Thursday, September 26, 2019

Soft Pink Ruffles, and Walk Along the Waterfront

Ah, here we are at the weekend! It's been a quiet week for me - which I totally don't mind! 
I'm just puttering along, getting in my last few spring/summer outfits, wearing a last few of my favourite things.

  • Jacket - Brooks Brothers, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in June, wearing my Corey Hart concert tee to work
  • Sweater - Alice + Olivia, consignment; last seen here in May with triple patterned black and cream
  • Skirt - Sandra Angelozzi, thrifted; last worn here in July with black and pearls
  • Boots - Effortless Sophia, Fluevog; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July with velvet

This jacket is such a great subtle colour - I know, me and subtle are not often associated! It usually gets packed away due to the fact that it's not fully-lined. Not warm enough for fall!
 I really liked the structured jacket with the floof-tastic ruffled skirt. I'm all about contrasts.

The jacket matches the back of the boots so well.
I do love a surprising boot, don't you?

I washed this skirt after last time I wore it because I sweated in it.
The silk organza ruffles were so wrinkled! It took forever last night to steam them all, and they were still pretty creased today. Oh, well, it's going to get creased some more when I store it till next spring.

The stuff: 
 Lovely 3-toned boots: mauve, matte violet and patent violet leather. Also getting packed away.

Pink bling:
I do the seasonal swap-over with my accessories too. My pink crystal set and (maybe) my articulated salamander brooch will be boxed up with my other summery items.

  • Crystal necklace/earrings - Sherman, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Salamander brooch - vintage fair
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence
  • Crystal/silver ring - Soul Flower

I usually don't take a picture in my walking shoes, but I've just switched over to my rainy weather boots, and they looked good with the whole outfit.
I know, totally cute, right? They are white leather with tiny pink roses on them, and of course, they are Doc Martens (consignment). I've worn them a million times - they never leak in the rain, and they are the best snow shoes ever. I change into them at the end of the day at work, when I'm climbing up and down stepladders, refilling our office's coffee machines, which delights my coworkers.

So! I have a little something extra for you today! It's Thursday, formerly my WW meeting, but now my Mental Health Walk night (while it's still light out). Tonight was so beautiful, I took my camera along and took some pictures of things I saw along the way. I walked for about an hour and a quarter, as the sun slowly got lower in the sky.

My neighbourhood is filled with Victorian houses, many of which have been converted to house businesses.
 A couple of legal firms operate out of these ones on Fort Street, I believe.

I'm always on the lookout for wildlife.
Squirrel! He's up in a Gary oak, a giant twisty oak species that's native to this area. You might remember when one of the ones in our front yard crashed down four years ago (here).

This old house still has its porte cochere on the side, where you would drive your horse and carriage through and disembark to visit.

I have always loved this house's front yard/garden.
No lawn to mow!

I'm always on kitty lookout - this one was peeking out at me from the second storey window of his house.
"I'm on Squirrel Alert!"

His brother was in the downstairs front window, also on high alert.
"Move along, ma'am, nothing to see here."

I love their cute markings.

I saw a lot of spider webs.
 This one caught her dinner. Good work, Ms. Spider!

After a long hilly stretch, my route brings me out at Dallas Road. This is the tip of Vancouver Island (where am I?).
I was shocked at how busy it was! Cyclists, dogs, strollers, walkers, runners! Last week, it was so dead, but the weather was way worse.

This is looking west - those hills in the far distance are still on the tip of the Island.
You can walk down on the beach level; I have been down there with Ally (here), and we wrote our names in the sand (here). My coworker Ann and I also did that (here). It's a thing to do with visitors, what can I say!

Looking south, those mountains are Washington State.
Big tankers and cargo ships cruising around in the Juan de Fuca Strait (the Pacific Ocean). Cruise ship season is nearly over - they're often there too.

Looking back north as I head east along Dallas Road, I spotted Government House, the Lieutenant Governor's mansion. The gardens there are open to the public (groovy map here). I think the last time I was there was for bridesmaid's photos c. 1994.
The trees form a nice arch. The colours are just starting to turn for fall.

Walking along the water, towards Clover Point, site of many a teenage shenanigan I will never reveal!
They're doing some construction on the point, but the cars can still get through. I see an orange parasail there too - it's also a popular spot for kite-flying as it's always windy.

Looking back west.
I am lucky to live here.

Along with masses of Victoria-era houses and Arts & Crafts-era homes, there are modern ones scattered around. This one is on the Art Gallery's "House Tour".
I like the red greyhounds. Very quiet, don't eat much.

On the other side of Clover Point, looking down.
 That lower part is usually open to pedestrians, but not today.

Turning back to the east, that red arrow is where I'm headed.
 Ready? Here we go!

I walked down to the water level - there's a nice walkway all along this area, built to deflect the logs from going on the road when the weather's stormy.
 There's my shadow, waving at you. Hello!

Someone's carved a seat out of this cedar log.
 They even put cushions in it. How lovely.

So much driftwood, seaweed and kelp.
 There is not much sand on these beaches.

I've been wanting to capture this sculpture since I started doing my walk again. It's perched on top of a gigantic driftwood stump, see it?
 This landscape changes constantly - the logs drift in and out with the tide.

I don't know how long this bird has been here.
 It looks like a Canada goose to me.

The artist has made it look wonderful from every angle.
 I'm moved by these little details that people place in the world.

Not two seconds before I took this below picture, I saw an otter dash into the water.
A few weeks ago, I watched two frolic, long tails lashing as they dove and played.

The end of Ross Bay.
 The tide is low enough for a bunch of people to go out on the rocks.

Looking back west - I always like to look back.
Awed by the beauty.

