Sunday, November 10, 2019

Bigass Long Weekend Wrap-Up: Fuzzy Poppy Friday, Vintage Fair Finds, Caped Brunch, Spiffy Wedding and Colouring Stuff

Well, what a fabulous weekend it has been! We've been to a Vintage Fair, and gone to a wedding, plus I've been up to artsy stuff, so without further ado, let's get this tale told. 

Here's Friday's outfit. Knowing I was going to be meeting up with friends after work, I dressed for that event also. 
My work colleagues noted that I looked like a Remembrance Day poppy myself.

  • Blouse - L'Wren Scott's "A Tropical Conversation" FW 2011, thrifted; last worn here in January in a lovely autumnal outfit
  • Angora dress - Ralph by Ralph Lauren, vintage 90s, thrifted; purchased here for $49.99
  • Boots - Eject, consignment; purchased here for $75.00
  • Coat (below) - Denny Rose, consignment; last worn here in March over McQueen

It's worth clicking above to see the last time I wore this blouse, as the front pleated "fan" ruffles are not really shown off well in this look.
I built the outfit around the boots - black was the obvious go-to, and since I just got this amazingly thick and fuzzy angora dress last weekend, it was the first thing I pulled.

It is a generous cut (very loose and stretchy) and VERY WARM. Did I mention it was VERY WARM?
I don't think it was ever worn prior to my purchase, as it shed copious amounts of fluffy black clouds of angora all day at work.

I thought the glitter shedding from my gold sparkly shoes was bad!
My tights had veritable angora mice by the end of the day. There were black fuzzy puffs all over the bathroom, reception, my floor's kitchen, behind my desk...

Outerwear - I met up with Cat, Karen and Yvonne after work at the vintage fair for a browse. The theme was "Santa Baby" so this is the closest I could get.
It's a little early for Christmas for me. I thought the red boots represented the theme well.

Done up, although it was another sunny day and it wasn't that cold out.
After the fair, we walked to Spinnakers Pub and had dinner with our menfolk, who'd gotten there earlier and saved us a big table.

The stuff:
Such crazy boots! They elicited a lot of gasps of admiration. They were comfy for the office, although after being on my feet for two hours at the fair, followed by walking to the pub, my dogs were howlin'. L and I caught the bus home. I'll probably put some inserts in these to make them slightly more squishy inside.

Simple bling:
One brooch for my lapel and one for my blouse.

  • Leaf brooch - Grandma W, vintage
  • Flower brooch - Mom's, c. 1964
  • Earrings - vintage fair

When I left in the morning, I found Vizzini ensconced in "his chair", sleeping on "his blanket."
"What? This is my spot. Get your own."

He's been grabbing all the warm spots lately.

My seasonal outfit netted me a gift bag at the door of the vintage fair - look what I got!
 Light up earrings!

They are cubic zirconia studs with a battery pack as the back.
 And they do flashing colours!
They're highly distracting. Not sure if I'll ever actually wear these but they are fun.

I did really well at the vintage fair - I even found and bought a stainless steel modernist brooch and cuff for Cat. This was my gasp-worthy treasure:

It's a super-glitzy Lurex dress from the 70s!
It loos very skinny on the hanger, but it has a lot of sideways stretch to it.

The colours are red, burgundy, bronze, tan and navy blue.
All with that gold metallic thread running through it.

The neckline is trimmed in crochet in a scalloped edging.
The shoulder seams are also crocheted together.
It's 35% metal, 65% polyester and made in Hong Kong.

I couldn't find out anything about Ian Peters - although I found a very similar one (this one, link 'cause I love) from a UK site.
Note the vintage size 14; that's a modern size 10
Firstdibs also has a striped wool dress by him listed at $462.00. Me?
I paid $28.00. Score! I picked it up at the Women in Need (WIN) booth, where I often do well. I will be wearing this for one of the upcoming holiday parties!

I also spotted this fabulous necklace and then a little further along, earrings that are a near match.
The earrings were $6.00. I think they are probably 80s.

The necklace was $11.00 and is marked Monet.
I see lots of Monet pieces on my treasure hunts - here's a good article about them (linking 'cause I love, of course). My necklace is likely from the 80s.

I quite liked this pretty copper cuff.
The feather motif is stylized.

Only $14.00, and not marked.
But look at that nice detail. Worth it! Copper hasn't been in favour as a metal for decades - I think this is late 60s, copying the earlier higher-quality pieces from that decade.

