiness. I may have twirled for a couple of my coworkers. 
The lace overlay is a full circle, but the lining is not. 

Jacket on. 
This lovely soft cropped jacket functioned as my outerwear. 

Masked up - my Hallowe'en mask from Lazy Susan's.
I took a close-up in the bathroom. 
Boo! The actual scary part is that I've only had one cup of coffee! The horror! 

Fully done up in outerwear mode. The jacket is a boob-smusher, always has been - we'll be doing a Flashback on it shortly.
I clipped my hair up to keep it from getting tangled in the wind. 

  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Leather/cashmere gloves - Club Monaco, consignment

The stuff: 
Aren't these shoes awesome? I love the two-tone of brown and copper, and the sweet ankle straps! My heart, be still! 

Copper bling: 
Some of my copper collection. 

  • Leather belt - thrifted
  • Copper cuff and earrings - Renoir, vintage 60s, vintage expo
  • Copper bracelet - Renoir, vintage 60s, thrifted
  • Silver/crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Silver/onyx ring - Toccara, vintage fair

Flashback: Danier Couture Cropped Leather Jacket

I was shocked as I clicked all the links and re-downloaded all the outfits - when did I get this jacket? Surely, it can't have been THAT long ago! But yes, my blog archives are accurate - I bought this jacket here in September 2013! 
I miss My Sister's Closet (not to be confused with the thrift store of the same name in Vancouver), which was one of the best consignment stores in Victoria. I often found amazing pieces for very reasonable prices, although the $58.98 I paid for this didn't seem cheap at the time. 
The jacket is by Danier Couture, a swanky division of Danier Leather, and is made from Italian leather. The finish is a croc stamp and it's butter soft. It's also made in Canada. As I have bought Danier new (this jacket) in the before-times, when they used to have stores, and paid $400 on clearance for my coat (it was $800 new), I knew that Made in Canada = expensive. It's likely that this jacket retailed for around $500 new or more. 

I first wore it in September 2013 - there I go, wearing things right away! - along with two other items I'd bought on the same shopping trip. 
The top and skirt are both now long gone (but I still have the shoes, and I even did a Flashback on them, here!).

I followed that up a month later, in October 2013, with an outfit that I still love. 
This was a pretty staid outfit for an Urbanite at the Art Gallery, but I do love all the ruffles and that hat is so fun (I still have it). Vizzini ate the lacings on those Fluevogs, little monster! 

A work outfit, also in October 2013.
I don't remember seeing this outfit in the Mini QTee Flashback (here), though. Longtime blog readers may remember this skirt - I actually owned it in two sizes before I finally gave it up. 

In November 2013, my friends nominated me for the Unlimited Woman Awards - I didn't win. 
I did get to do a photoshoot, though - this is what I wore. 

I dislike this January 2014 outfit intensely. I'm glad I no longer have anything but the jacket left. 
My Cydwoq black shoes were in my closet a long time. 

An early example of pattern-mixing here in March 2014 is nicely grounded by the simple black leather jacket.
We did a Flashback on the Half Truth Tanya Fluevogs (here) - this was one of my first times wearing them. 

Another March 2014 outfit. Woo, that's a short skirt.
I remember liking this outfit, except for the shoes, which hurt. 

I adored this skirt for years, before the lining finally tore out. 
This was in April 2014. I still have that massive black chain necklace. 

I'd completely forgotten about these Fluevogs from August 2014 - I ordered them online and they hurt my feet, so off they went. 
Those jeans were navy and red striped - I never liked that you couldn't see the stripe in pictures. They became house-pants until I wore them out.

I love this outfit from October 2014. So classy.
I still have the boots and the belt. 

Wearing a new-to-me skirt and shoes from a Vancouver anniversary trip, in April 2015.
Only the jacket still remains. 

This skirt was from the same trip, seen in September 2015.
That fringey top was utter cat-bait. This past year, I finally retired those yellow shoes (they stained when they were in storage). 

