Sunday, May 6, 2018

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Star Wars Friday, Saturday Not So Wee Tea, Sunday Spanish Ladies

Hello, my friends! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend - my weekend has been lovely, thank you for asking. 

Let's kick off our little party here with Friday's outfit. I went slightly more casual than usual, but since it was Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be With You!), I had my themed item on. 
 I have two pairs of Star Wars shoes, both of which would have worked with this outfit, but I went with my sentimental favourite.

  • Sweater - Judith & Charles, consignment; purchased here for $10.50
  • Jeans - Jean's by Jean Paul Gaultier, vintage 90s, thrifted; first worn here (3rd outfit) for a weekend gathering in late March
  • Shoes - "I Know", Irregular Choice, gift from mother-in-law; last seen here in December 2017 with space pants
  • Leather jacket (below) - Danier Leather; last worn here in February

It was gloomy in the morning, so I had to blow out the colour in the pictures so that you could see a bit of detail in the outfit.
 My second wearing in these fabulous Gaultier jeans! I love the contrast orange stitching (barely visible here, sorry), and popped the copper snaps open to show the bright orange lining off to all my work colleagues.
 First wearing of this new-to-me wool blend sweater, bought at a bargain $10.50 last weekend. I liked the cropped length with these high-waisted pants - it didn't hide the detailing on them.

Outerwear - I was roasty hot by the time I got home!
 Bright yellow in spring is a must, though - I never tire of this lovely bright yellow leather. I've had this coat since 2010.

The stuff:
 The shoes were the Star (Wars!) of the outfit. Because they are so detailed, and the rest of the outfit isn't, I went with this skinny purple velvet fringed scarf to bring interest to the top half of my look.

Simple bling:
 Sparkly earrings and my "Death Star" ring - thematically appropriate!

  • Scarf - thrifted (this is the first wear, purchased it for $2.95)
  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's
  • Ring - Soul Flower

L and I hung out on Friday night, but I was up early - no Ultimate Frisbee for me this week! I had a very important event to attend.
 And I'm all gussied up for it!

This is my entry for "Visible Monday" over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Dead? No? Then get over there!

  • Dress - Kimchi Blue; purchased here for $29.99
  • Shoes - Eject; last seen here in August 2017 with my olive jumpsuit
  • Jacket (below) - Comrags, thrifted; last worn here in June 2017 with my yellow princess dress

Four of my besties have birthdays in April/May so instead of celebrating them at our next Winesday, we decided to go for a very Victoria "ye olde" tradition: tea!

I jumped at this opportunity to wear two new-to-me items: this fascinator and this fabulous dress.
 The dress was fabulously comfy; both the black short stretchy lining and the sheer floral mesh fabric of the dress itself were very forgiving, as I pigged out and ate a lot of little sandwiches and treats!

I love the single ruffled shoulder; the other has an adjustable strap. I'm wearing my A+ quality strapless bra with this - no tugging, no adjustments needed.
 Showing off the two front slits in the dress - I walked to the White Heather Tea Room on Oak Bay Avenue (about a 25-minute walk) - this dress billowed and swooshed around me. I was a show-stopper!

The single sleeve is a sheer ruffle, and both hips are accentuated with sheer ruffles. I would not ordinarily like my hips accented thusly, but instead of adding visual weight they made my waist look small - win!
 I really felt great in this outfit all day. After tea, we met up with our husbands at a pub down the avenue. We were the best-dressed people in the place!
 L and I walked home afterwards - my shoes were perfect for all that walking.

Outerwear - mostly for keeping my tattoos out of the sun (although I had sunblocked as well).
Just a simple black jacket, lah-di-dah! The gloves were liberated from Mom's collection in 1984 when I was in high school - she wouldn't let me cut the fingers off a la Madonna. I keep them in with my costume things - this just seemed like the right outfit to wear them again. 

The stuff: 
 These shoes are nearly a flat - the heel is only 1.5" due to the platform and illusion heel. They only look really tall! See my handy info-graphic here, if you don't believe me.

They gave me the height I needed so that the dress didn't drag on the ground, and also gave a more modern edge to the outfit. Shiny metallic chartreuse shoes - hurray!

Tea-time bling:
 I bought the fascinator here in December 2016 - I neglected to note how much I paid, but it wasn't over $20.

  • Fascinator - Lazy Susan's, first wearing
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Lace gloves - vintage 60s, Mom's, liberated by me in the 80s

My two buttons say "It's not my birthday" and "The Bossy One." I bought sets of them to share at tea.

If you're wondering how I kept the fascinator on my head (it has just a single alligator clip), this is how I did it. My hair is very fine and slippery, so I wore a grey rubberized fabric headband (this one is by Goody). I arranged my hair to hide it - the rubber kept it from sliding off - and clipped the fascinator onto it. It worked really well!
The little tortoiseshell clip is also by Goody - if you look at my back-facing pic, you can see my hair is mostly swept to the side. I actually rolled it up and clipped it under my ear - this gave my hair volume on the side too. Easy!

Some pics from our Tea Adventure! 
 Me and Vero, wearing our fascinators. She looked radiant in this vintage-inspired green dress with aqua accessories.

Carolyn and Karen, both birthday gals! Caro's wearing my old Ted Baker sundress (last seen here, 4th outfit) for Vero's birthday in September 2017). It looked amazing on her!
 Karen wore a wonderful black and white ensemble, accented with pale pink. She's so stylin'!

Allison and Cat - Ali just had her birthday!
 Fabulous and classy!