I found the below earrings at WIN as well.
They're stainless steel for the most part, with clips. They go with all the POLY jewelry I've been collecting lately. No marks on them. They were $6.00.

This is another piece that I found on a table of "everything for $5.00" - those are my favourite tables, as I can spot the good stuff really well.
This is totally early 60s or even 50s - can't you see it on a coat or a hat?

The wires are flexible.
And it's also marked Monet.

These two rings were also on the $5.00 table.
The one on the left is POLY, although it's not marked. I recognized the design immediately - check out the bracelet here on the left. Same!

The other ring is not POLY, but is also nice quality.
You don't see too many gold-toned rings that aren't totally cheap-looking. Neither of these show much wear on them.

I offered $18.00 for this amazing cuff bracelet that was marked at $20.00.
Two snakes! Thank you, nice lady! It was all the cash I had left.

It's fairly worn (you can see the copper where the gold finish has rubbed off below).
But look at the red crystal snake eyes! It's quite solid, probably from the last 20 years.

On Saturday morning, L and I went for brunch early, once I was home from my Mental Health Walk.
It was misting rain off and on all day, but not cold, so I opted for my cape and fedora.

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Patti's doing a basic white shirt, and while my outer look is rather colourful, I did wear a very basic top with this.

  • Cape - Coracle Clothes, vintage 60s, pass-along from Sheila A; last seen here over soft pinks and florals in April
  • Turtleneck sweater - Wanko, thrifted; last worn here in October with toasty tweeds
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in March for a weekend shop in blue
  • Shoes - Miista; last worn here in September with the best dress ever

See? Basic top!
I only looked like this while we were in Pluto's.
The skirt is another one I've recently plucked back out of the giveaway pile. For some reason, I'd excised many of my short skirts. I blame Brain Fog. I love short skirts with tights in cold weather!

All hatted and gloved.
I adore wearing my cape, but it does not work with a purse (and I hate hand-carry bags), so I carried all my needs in the pockets.
Slightly blurry back view.

Feeling good.
Looking forward to coming home and getting ready for an afternoon wedding!

  • Hat - vintage, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
I'm so glad I wore easy shoes, even though it's not a far walk to the diner. We did a lot of walking on Saturday!

  • Necklace - Dots (first wearing - paid $2.98 for it)
  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Soul Flower
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Vizzini helped L get his lace-up boots on.
"Those saucy laces will not escape my claws!"

It was hard to get a clear shot of him, as he was constantly leaping and grabbing at them.
"They will not elude me!"

Getting dressed is always an adventure with that cat.

L and I hung out at home for a bit, and then got ready to bus to a wedding. This picture turned out so well. What a great-looking couple we are!
L is wearing a consignment white and black striped shirt with red and black velvet flocked paisleys, a vintage thrifted bow tie, a retail velvet and satin jacket, a pair of black suit pants, and one of his many funky Fluevogs. 

Me, I did a repeat of an outfit I wore to work in August. I kept this dress and shoes out for this very event! 
It's the perfect wedding guest dress.

  • Dress - Eliza J, thrifted; first worn here in August with these same shoes
  • Shoes - Arnold Churgin, thrifted; last seen here on my birthday in October
  • Coat (below) - Auckie Sanft, vintage 60s, vintage fair; last worn here only a few days ago

We bused to the wedding, then walked home and fed Vizzini; then cabbed to the reception, and then walked home from there.
 I needed a comfy dress!
 This was just right, in all aspects.
 Not too overdressed. Not constricting or fussy. Jammy dress!

Wore my cashmere pashmina for extra warmth as needed.
I am generally freezing much of the time.

Outerwear - I kind of went overboard on pink!
Must. Wear. All. The. Pink.

Done up. This was actually really comfortable; neither too hot nor too cold.

  • Pashmina - Portolano, thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment

Of course, I did not walk anywhere in those shoes.
I carried them in my ginormous purse (which I stuffed under the table at the reception), and wore my pink soft runners, and carried an umbrella (not really needed, so I left it at home when we went to the reception).

The stuff:
 Such pretty Barbie shoes.

Glitzy bling:
I'd nearly forgotten about that gorgeous cuff! I wore the brooch on my coat.

  • Cuff - Swarovski, consignment, gift from L
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Brooch - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - vintage fair

Here are a few pictures from the day.
We celebrated Chris - who I know from board-gaming and from our football pools - and Karla, who I've met at some of our parties over the past year.