I've been walking this same 5-mile route for over 30 years - it's special to me. While construction happens, and things change, some things don't.
 I've admired these blue dishes in this enclosed porch for at least two decades.

And these two cats have been in this window for at least 10 years.
"Shhh...she thinks we're real."

I love looking up at the canopy of trees above me.
 So many huge trees. Many of them are over 200 years old.

Remnants of an old mansion?
There are still quite a few standing in my 'hood.

Looking up the trunk of a 70+-foot tall cedar tree.
I'm just gobsmacked.

Nearly home, and the quality of light has definitely changed.
Mellowing, yellowing.

"Oh, were you out?"

I am off now, and will be back on Sunday, with tales of adventure (many are planned) and with my seasonal closet swap-over pictures. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Thank you so much - as always - for stopping by.


  1. I lvoe the jacket and skirt together - it's such a nice colour combo! :)

    And your walk looks lovely - being by the water is always more relaxing! Our creek has dried up (drought!) so I'm trying to go to our local lake a little more, that's still there although smaller. It's not always easy to do the beach with the boys as they just want to play in the water, ha!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I was really happy with it too.

      It's so beautiful along the water. That sucks about the drought! Small boys + water sounds like a recipe for a mess!

  2. What beautiful photos. Happy to see you tuned in to your environment. This outfit makes me swoon: it's so pretty.

    1. Thanks, hon, my walks have been a great source of peace and mindfulness. Much appreciated - it's pretty girly!

  3. How lovely to see a bit more about the area where you live. It looks beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks, Nancy, it's really a gorgeous place. Happy weekend to you too!

  4. BTW, we are finally playing a board game tomorrow evening! Settlers of Catan! Yeah!! Love it!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us! I loved your walk pictures. What a beautiful area. I really hope to come visit one day.

    1. Thanks so much, Charlotte - it really is gorgeous here. Come visit!

  6. Hi Shiela, I love your soft pink outfit, especially the boots.
    It’s great that you have a Mental Health Walk night, I should do that too. Plus, look at all the beautiful houses, trees and ocean views you saw on your way. X

    1. Thanks, Jess! I love having pieces that match.

      I love my walks - I'm really glad I'm getting back to doing them.

  7. Vicariously enjoyed your walk. Just returned from the Maritimes yesterday and hubs & I enjoyed similar walks along similar waterfronts. Thursday night a bald eagle flew overhead on our last walk-a good omen I think. Provinces are recovering from Hurricane Dorian, thankfully. Had a wonderful time-you Canadians are so nice. I know it's a cliche, but it was true everywhere for us! Carol in VT

    1. Hi, Carol, thanks so much for your lovely comment. I love the Maritimes too - and yes, Canadians are friendly all over.

  8. Wat a lovely outfit to end the Summer seasons with. I'm hearing you on the wrinkly ruffles, though. I often postponing washing something as I know there'll be a lot of ironing to do. If it happens as the end of the season, the item often resides in the ironing pile for monts! I loved joining you on your evening walk. What a beautiful area you are living in. I'm drooling over all the Victorian and Arts & Crafts houses. As for that beautiful bay, there's nothing like that around here at all, and I'm just a tiny bit (no: a lot, actually) envious. Wishing you lots of fun (and courage) for your closet swap-over, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! Steaming is much easier and faster than ironing - I probably wouldn't buy as much wrinkly stuff if I had to iron it all! It really is only a fraction of the time of ironing.

      Isn't it lovely? I am so lucky to live in such a beautiful place - I knew you would love seeing the pictures.

  9. I loved joining you on your walk - I think you're distracted by the same things as me, lovely old houses, kittens in windows and sea! The Mayfield gatepost looks exactly like those you find in my neighbourhood, we've even got a house of the same name in the next street. You live in a gorgeous part of the world, you really do.
    The riding boots, not-too-subtle jacket and ruffly skirt are a lovely combo. I hear you on ironing the damned things. I really need to invest in a steamer! xxx

    1. Yup, those are the things I love checking out! I'm not surprised that you have a Mayfield there - Victoria is full of ex-pats from England. I know, it's a really lovely place.

      Aw, thank you, Vix! Steamers are the way to go - you'll never go back to ironing!

  10. I love how you blazer jacket matches your boots perfectly. The skirt is simply divine. You look pretty in pink. The photography is lovely as well, it is always good to go for a long walk.

  11. I love tiered pink ruffles!!! I also love your "Oh, were you out" and cat-in-the-window photos, your Victorian house photos, and the picturesque waterfront photos. That driftwood is amazing!

    1. Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed all the pictures, PB! Thank you!

  12. Fab outfit Sheila. The ruffle skirt is great with that fitted jacket, and man, how I adore those boots. Bye bye to them for the next 6 months. Your shoe and boot collection must be worth a fortune. Do you take out extra insurance for your clothes and shoes? I only ask because when we had that fire in our kitchen I was asked that question too.

    1. Thank you, dear Anna! Yup, bye to the boots. No, my clothes are part of the house insurance, nothing extra on that.

  13. I forgot to say thanks for sharing your walk with us too. I'm amazed that no-one salvages all of those logs. My tree surgeon hubby would love to get his hands on those to recycle them.

    1. You are so welcome! There are more logs than can be salvaged, really! People do take the wood for arts and crafts, and for firewood.

  14. what a beautiful post!. Firstly, a lovely outfit to enjoy, with all this delightful matchiness and fab boots (both of them are fab!).
    And thanks for sharing all these details that caught your eye when walking!, it's a wonderful place!

  15. Thanks for taking us on your walk with you. Another faboo outfit, great mix of shapes and textures. And those "Surprise" boots - frickin' gorgeous.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! Thank you - I love those boots! So fun!


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