Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And Now For Something Completely Unexpected...What I Wore to Judas Priest

Jean jacket (Ann Taylor Loft, NYC), grey t-shirt (Plum), black skinny jeans (Jacob), Vans (some surfer shop in Vancouver), grommet black leather belt (gift from Ruth - rock on!), leather/stud cuff (Claire's), silver hoop earrings.
I've been a fan of metal for years. Back in the day, I was a thrash metal chick (my boyfriend was in a thrash metal band - I once hung out with the guys from Alice in Chains). I've been a fan of the classic 80s metal for...well, since the 80s. So when Judas Priest announced a date here, L and I were all over that. We're meeting up with Cat and Ross shortly.

I know my thrash moves, but believe me, I will be staying far away from the mosh pit. I'm too old for that stuff. I'll be on the floor, with my earplugs in, grooving away. Wooo!


  1. Fun and funky. It takes me back to school discos and dancing(!) to Marillrion.

  2. Thanks, Jane! I remember Marillion (I think I had one of their tapes...doesn't that date me?).

  3. A gift from Ruth cause she grew out of it :(

    The top of your head looks lovely and soft. Good hair.


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