Saturday, October 7, 2017

Bigass Early Weekend Wrap-Up: Goth Ballerina, Birthday Bash, Presents, and Ulti Picador

Only one day into our long Thanksgiving weekend, and already so much to share! I'm doing my Bigass post today, because Sunday/Monday I'll be doing my closet swap-over and whew, my friends, that is a Job. 

And without further ado (and because I need a nap), here's yesterday's/Friday's work outfit.
 I had a vision of this outfit from the time I got the two top pieces, and here it is.

  • Vest - no label, thrifted; purchased here for $16.77 ($27.95 less 40% discount promotion)
  • Sweater - Jean Paul Gaultier, consignment; purchased here for $38.00
  • Skirt - Li's, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in August with burgundy and floral
  • Booties - H London; purchased here for $182.00

 I freakin' LOVE this sweater - it is ultra-fine 100% merino wool, and check out the awesome print. There's a ribcage, a face, a bird, part of a snake and a spider on it. A very appropriate sweater for October!
 I like the contrast of soft with hard, hence my personal style category of "soft goth".

I wore this crushed silk velvet long vest open like this all day.
 I steamed out most of the "crush" from the crushed velvet, but not too much. I think it was literally crushed in a bag or something before it was sold.

I only wore it zipped up when I was in travel mode.
 The mornings are darker now, and my little camera struggles to focus in the light.

The stuff:
 Loved wearing these booties all day. Most booties make my feet look like hooves (I have big feet!), but the way these are open down the sides, it gives me a long leg line and they just work better. Hurray! They were pretty comfy for that heel height, but I didn't do a lot of walking in them.

Bronze bling:
 A few fun pieces to go with the gold studs on the booties.

  • Slashed cuff - Midzo, vintage expo
  • Bronze cuff - vintage late 60s, Mom's
  • Feather ring - Fossil
  • Amber ring - c. 1998
  • Earrings - 5th anniversary gift from L

I met L for lunch - I took the afternoon off work - then came home and had a nap. Then, time to get ready for my big birthday bash! I wore The Dress!
 Yes, to sleeves and peplum!

  • Dress - Chloe Prusa original; saga here
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here last week with a million dollar outfit

Yes to feeling fabulous at nearly fifty! 

L is picking his shoes - Vizzini is helping
 The dress debuted to rave reviews from my friends, family and coworkers.
"Is there a kitty treat in your hand?"
 And I felt  awesome in it!
Yeah, I did that a lot! Waggling my peplum and my sleeves at anyone who wanted a gander. 

The stuff: 
 I went with simple copper shoes and earrings to match. It poured rain last night, and I walked several blocks in these. I had to go for comfort over a fancier shoe.

Simple bling:
I'm so glad I bought these earrings last weekend - since I had my hair up, they worked perfectly. 

  • Earrings - Vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

L looked very spiffy in his suit (purchased in Florence, Italy) and two-tone purple shirt (purchased in London, England). 
"The Man has no treats either."
 Vizzini is not the only one who can't stand still.
 L is wearing a hematite bolo tie that belonged to his stepdad, and a pair of silver-heeled Fluevogs.

Here we are, time to head off to the party!
 No question: we belong together.

I wore contacts (completely messing with my coworkers, who are used to me in glasses 100% of the time), and kept my make-up simple.
 I let my hair be wispy, especially since it was raining.

I hosted my own party - I wanted a big bash, so I did it myself. We had wine, beer and a spread of delicious goodies, set up cocktail party style. Over 60 people came!
 My and my dear brother Dave. I haven't seen him in a suit in decades! You clean up good, little bro!

Woo, flash!
My bestie Janet - we met when she was 12 and I was 13, in junior high Humanities. Jan, you get more beautiful every year. 

My soiree at the restaurant (the Hawk & Hen) went until 7-ish, then about a dozen of us went to Clive's Lounge for more drinks. Our friends Anthony and Laura had come over from Vancouver, so L and I had them over later in the evening for a drink. It was a wonderful night.

I was awed and humbled by the unexpected outpouring of gifts from everyone! Aw, opening these today brought tears of gratitude and thankfulness. 
 So many lovely things:

  • "Grace: 30 Years of Fashion at Vogue" and gourmet chocolates
  • A bottle of champagne
  • Two bottles of scotch, plus a mini bottle and gift certificate to a boutique liquor store
  • Three MORE Fluevog gift cards - I am going to have some fun there!
  • Movie passes to the IMAX
  • A book on words (plus a scratch & win - didn't win)
  • Two packs of funny pens
  • A gift card to Veneto restaurant
  • Two necklaces
  • Tights and two pairs of Fluevog socks
  • A business card case
  • A MAC make-up gift card

I am thankful to the wonderful people in my life. So many cards...
 More tears from reading the heartfelt sentiments. I am full of love.

Today, we were up bright and early for..Ulti! We are still getting enough confirmations to play!
 It was chilly and windy today, so I broke out my boots.