This is a classy-looking outfit for work, from December 2015.
I'm a fan of mermaid/tulip skirts - I think they are so feminine and pretty. 

This jungle skirt was a favourite for a few years - this look is from February 2016.
We did a Flashback on the trout shoes here

I wore this jacket as my outerwear for our March 2016 trip to Vancouver. 
My travel outfit - L and I in the mirror at the Gastown Fluevog store. We ended up with those pairs.

On the deck of our hotel - oops, I missed this outfit in my Half Truth Veda shoe Flashback (here).
I still have those houndstooth trousers and am working on getting them to fit again (resist the Hallowe'en candy, Sheila...). 

I love this fit-and-flare outfit, also from March 2016.
I'm a sucker for polka dots. I still have those shoes - they were one of my very first Flashbacks (here). 

This jacket looks great with this blouse - again in March 2016.
You'll recognize my over-the-knee boots (Flashback here). Do you see the kitty hiding? 

Another dotty skirt in June 2016 - I kind of wish I still had one of these dotted skirts. 
There's a shopping goal for me. I still have the teal shoes; they're a fave pair.

This outfit from September 2016 fills me with "meh, although I like seeing Vizzini nosing around in the frame. 
Yeah, that's just...not me anymore. 

We all love the Lady Garden of Delight skirt, seen here in January 2017 (Flashback here). 
I've let those boots go - they hurt my feet (they were very stiff). 

Greetje, this one's for you. This is one of my favourite looks with this jacket, seen in March 2017. 
My polka dot shoes missed a Flashback this past spring, and my Real Designer skirt (Andres Courreges!) will get one at some point this season. 

This was a really fun work outfit from May 2017.
That's my other leather piece by H&M - a black sleeveless peplum top - and my Avon (yes, THAT Avon) scribbly-leopard printed jeans. Those jeans were my around-the-house pants for the past 3 years, and they finally wore out. 

I like this classic outfit too (another one for Greetje), from October 2017.
I've still got everything but the skirt. I know, I know! I can hear you all clamouring - but the skirt was full of holes, and the lining was just shredded. 

I wore this to the theatre with Mom in December 2017, and was freezing (that's a sleeveless thin sweater).
I still have everything here too. The skirt is one I bought pre-blog, and I still have it. It has no stretch, so it's in Clothing Limbo until it fits again. 

My baby blues appear again here in April 2018. 
We'll be seeing this skirt at some point - I like wearing it for brunch. There's a Flashback on the shoes here.

I often wear the jacket as outerwear instead of actually part of the outfit, like in September 2018. 
We saw this outfit twice in Flashbacks: once for the skirt (here); and once for the shoes (here). 

I adore the fall colours in this outfit from November 2018; however the skirt is too snug right now, so it's also in Limbo until it fits again. 
The shoes received a Flashback here. I'll be wearing that mustard blouse at some point this season. 

The baby blue blouse again in March 2019 - I've paired it with this jacket a total of four times. 
That skirt didn't make the cut (it was just okay...and didn't have pockets). 

I wore the jacket over this groovy outfit just for sun protection in April 2019.
The shoes had a Flashback here

Here it is in October 2019, with today's shoes. 
The shoes are all that remain - both the skirt and top are now gone. 

And here's the last time I wore it, in December 2019, with one of my favourite shiny skirts.
We'll see that soon at some point!

Mathy stuff: Wow, I am again surprised, as I honestly didn't think I'd worn this jacket that much. I count 33 outfits, including today's, which brings us to a highly-respectable $1.79 per wear. Lots of wear left in it too, so expect to see it again! 

Enjoy your weekend! If you celebrate Hallowe'en (or just eat the candy), be safe and be silly. Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. You have definitely got a lot of wear from that jacket, it's so impressive! I like your Halloween outfit too, very fun and cheerful, especially with the cute mask! :)

    We don't do Halloween - not a lot of people do here in Australia, but the government did say trick or treating could go ahead (with precautions) so I think a few people may trick or treat. Probably not in Brisbane though, we have been smashed by storms all afternoon and not sure if there is more coming!

