Monday, October 16, 2017

Queen of the Chevrons, and Sweet Karma Clothes

I am loving digging into my "new" fall wardrobe - I get such a thrill out of revisiting pieces. 
 This skirt is new-to-me, and I'm happy to bring these shoes back.

  • Jacket - Danier Leather Couture, consignment; last worn here in May over my leather peplum
  • Tux blouse - no label, consignment; first worn here a couple of weeks ago in a million dollar outfit
  • Skirt - Hucke, vintage, thrifted; purchased here (in May!) for $17.99
  • Shoes - Queen of Prussia Louise, Fluevog: last seen here (3rd outfit) in February for Caro and Ron's Sweetheart Party

Loving this rich port-coloured tux blouse so much - burgundy is this fall's colour for me.
 I liked how the ruffles went with the big chevrons in this skirt. Those are a lot of chevrons. I realized halfway through the day that I had the skirt on sideways - zipper at the side, not the back. It's so hard to tell sometimes!

First wearing of this skirt and it was...fine. I like it, it's a nice shape and length, but I don't love it, so maybe one more wear and it can head off to a new home. It doesn't have pockets, and although I do like black and grey (and chevrons!), I had a hard time making an outfit.
"Any solid colour!" I hear you all thinking (right?), but blah, that just feels boring to me. Been there, done that, bought the skirt! I liked the burgundy tones, but I'm not sure what else would really ring my bell with this.

I do prefer this outfit with the jacket, but it was too warm to wear it all day in the office.
 Check out the cuffs, and how nicely the collar goes with the jacket.

It rained today, so look how cute my grey hat went with this!
 Anyway, no hasty decisions on the skirt right now!

  • Hat - vintage, Jones New York, thrifted
  • Gloves - Parkhurst

The stuff:
 For such a high heel, these are fabulously comfy on - they are balanced just right, and all that squishiness under the ball of the foot is wonderful. I had a pretty quiet day, not much running around, so these were great.

Blurry bling:
 Guilty! I only take 1-2 pictures.

  • Belt - Nygard
  • Necklace - Robert Larin, vintage 70s, gift from L
  • Earrings - Glee
  • Spider ring - homegrown vintage c. 1986, gift from Mom & Dad
  • Snake ring - homegrown vintage c. 1986, BC Museum Gift Shop

I've bonded with one of my coworkers over clothes - she has a very pared-down aesthetic that I like, and she likes all the whackitude in my clothes. Today, Dominique brought me two items from her giveaway pile that she thought I would like.

Like? I love! Thank you, honey!
 This is a fluffy cotton skirt - sorry about the lighting, but it's actually black and white.

The hemline is pulled up and sewn under to make it flouncy. It's quite high in places, so I might have to put a floofy underskirt under this.
 Sort of a lily-of-the-valley pattern.

And it's by All Saints! How cool!
 Ha, there are a lot of eBay pictures of this skirt in different patterns, but no pictures of anyone wearing it! It must be tricky to style - I do love a challenge!

Dominique also gave me this amazing coat.
 As you can see, it matches the walls exactly. This will be so cute with long leather gloves!

It's a cocoon style, nicely woven, with black florals.
There are little bits of brown and burgundy in the flowers too. It's by Zara - the content tags are cut out, but it's cotton/acrylic/polyester blend (spotted one online).

And this is why I give my own clothes away! It feels so good to see someone else getting pleasure from your things - and good karma brings new pieces back to you. Sweet!


  1. Love the outfit with the jacket and hat -- so chic! Would a leopard print top work with the skirt?

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I know we're not supposed to feed into the "rules" but I really don't like mixing browns and greys. Leopard to me is always brown.

  2. Burgundy looks great on you, Sheila! I looove your shoes! They are fab! I actually have a similar chevron print in a maxi skirt and I never know what top to wear with it either! XXX

    1. Thanks, Sasha! These are an awesome shoe. I will probably wear brights with this skirt next time.

  3. Wonderful hand-me-downs from your colleague!

    I love the chevron skirt. It's rare to see such careful matching today across so many seams--gorgeous. How old do you think it is?

    1. I know, what a sweetheart! I'm sure the skirt is from the 80s - it's made in Germany, so good quality.

  4. I have a black and white maxi chevron skirt and I've only worn it with a fitted black top and a leather jacket and hat for a funeral, once. Chevrons are hard to style but I think because of the colours in mine I could go for any BRIGHT solid colour and it would look okay.

    You look very chic and smart in your chevron skirt and I loved it with the burgundy top.

    What lovely items you co worker gave you. The pattern on the skirt actually had yellow tones on my lap top - fabulous!

    1. Yes, I'll probably go with brights next time - I have sweaters in red, green and blue that would look good, as well as a turquoise velvet blazer.

    2. Oh, and yes! She was so generous! The yellow tones are my awful lighting, sorry!

  5. Beauuuuutiful ! what a fab skirt - the outfit looks awesome.
    I want to be Dominique's friend too, both items are "you"

    1. She really got my taste well, didn't she? Thank you, Lorena!

  6. Oh so sweet of yoru coworker to pass some pieces onto you! I'm relaly looking forward to seeing how you wear that skirt!

    It's a shame you don't like this chevron one as it is beautiful - maybe you will like it more next time you wear it.

    1. I know, I was so touched by her generosity! I'm excited to wear the skirt - not sure if it will be a weekend item or if I can style it for work.

      Eh, I know I didn't pay much for the skirt, so we'll see how it goes.

  7. You got hooked up with the hand-me-downs!!!! So sweet!!!! I love AllSaints!!!! That outfit with the jacket zipped up is hot :)

    1. I know, right?? So sweet. The jacket zipped up is boob-mashingly tight, which is why I don't wear it like that much.

  8. I like how this outfit is slightly demure without the jacket and - PCV said - hot with the jacket zipped up. Great contrast!
    As for the skirt: I think it's rather wonderful so here are some suggestions:
    Pair with another geometric print; play it with dots; clash it with florals; chevrons are stripes, really, so how about more stripes? Try it with almost any fabric that is black plus another colour/shade, I think.
    Anyway, you look great!

    1. Thanks, Radostin! That's what I was going for! I like the idea of florals with it - I must give it another chance, so thank you!

  9. Hi! Still quietly reading over in my corner. Had to stop to say: "polka dots. All the polka dots" Someone has a pink blouse with black polka dots that I'm thinking about. Hopefully it's you!

    1. Cara, hi! Nice to see you. Hmmm...polka dots - I do have a top like that, but it's a cropped tee, worn for costumey things. I promise I will try something else with this skirt!

  10. Ah the joys of good Karma! But first, I just have to say that I love the chevron skirt when you had the whole kaboodle on - hat, gloves, jacket etc - it all works there, but without them eh...
    Anyhoo, well done with that cocoon jacket and crazy skirt. Can't wait to see them styled up!

    Anna x

    1. Thank you - it didn't work for wearing it all day, but I did love the overall look.


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