Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mod, With Purple Legs

It was dark this morning, so you get the lights on the stairs. 
 Still digging into the not-yet-worn stuff that I have accumulated over the last few shopping trips. I'm reeling in my spending a bit lately (just a bit!) following our travel and birthday celebrations, plus it's good for me to play with the stuff I've got!

  • Jacket - Club Monaco, thrifted; last seen here in August over a very patterned dress
  • Top - Club Monaco, consignment; purchased here for $16.98
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; last worn here in August when I had the blues
  • Shoes - Room 502 Entrance, Fluevog; last seen here in January with a rockin' vest
  • Coat (below) - Only, thrifted; last seen here earlier this month over pink and purple

The unworn item here is this blue top - it's a sleeveless, slightly swing-top shape, and is nice and long, and it replaces my last blue top (too shiny, but I liked the ruffles).
 I wasn't terribly inspired when I created this outfit but I liked how everything went together without fully being matchy. My coworker said, "You look very mod."

Interlude: Apologies to the lady who passed me on the way to work and I think said, "Sheila! I read your blog!" but I was in a coffee-needing haze with earphones in and went, "unnhhhhh" and kept going. Of course, she could have been waving at someone behind me, or warning me to look out for the construction crane (in which case, thank you). But if you're reading this, give me a big wave and say "hi" really loudly next time.

 I wear this light jacket as outerwear more than as an actual outfit piece, so it was nice to give it a proper outing. It has beautiful bell sleeves (and pockets!).

It was sunny and crisp today, so I chose to go with the sleeveless coat. Take that, Autumn!
 I took the gloves off partway to work - too hot!

  • Beret - consignment
  • Scarf - blogger gift, many years ago
  • Gloves - Danier Leather

The stuff:
 I admit, I swagger like Prince when I wear these. They have the same kind of feel as cowboy boots - they just ooze attitude. And yes, so comfy!

Silver bling:
I missed the perfect opportunity to wear my Star Trek communicator badge! Dang! It would have been fabulous on the jacket. Next time!

  • Earrings - Lazy Susan's
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes


  1. lovely boots, and I agree: they ooze attitude! and coolness!
    What a fab color combo, I love those purple/indigo/blues shades and I think they look gorgeous together!, and I'm also love the textures of your skirt and jacket, such pretty details. Great layering, once more!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I love these colours together too - and I am all about textures.

  2. Amazing shoe boots! I loved the long jacket and in the sleeveless jacket you look incredibly cosy and smart. I saw one of those sleeveless jackets in a charity shop at a reasonable price quite recently and passed it by because I have too many jackets and coats but now I'm sorry I did...

    1. Aw, thanks, Veronica! I like the sleeveless jacket as an option when it's not cold enough for a full sleeve version.

  3. You look like a classic Parisian lady in the coat, gloves and beret. Always beautiful and classy. Love ya...

  4. My dear Mod friend,
    You look fabulous and happy in this chic ensemble. Love the purple legs, colored tights are so fun. The black jacker is so chic, love the length. We are both sporting berets this week. Great minds!

    1. Thank you, Elle! I love coloured tights - it's an extra dimension in an outfit. Chic ladies in berets, that's us.

  5. I am trying madly to catch up with reading blog entries, and had time before work to see this one from last week. I love the combination of purple and shades of grey and charcoal. . . Exactly what I happened to choose to wear today myself.

    Besos. . .

    1. Oh, no worries, Linda! Thank you so much for commenting! Thank you - great minds, eh?

  6. Oh this is a mod look indeed, these colors are music to my eyes ;)


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