    1. I have, Mica! I'm really happy with it, and I was shocked to reach and pass 30 wears with it!

      This was a nice outfit - nothing really fancy or requiring too much effort this year.

      I know - but it is a fun holiday! I hope the storms missed you!

  2. Sheila, good morning! You have nailed it girl!! You look fabulous! I did not know that dress was vintage 60's it makes it even more special. Teaming it with leather is genius. My goodness you went to work like that you have got to be the most glamorous employee ever! have a great week end . I see Mica is from "Brissie" where I hailed ( and that being the appropriate word I remember those hail storms eek) from years ago no wonder I am not into halloween (sorry Sheila) keep being fab Shazxx

    1. Hello, Shaz! Aw, thank you so much - it is indeed vintage, right down to the metal zipper. Ha, and hardly anyone saw me - maybe 5 people on Friday.

      That's such a coincidence! No worries, Hallowe'en is pretty much a North American thing.

  3. I love the first dress, is so glamorous and gorgeous. Also, the green Halloween mask is cute and funny. I bought a Halloween mask for me and another one for my husband, so we've had a bit of fun wearing them recently.
    Happy Halloween!

    1. Thank you, Anca! I loved having a themed mask for this outfit! I'll be checking out your blog shortly - thank you for visiting! Happy Hallowe'en!

  4. Love, love, love the Halloween dress! And yes, the bronze shoes are definitely awesome!

    I think my favourite flashback look is the outfit your wore to the theatre with your mum in 2017. The colours are beautiful and the whole outfit is so flattering on you.

    1. Thanks, Nana! I love the shoes, even though I don't wear them much.

      I love that one too, although I was SO COLD in it!

  5. That Halloween dress is fabulous, its so shiny and classy! I love it with the leather jacket and the veiled pill box hat. That's how to dress for work!
    I've got a purple Danier leather jacket in the stockroom, sadly too big for me but the quality is wonderful, I can see why you love yours.
    Happy Halloween, Sheila! xxx

    1. Isn't it fabulous, Vix? It's so fun to wear, very swooshy!

      Oh, how nice! They made the most beautiful jackets. Happy Hallowe'en!

  6. Glad to see that dress is still in your closet - it's so beautiful! That leather jacket has been a workhorse for sure. It looks good over anything.

    1. Yup, there's not chance of getting rid of it, even though it only is worn once a year!

      Thank you, Shelley - I so agree! It's the perfect little black jacket.

  7. Wow, that dress is absolutely fabulous, Sheila! You must have dazzled your co-workers in this outfit. In fact, I can't remember what it feels like to have co-workers to twirl for. Twirling without an audience is rather tame in comparison :-) What a shame it was too windy to wear your hat, as it looks amazing and very, very classy with a capital C! Gorgeous tights, shoes and leather jacket too. I'm often shocked when I realize how long I've had a certain item of clothing, as it feels as if I only bought it yesterday. Surely $58.98 was a steal, even if it didn't feel like that back in 2013. I'm intrigued by the hat in the second flashback outfit, but oh, naughty Vizzini eating the laces of those shoes! I oohed and aahed quite a bit when scrolling through your flashback, but I'm hearing you on some of the slightly meh outfits. We can't get it right all the time, but at least you are good at giving things up. I'm always trying to give things one more chance, even if I know in my heart of hearts it should go. I'm learning, though :-) Enjoy your weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thank you so much, Ann! I wish I could have shared it with more than the 5-6 coworkers I saw on Friday! Normally, I'd be twirling all day, showing it off!

      It was way too windy, but let's pretend I did wear it! I know, the jacket WAS a steal at that price, but you know how it is when you get used to thrift-store prices? Everything seems very pricey after that!