There's the happy couple.
 Aw! Wedding are so awesome.

Here's L, walking through a copse of trees, alongside a creek, on the way to the church.
"It's totally a shortcut!"
 It was...sort of.

I liked the very simple architectural lines of the church.
 There's the organ up top at the back.
 And our groom in the bow-tie below, looking a little nervous.

We walked home afterwards through our 'hood.
 I love this time of year - all those glorious colours!

Here are the happy couple at the reception. I did a Princess Bride reference: "Say "man and wife"!"
"Man and wife!"

Such a happy couple! Weddings always make me feel so grateful for my own awesome partner.

I loved that they had homemade colouring books/puzzle books, including fill-in-the-blanks on wedding advice. What a smart and handy activity for those of us who are introverts in the midst of crowds of people we didn't know!
 My emo version of them. Hee hee.

I also happily decorated a cake.
 I haven't used wax crayons in years!

I liked my bouquet.
 We left our books behind for them to enjoy.

I hope you both live happily ever after!
Things wrapped up and L and I bundled up and walked home in the clear and crisp autumn night.

The Fernwood Inn, another of our favourite spots.
 And here's the Belfry Theatre.
The evening show had just let out.

We got home to an enthusiastic reaction.
"Where in the name of all kitty treats have you been??"

He helpfully pointed out the treat cupboard.
"It's right there! Move it! Treat time!"
He did get his treats, and we both crashed on the couch, exhausted.

And the rest of the weekend has been spent relaxing, including me finishing up another Zentangle, for my colleague Anisha.
I used a gold pen on all the dots - very labour-intensive, but done with care.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Thank you for coming by!


  1. Great outfits; so much to like in them. Happy to see you have fun with your friends. Sounds like an excellent time. Enjoy the holiday time off.

  2. Love the red boots Sheila and I think you perfectly met the theme for the event and looks great for work! i struggle with knowing what to wear for events after work sometimes!

    I really like the gold dress you got and look forward to seeing you wear it! the wedding guest outfit is so pretty too with all the pink, congrats to your friends!

    1. Thanks, Mica! How funny that I didn't even realize I looked like a poppy until later. I like the challenge of having an event after work.

      I'm excited to wear that dress! Aw, thank you!

  3. We're leaving on a short break in about an hour, but I couldn't wait until we're back next weekend to read and comment on your post! I exclaimed in delight when seeing Friday's outfit. It is gorgeous and those boots are indeed crazy. Good crazy, obviously. But oh my, shedding bits of angora all day must have been a bit of hassle. Light up earrings with flashing colours? But of course! Oh wow, I love the lurex dress and all the amazing jewellery you scored at the vintage fair! You guys look fabulous all dressed up for Kris and Karla's wedding. How fun is that colouring book? Your zentangle for your colleague is utterly amazing too. Love it! And finally, it's good to see that Vizzini knows where the treats are hidden. What a helpful kitty! Phoebe knows it very well too. Wishing you a wonderful week xxx

    1. Enjoy your break, Ann! Heh, I knew you would get the "good crazy" of my boots. I did well at the vintage fair this time. Thank you - I love doing these "mental health" art things.

      Vizzini is wrong - we moved the treat cupboard on him.

  4. That blue cape is such a treat - Love the shape and color, and dammit - when is it going to get cool in Florida?! Your lurex dress is the bomb and I hope we get to see you style it. Your two men are looking fab too, xo


    1. Thank you, Patti! You will definitely get to see me style up the lurex dress.

  5. Ooooooooh...... You know I love that lurex dress! Wow, that elegancy! So fenimine. And I love copper bracelets. Your blue outfit is very,, The Avengers,,. Love it! Much luck to the newly weds!

    1. It's pretty cool, eh, Nancy? Thank you! Ha, yes, I get that Emma Peele vibe too! Thank you!

  6. Oh man, I LOVE your cape outfit!! Every time you wear those shoes I suddenly feel a strong need for colorful metallic oxfords...
    I'm in the midst of planning my wedding and I love the idea of having activities at the table for people that need a break from mingling- I know I'd definitely benefit from that if I was a guest. I'll have to add it to the list!
    I enjoy that you've been sharing your zentangles. I like hearing about other people's art, especially the art they make strictly for pure enjoyment/mental health boosts. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Ashley! I would buy more metallic shoes like this (I used to have gold ones).