Yvonne and Caro:
 Aw, my beautiful friends! Yvonne wore a black classic dress, with my old Holt Renfrew yellow jacket over it (this one, last seen in September 2016). I love seeing my friends in my clothes! It makes me so happy to see them (the clothes) go to good homes.

Cat and I - she had a gorgeous dark floral swing top on - so much floral and colour in our crew!
 The White Heather Tea Room uses old china cups and sauces for serving the tea - every one was different.

This is what a Not So Wee Tea looks like. Alison and I split this (it's two orders of Not So Wee).
 From the bottom: two different kinds of scones (you can see the clotted cream, lemon curd and jam to the right on the table), a savoury tartlet, and fruit; then one level up: chicken/apple salad mini sandwiches in a cheddar scone, and ham and egg pinwheel sandwiches, and a cream cheese and cucumber sandwich. No crusts on these! The top layer had pound cake, shortbread, a sweet tartlet and a date bar. We were so full!

Our lovely server took a picture for us!
 Aw, looking beautiful, ladies!

Cat showed off her and Ross' new Mini.
 Oh yeah, baby! What a sweet ride!

Karen had to clamber in the back to see if you could sleep in it in a pinch. We Winesday women are klassy that way.
Caro supervised. Always game for an adventure!

Today, I walked to town with L and got groceries, then I met up with my lovely coworker Simona for lunch at Zambri's and a wee shop afterwards.
 Today is sunny and hot, so the perfect opportunity to pull out my Spanish ladies dress! This is a long-time blog favourite - I've had it since 2010.

  • Dress - Lirub, made in England, Camden Market, London; last seen here in August 2017 with bits of yellow
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here (5th or 6th outfit) in September 2017 when we got home from our last biggish vacation (San Francisco, Portland, Vancouver)
  • Jacket (below) - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here in September 2017 over one of my denim dresses

As we were walking to town, a woman complimented me on my "beautiful skirt!"
 I had my jacket on, but of course, it's a dress.

And you might be surprised to know that I didn't buy anything all weekend! We stopped in at two consignment stores on Saturday (both before and after our tea), and Simona and I went to WIN and Value Village.
 Nothing rang my bell yesterday; today, it was all about focusing on Simona and finding her what she wanted (we found her two cardigans and two jackets - done!).

All ready for the great outdoors.
 My chartreuse yellow jacket is a nice light topper for coverage from the sun.

  • Hat - thrifted

You'll be sick of this hat by the end of summer. I wear it a lot to keep my hair colour from fading.

The stuff:
I wear these shoes frequently too - they are incredibly comfortable.

  • Cuff - Rimanchik
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver
Another busy week coming up! I better get my outfit-planning started!


  1. Fabulous in that one shoulder number plus fascinator ! Love the green platform shoes, looks like a fabulous time with friends . How nice when women compliment you on your outfit, I do also love that dress ! Yes to comfy shoes!
    I hope you are ready for another busy week!

    1. Thank you, Elle! It was such a fun time. Here's to another week!

  2. What a great weekend for a spectacular wardrobe! You have such incredible style ALL the TIME!

  3. Hey, I recognize these gals! Your friends are lovely people.

    1. We talked about you! I know, I am so lucky - they are the best!

  4. I missed the big planned May 4th be with you celebration at work, I am kinda looking forward to getting back into the office and seeing the photos and hearing all about it. I'm not a fan of Star Wars, but some people go all out! :) I liked your dress filled weekend as you have so many nice ones!

    1. It sounds like a fun time at work, even if you're not huge into Star Wars. Thank you!

  5. Oh you classy dames! Love all the hats and vintage and gorgeous smiles all around. Your Gaultier jeans are the absolute best, and hello Spanish Ladies! thanks for linking up, xox


  6. Isn't it so much fun going somewhere you can purposely dress way up?! I'm getting ready for The Tennessee Renaissance Faire this weekend. I've pulled out my boho stuff and will be dressing as a gypsy. I cannot wait! Also, your outfits looked great as always! I hope to go somewhere and have tea one day.

    1. It really is! I was really surprised that not everyone in the tea shop was dressed up! Your Faire sounds so fun! Enjoy!

  7. I love going somewhere you can dress up, but then again, I even dress up when going to a flea market ;-) Your flouncy dress and fascinator (I've never worn one of those!) are magnificent, and I do like the look of those shoes. Very clever they are, too. Oh, and how lovely to see the much admired Spanish ladies dress again! Did a double take when I read you didn't buy anything, though ... xxx

    1. Me too! Any opportunity, though, right? I dress up for anything! Nope, I was good - nothing this week.

  8. Oh that Gaultier trousers look so good. I like the pictures with the fascinator. I have one that i have never worn...

    1. Thank you, Lorena! I love them. Wear your fascinator - you go to so many weddings, surely you can find somewhere to wear it.

  9. woww, so many klassy ladies!, mwhaha, your friends are gorgeous and look fab!. I'm a huge fan of dressing up for parties, so totally in love with your teatime outfit!, you look so delightfully elegant, Victorian style with a touch of genuine personality!, your shoes are perfect!
    Your spanish ladies dress is stunning!, I love to see you rocking in it!

    1. They are wonderful - I'm so happy they go along with my crazy plans. Thank you! I know you remember the Spanish ladies dress!

  10. Brilliant all inclusive post today Sheila and how lovely to see all of your friends. My heart was won over with the cropped top and high waisted jeans - just the perfect combo! I love, love, love the jeans and beg that my name goes into the hat for these once you're done.

    Anna x

    1. Ha, yes, you can have the jeans when I'm done with them, if that ever happens, Anna!


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