Monday, October 30, 2017

Evil Orange and Cranky

I have been feeling unreasonably cranky all day. Dumb things happened, people were stoopid, you know, the usual. But I feel like a seething ball of rage! 
 It must have been all this orange!

  • Sweater - Tatyana, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) with the picador skirt
  • Dress - Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted; first worn here in September over a white shirt
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen here (5th outfit) early this month with culottes
  • Coat (below) - Danier, thrifted; last worn here last week

 I am DONE with this dress. Not because it's orange - I love the orange! - but because I was hoiking it up constantly, as it kept trying to slip down. I complained about this last time I wore it, so tried a thicker top, but nope, it still is trying to fall down.

And I will not put up with a renegade piece of clothing like that. Gone.
 I don't even want to look at it anymore - this dress is woven from Pure Evil. I know why you got donated, dress!

It's still clear and crisp as a fresh apple out there - we've been so lucky!
 Spooky skull scarf to go with all the black leather.

  • Scarf - Metrowear, San Francisco, 2006
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 That's a lot of gold. Those are very comfy shoes, although I wish they had retained their gold colour better - they scuff like mad.

Brass bling:
 Favourite things, including my heart locket.

  • Locket - DEFY, gift from L
  • Cuff - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Earrings - thrifted
  • Spinner ring - Twang & Pearl
  • Feather ring - Fossil

It's been a while since I showed you my heart locket. Here it is open.
 All veiny and aorta-y.

And inside, L placed two very special pictures.
My "boyfriends", Hugh Jackman and Vin Diesel. Ha!

Okay, I need to go cheer up and work on my Hallowe'en costume! Are you dressing up?


  1. loved your outfit and the cut of the dress is really nice. Great color. If you loved the fabric more, I'd have suggested adding little straps or even a "clear" yoke like they do with skating dresses to hold it in place. Or there's always Mel's trick of artfully arranged suspenders clipped to hold fabric where she wants it. Still, no sense trying to make something work that really doesn't. Anyway, I think you look faaabulous, darling!

    1. I don't love the fabric that much, and I really loathe having to do extra to make an item work. I'll certainly suggest those ideas to its next owner! Thank you!

  2. It's a shame you aren't keeping this dress as it is beautiful, but I'm with you. I have no time for fussy clothing!

    I just picked up a strapless dress in the opshop last weekend too - you can see where the fabric has been pulled and stretched out from someone constantly readjusting it, ha! I'm having it turned into a maxi skirt as it's such a lovely print!

    1. I hate fussy things, and this was the worst! That's a good idea! I'm not doing that with this thing, though - I'm done with it.

  3. sorry that this dress is not comfortable, because its color is such a beauty! what about suspenders, or uni-suspender as Melanie uses to wear?
    Lovely golden shoes, comfy&cool!, and your heart locket is absolutely fabulous and I love it!!!
    There's not a tradition of costumes in Halloween here, but many children dress up actually. However, some traditional sweets (made of chestnuts or almonds) are going to be consumed! (not pumpkins everywhere, sorry!)

    1. Maybe for the next wearer, my dear, but not for me. Thank you! Mmm...your sweets sound good!

  4. Great locket!!!!!!! I keep meaning to put my children's pics in my locket, but now I', like, I should put some hotties in there instead!!!!!!
    I've been a bit ragey myself----I feel it's justifiable tho lolol!!!
    I'm mad at that dress, too!! Get rid of it immediately----I'm the same with stuff---I can't even look at it anymore when I'm over it!

    1. Exactly! Why would I want family in there? Okay, maybe Vizzini, lol. I think the rage is just all pent up from me being too nice all the time. I gotta get it out! Yes, thank you for getting it: that dress must be GONE.

  5. Regardless of how it felt, the orange dress looked fabulous layered ! SO it was a good finale for it :)

  6. That dress is a gorgeous color! I have one like that, and the top is stretchy enough that I can actually wear it as a skirt with the bodice as a high waist. Would that work here?

  7. Be gone you evil orange dress! When you have such an extensive wardrobe, why would you hold onto something that enrages you like this? I too, love orange but not enough to spend all day fidgeting like that. I think if you need a splash of orange you maybe have a darling orange leather skirt to wear instead.

    Anna x

    1. I definitely have an orange leather jacket, but not a skirt (an egregious oversight!). Yes, I just can't handle fussy clothes - begone!


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