      I cannot recommend this type of activity book enough! It totally saved me from being overcome with anxiety.

      Aw, thank you - I like doing them, and I like sharing them, even if they are not great art. :)

  7. I loved your Angora dress and those extraordinary boots! My favourite thought is the blue outfit. Love it all; the beautiful skirt and the fab cape and hat. I, too, like skirts and tights in the winter. The light-up earrings were hilarious; you looked like you'd swallowed a lightbulb!!

    The wedding outfit was beautiful and very suitable, as you said, for a wedding. What a wonderful idea to have the colouring books for the guests. A keepsake, too!

    Your Zentangle was beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much, Vronni! The blue outfit is a fun one - I like getting the chance to wear my cape. I am looking forward to being really distracting with the earrings, heh heh.

      Thank you! I LOVED the activity books!

  8. Where do I start?
    Those red boots are a dream and the new to you dress fits a treat.
    Loving the Welsh Wool cape outfit - I've sent a link to my friend Tina who collects Welsh Wool - she's turned her spare bedroom into an archive!
    That Ian Peters dress is a dream, I love it! I've sold a few of his things - he specialised in knits in the 1970s, no stand alone shop, just designed lines for (mostly British) boutiques. I wish I'd seen it first!
    You and L did your friends proud, you both look super cool in your wedding attire. The happy couple look brilliant, such a unique and quirky occasion.
    Look at Vizzini trying to get to his treats, bless him! xxx

    1. Aw, thank you for the lovely big comment, Vix!

      Yes, Ian Peters looks to have been into Missoni knock-offs for a bit. It is lovely, and I'm so glad I spotted it.

      It was a really fun wedding. Good people.

      He's so funny - and that's the wrong cupboard, as we moved his treats several months ago.

  9. love the red knit and red boots pairing, very stylish...The styling with the pink coat is beautiful as well.

  10. That lurex dress is amazing, and I just know you're going to style it to look even better.

    I love both your blue outfit and your wedding one - the blue one has a hint of late 60s superspy about it, while the wedding one is just so *complete*. Perfection!

    1. I'm excited to style it up, Mim! Thanks!

      Thank you so much - yes, Emma Peele! Aw, thank you.

  11. The red boots! Oh wow, they stole the scene as far as I'm concerned. And then that lurex dress came along - woweee! There's no-one has a wardrobe as diverse as yours Sheila, hats off to you. Your wedding outfit was indeed spot on. Well done, you wonderful vision in pink/pank xxx

    1. I know, aren't they amazing, Anna? I love the mix of things in my wardrobe! It makes it so fun. Thank you, my dear!

  12. Totally in love with your red boots and the outfit you created around them, so cute in red!, loving your coat too!
    And I'm also in love with your cape and the fab color combo in blue shades!
    Obviously, your wedding outfits totally rock and you're fabulous in them!, so elegant and cool! (love particularly that you shared a pic of you in your pink runners too, to keep it Real!, actually love this detail!!)

    1. Thanks so much - the boots are so amazing! I always feel very chic in my cape and enjoy going monochrome with it. Thank you - it was such a fun wedding, but yeah, we did a lot of walking that day, so I had to include my "real" outfit!

      Thank you, Monica!

  13. The red boots are perfect for the Santa Baby vintage fair! The light up earrings are cute and fun.
    I gasped at the lurex dress too- what a treasure. It deserves to be worn for a Christmas time, or any time of the year, really.
    I like the tartan on the invitation- how unique. X

    1. Thank you! I have to find a way to wear the earrings!

      I know, I am so excited about that dress! I'll be wearing it at least once this season!

  14. You two are such a stylin' couple - excellent wedding guest outfits! The vintage knit dress is a fantastic score. It's is getting difficult to find good vintage pieces like that outside of expensive vintage shows.

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Shelley! I know, it's rare to see a really good piece like that here, that isn't in terrible condition.

  15. I don't know where to begin! I love that huge flower brooch on the red blouse.
    And you certainly scored at the vintage fair, the lurex dress is a treasure I am looking forward to seeing you wear it.
    The floral dress and neon pink flats are fabulous.
    Cheers from Mexico.

    1. Isn't that the coolest brooch? I'm so glad Mom gave it to me. I am excited about that lurex dress! Must wear it soon! Oh, I wish those were flats, but they are still a 2" heel - not quite there!

      Happy to hear you are in Mexico - I hope this is a break for you, Lorena!


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