Sunday, June 1, 2008

With Men, Dinner in the Big City and Cat Pictures!

L and I went to Vancouver to see Rush on Thursday night - we met up with 4 of our guy friends (Spence, Kelly, Nick and Chris). Man, what a great concert - I highly recommend Rush, even if you are not a huge fan (I know their hits, and that's about it).

Anyway, it was weird being in the very, very small minority of women at the concert. No lines in the bathrooms (hell, they were deserted!), strange basement type prog nerds everywhere. It just felt odd.


While in Vancouver, I indulged in shoes. The sample sale at Fluevog was very disappointing: it was only ladies' sample sizes 6 and 7, and I am a rather large size 9. I did buy lots of shoes, just not there. I had planned on this occurence, so had packed a basic LBD to go with whatever shoes I happened to find. These are the ones I wore out to dinner at Cioppino's.

Black dress (Max Studio, Winners), turquoise double t-strap shoes (Jeffrey Campbell, Spank), silver earrings (Guess).
Aieee...I forgot that L took very blurry pictures...and that light is horrible. I look like undead. A close-up of the shoes:
I love the shape, colour (the inside is pink suede) and style. Maybe not quite with this dress, but it looked good in person.

Cat pictures:
Othello on the post out on the deck.
Inigo wants a tummy rub! So cute!

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