  • Sweater - Tatyana, thrifted; last worn here (10th? outfit, way down!) on my recent mini-vacation in September
  • Skirt - vintage 50s, thrifted; last seen here in July for another trip to play Ulti
  • Boots - Lucky Brand, swap from Cat; last seen here (3rd outfit) in March with a fab Desigual dress
  • Coat (below) - Danier Leather; last worn here in April

 It was a hugely windy day, which made frisbee-throwing tricky! We played two solid hours, then 5 of us went for lunch
 Showing off my gory scene of the picador on his horse, goring a bull. How quaint.
 It's a true circle skirt, handpainted on heavy cotton.

In my sunglasses and leather coat.
 The wind caused the disc to donk me right in the eyes - good thing I had my sunglasses on!

The stuff:
 Lovely boots from Cat! She has slightly smaller feet than me, so we often trade of shoes/boots that aren't quite right.

  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's

And now, nap time!
"I think you mean "tummy-rub time", Woman."
We're off to our friend Greg's birthday party tonight (woo, another outfit), then I'll be back on Monday with my closet post. Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends!


  1. Happiest birthday precious Sheila! You looked an absolute knock-out in your birthday dress. You deserve all those wonderful friends and lovely's that what-goes-around-comes-around thing. With love, Leanne of Barwon Heads, Australia

    1. Thank you so much, Leanne! It was very moving, to see so many people there and their generosity really awed me.

  2. Wow! What a fabulous post! I love the Jean Paul Gaultier sweater paired with that skirt. I love the velvet vest too! I love the picador skirt and your leather coat too! The most awesome though is The Dress! It is so beautiful and you look amazing in it! You really scored with your birthday pressies! You're very lucky to have so many people that love you. Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Sheila! XXX

    1. Thank you, Sasha! I love the sweater and all the textures. Aren't clothes fun? Thanks! I know, and I'm very grateful for so many awesome people in my life.

  3. A very happy birthday to you Sheila! I love your special dress, and it's so nice with the gold heels. Looks like a very fun party :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  4. Happy birthday you fashion BADASS!! Love your posts so much!! What a treat that you share it all with us - thank you so much. You are a constant source of inbox JOY no matter the occasion. Best wishes always and may your next trip around the sun be as bold as ever! xox

    1. Thank you so much, Julie! Aw, I really appreciate your kind wishes - thank you!

  5. Sending you the brightest of birthday wishes Sheila! Woo Hoo Fifty!

    Love seeing your couture dress. It's beautiful and the colour is gorgeous on you!

    1. Thank you, Sue! You would love the dress in person - all my sewist friends are amazed by it.

  6. Wishing you a very happy birthday lovely lady! I love the soft goth look and have to agree with you on that fabulous sweater - it's awesome. The party looked like a great gathering and don't you and L look wonderful all done up in your finery! Your dress is spectacular - I'm so pleased you wore it all for the first time, peplum, sleeves - it just looks sensational. You must have been on cloud nine. Truly fabulous at 50!

    Anna x

    1. Thank you, Anna, 'soft goth' is one of my favourite looks. The party was a blast, and the dress was a true schtar!

  7. The birthday dress is amazing! So happy to see you look happy.

  8. It looks like you had the most amazing birthday (Happy Belated, by the way) - a fabulous new dress to wear, a very dapper husband, and a pile of cool birthday gifts.

    I love the Gaultier sweater - that is a great find! Of course you wear a tulle skirt with a skeleton sweater, Duh? The matador skirt is still one of my fave finds of yours.

    1. It was a super-fun time! And you didn't miss it at all, Shelley! Thank you so much. I love this crazy sweater, and duh, tulle goes with everything, right?

  9. Hello
    Sheila! I have been trying for days to comment, just fixed the error! I think..
    Happy happy birthday 🎉
    I am so happy to see the final unveiling of this amazing creation!
    Every detail is a triumph, from the blue fabric, to the peplum that comes on and off, or the embroidery that is so exquisite. I am glad ❗️60 people were there to witness this magic and participate .
    L looks very dapper.
    Now - you can really rock tulle, how to style! Hurrah!
    So very very happy for you ,

    1. I see you, Elle! Glad you got it sorted out! Thank you so much, my dear!

  10. Happy birthday Sheila!

    The dress is stunning and so are you! L looks wonderful and what lovely presents you got. You certainly celebrated your 50th in style!

    Fabulous non birthday outfits too....

  11. Whoosh - all the good things. Happy Birthday, Sheila! You are gonna LOVE your 50s too. You are shining in your party photos and look smashing in The Dress. Yes, you and L were made for each other. Of course, the soft goth look is amazing and love the circle skirt. I can't keep up!

    1. Swoosh, whoosh, where does it go? Thank you - I hope so. I'm a little trepidatious, but faking is (as one does). Thank you, my dear!

  12. A well deserved celebration Sheila ! How fabulous that so many friends showed up.
    Did you get a new camera ?

    1. It was an awesome party. No, I did not get a camera. I probably should, though - this one is nearly 10 years old!


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