      I do still have that hat in the 2nd outfit (must wear it soon), and yes, that was during Vizzini's VERY NAUGHTY phase of kittenhood, when he ate anything. It is easier to see the "meh" outfits in hindsight, and I don't regret giving up most of the things I let go of.

      Hope you had a happy weekend, dear Ann!

  8. Your Halloween dress outfit is amazing! Love the hat! Can't wait to see that awesome pre-blog bought skirt come out of Clothing Limbo. I see Vizzini plotting in the background of that picture. I gave up on resisting the Halloween candy this weekend. It's my favorite holiday so might as well enjoy it. I swear I'll get back to normal eating on Monday....unless I need to eat up the leftover candy haha!

    1. Thank you, Cheryene! That skirt is way too snug right now, so I need to crack down on the Hallowe'en candy and shape up so I can wear it again.

      I love the pics with my kitties in them. :)

  9. Beautiful Halloween outfit. That dress was made for you. I also enjoyed the flash back with the jacket.

    1. Thank you, Ivana! It was a lucky find all those years ago!

  10. Lookin' good! Thanks for coming to my party. :)

  11. Look at you! That's a wonderful dress to twirl in. X

    1. Twirling in a dress is one of life's great pleasures, isn't it, Jess? Thank you!

  12. I love dresses like that! So elegant. I decided that I'd next Halloween is a,, normal,, one, I start a tradition by throwing a Halloween party. That's what I wanted to do for years, and if I don't start next year it will never come of it. I love Halloween, I love horror! Happy weekend Sheila!

    1. Same here, Nancy! I hope we'll be able to have a Hallowe'en party next year! You are definitely my twin when it comes to horror!

  13. OK, third time I comment on this post.
    I love this Halloween dress. It looks very good on you. And the shoes! They go so well with the dress, it is unbelievable you could find them so matching.
    I had to laugh when I saw you mentioning me (twice even), but no, you had me wrong. I find both outfits a bit too classic (how about that). I love the March 2016 outfit with the blue ruffle collar blouse and the great over the knee boots and the May 2017 outfit with the leather peplum (love the sandals with it too). There you go.
    And I share your love for polka dot skirts. Cannot believe you got rid of them.

    1. And here you are, you made it, Greetje!

      Thank you so much! I lucked out on the shoes matching - I just noticed this year what a good match they were.

      Ha ha! I went too classic at guessing for you! There you go - I love those looks too!

      I know - one of the skirts ripped, and the other had some condition issues. I miss that one with the gold dots.

  14. So many gorge outfits featuring that wonderful jacket! I have to put it out there and say I have BLOUSE ENVY for that wonderful silky-looking ruffly one with the sleeves poking out of your cuffs- phwoar- it is so pretty, but I bet it is a bugger to iron!
    The jacket sounds a complete bargain- I would be chuffed to get it for that price! I love the way Vizzini is peeping from the seat in one of the photos- he's such a babe, even if he does have a taste for Fluevog straps!
    I love the mustard blouse outfit with the autumnal-coloured skirt- I hope it leaves limbo and adorns you again!

    1. Thanks so much, Kezzie! I adore ruffled blouses, but I have a steamer, so no issues with ironing at all. Sadly, that blouse got ruined in the wash many years ago, but I have my eye out for another one.

      It's a lovely jacket - but $60 did seem like a lot at the time! I like the pics with hidden cats in them. :) Thank you! I hope it fits soon - I have to stay on target!

  15. wowww, Halloween Dress is so Gorgeous!, love it and love how you've accessorized it!, you know I love your copper jewellery!, and those shoes!, aren't they delightfully matchy!?
    Glad to see this jacket rocking in so many outfits, it looks so cute and comfy and cool too!. Always loving a quality leather jacket!

    1. Thanks, Monica! I had a lovely matchy day - you know how fun those are.

      I love a good piece of leather - thanks!


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