Monday, October 2, 2017

A Million Bucks

Kicking off my fall/winter wardrobe with a bang! I felt like a million bucks in this outfit. 
 I totally didn't spend even close to that, though. You know me!

  • Jacket - Emporio Armani, thrifted; purchased here for $38.95
  • Blouse - no label, consignment; purchased here for $18.98
  • Trousers - Piazza Sempione, thrifted; first worn here in July with a leather peplum
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last seen here in July with these pants

 I purchased the pants earlier this summer for $44.95, and the shoes were $99.00 (I paid $100 in addition to a gift certificate present from my bosses a few years ago). So, just over $200 for the whole outfit, not including the jewelry.

But let's talk about this jacket - isn't it lovely? You can see the woven texture in this picture here, from when I bought it.
 I love the strong shoulder lines in it, and wore it done up all day. I had many compliments on this whole outfit. I particularly liked the tux lines of the blouse with the deep V of the blazer, and the necklace under the collar of the shirt. I unstitched the pockets of the jacket (spare buttons inside!).
 Although you may be wondering where my closet swap-over post is - I have not actually switched out my closet yet! I'll be doing it this coming weekend (it's a holiday long weekend in Canada, for Thanksgiving) when I have an extra day - it's a full day of work!

For now, I'm wearing all the new-to-me things I've purchased over the past six months and had set aside, mixing them with the all-year items in my closet. So still new stuff, but not my full fall/winter wardrobe. It's a bit more challenging, but I like a challenge.

The stuff:
 These copper shoes are winners. Incredibly comfy too - there's a reason why I have these in three colours!

Copper bling:
 First wearing of my new-to-me vintage fair earrings. They were great - they are hollow, so not too heavy.

  • Cuff - Renoir, vintage 60s, Grandma J's
  • Necklace/cuff - vintage 70s, vintage fair
  • Earrings - vintage fair

This was my view from the stairs this morning. What a gorgeous sunrise on the Castle!
 I wish I lived that close!

My dear friend Caro sent these pictures from Winesday Saturday night.
 Alison, Karen's arm, Grace, Yvonne, Vero, me, Cat and Linda.

And the slightly sillier version.
I love my gals.


  1. Replies
    1. We are - they are my best women, and I love them all dearly.

  2. What fun winesday pictures! :)

    I really like your outfit too - what I liked the most is that you felt so good in it. I have a cream blazer (not as tailored as this, it's a jersey one) and it was an ebay purchase that arrived very damp. The seller tried to claim a recent extreme weather event on it getting damaged (which I highly doubt as the package was sealed, but would never be able to prove...) so I couldn't really do anything other than wash and wash this dry clean only piece to try get the damp smell out. It's never fitted quite right since and it certainly doesn't make me feel like a million bucks when I wear it, sometimes I wonder if I really need a cream blazer enough to justify keeping it around!

    1. Hee! We always have a blast!

      Thank you! Sometimes you just hit a combo that says "yes!" Wow, that sucks about the blazer - maybe you need to find another one to replace it? I've had a few cream ones over the year, and I do love them.

    2. Yes I think I need to find an alternative!

  3. You're a master at matching shoes to outfits, you LOOK like a million bux! Thanks for sharing your art to my inbox today xoxo

  4. Oh yeah, feeling like a million for $200. That's awesome. Love this look. I have a thrifted Emporio Armani jacket and love it to bits. I really feel the quality. And your Winesday get-together looks like so much fun! Cheers! Thanksgiving coming up? Sheesh. I'm so out of it. Heh.

    1. Gotta love it! Why would I ever shop retail for my clothes when I can find awesome stuff like this for cheap? Yes, my blazer (very pale, silvery grey) is very soft and feels wonderful on. Thanksgiving is my birthday!

  5. What a luxurious outfit! All sheen and polish and glamour. Gorgeous!

    Hope your week is going well...

    1. Thank you, my dear! All going, full steam ahead! It's not like I have a choice...ha!

  6. Rich paisley, burgundy ruffles, and a mushroom colored blazer... this outfit sings to me! As does the fabulous view ! Lucky you, you deserve all of this beauty! You do look like a million! 👀 ❗️❗️
    Ps blog is down a couple of days for worries..

    1. This outfit made me think of you, Elle - it has that same elegance as you, so inspiring! Thank you! Happy maintenance holiday, hee hee.

  7. My dear Sheila, yet another great look. These pants are superb, I just saw a similar print brocade dress/long jacket in the Paris FW, it was on the Rochas runway. Oh and BTW I saw a shirt made by that same label Piazza Sempione over the weekend at a thrift store and I had never heard of it before-
    I think you are the only person that I have seen wear copper toned accessories, i think they look so chic.

    1. Thank you, Lorena! I love the pants - wish they had a bit of stretch, but I'm good with them. Sweet - I love it when my outfits/pieces echo runway stuff. I know, I never see copper on bloggers. One day it will come around, and I'll be all, "Oh yeah, I've been doing copper for years!"

  8. Such a classy look, elegant yet quirky and totally you Sheila. These trousers have me drooling - I love the pattern as well as the colour. Winter is a great time to bring out the textures and brocades again. Great styling with copper too - you've nailed this!

    Anna x

    1. Thank you! I love the trousers - such a fabulous pattern and mix of colours. I really love textures like velvets, silks and brocades, so always happy for any excuse to wear them! Thanks, Anna!

  9. That blazer fits you like a dream, and looks great with those pants.


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