Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Round Up: Shopping with Jane, Jane's Dress, Shopping with Yvonne

I've had a very lovely weekend, and now I'm off to enjoy the rest of it with my sweetie. 

But let's first cast our minds back all the way to Friday.
We got the colours, we got the patterns, you name it. 

  • Shirt - Dept, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July with cowgirl stuff
  • Skirt - Pierre Cardin, vintage 80s, thrifted; first worn here in April with Christian and a bedsheet
  • Shoes - Fiel; last seen here in June with all the colours

I can't believe I've only worn this skirt once before - it's so gorgeous to wear! I love the softness of the silk.
After work, I met up with Jane from the Vancouver +40 Blogger Meet-Up (recap here), and we did a little shop at the WIN Warehouse Store and the Patch, followed by pizza and cider.
A very dapper young man raved about my awesome shirt in the Patch. Yay! It has all the best colours, plus pearl snaps, plus faux paint splatter, plus rhinestones. What's not to like?

The stuff:
Easily my longest day wearing these shoes, and they acquitted themselves very well - no rubs and super-comfy.

Simple bling:
Easy things to shop in.

  • Earrings - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Jane found a lovely sparkly brooch and a satin caftan with a phoenix on it (!) at the WIN store. I found this awesome belt buckle for L for only $8.00 (plus 10% off because Friday).
The stones are REAL, and are turquoise, tiger-eye and some other amber-y type stone. L loved it.

I found myself this fabulous lilac-print pencil skirt:
It's a thick, slightly slubbed-textured cotton, lined, and is by J. Crew. It was $18.50, plus 10% off.

I've seen this jacket at the Patch before, but it was finally reduced down to what I feel is a more reasonable price. At that point, I had no choice.
Yes, I own this! I am so stoked.

Fringe-o-rama! Fringe-riffic! Fringe-tabulous!
It's easily from the 1980s, but the glorious thing is that it has no shoulder pads, so it doesn't look too heavily dated. The cobalt blue suede is about half an inch thick. This thing weighs about 15 lbs.

The arms are also fringed...
OMG and beaded! Seriously, multi-coloured glass pony beads? Be still, my heart!

Also, Aztec eagle buttons.

You may recognize this awesome label from my turquoise fringed skirt (this one) which is the same brand (Pioneer Wear) and era (should I wear them together?? Stop me now, or encourage me...).
Love it, made in Albuquerque, USA! It was reduced to $48.95 from $59.95. Size 10, so it's pre-the Great 80s Size Shift (it's a modern size 6).

As with the turquoise skirt, I love this wonderful cleaning warning.
 I have never EVER heard of "crocking" before, have you? Where "crock" = rub off?

I wonder where it's made?
What? I don't get it!

L and I briefly hung out together on Friday night, and were up bright and early for our Ultimate Frisbee game.
I finally found out who brought this wonderful dress to the swap - it was Jane! How fortuitous is that?

  • Dress - Taylor, swap from Jane; first worn here last week
  • Shoes - Enzo Angiolini, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in July during a sickass weekend

It was a bit cloudy out, but it was a good game - a lot of running!
Lunch after, and then an evening of Arkham Horror with L.

The stuff:
I need to get these shoes re-heeled before they go into storage for the fall/winter.

Steel bling:
Easy accessories for changing into/out of at the field. '

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - 10th anniversary gift from L

Today, I was up early again to stroll to town for groceries and then meet up with my dear friend Yvonne for an eyebrow wax.
Gotta tame those caterpillars! I went all matchy with my hair.

  • Cardigan - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here in July with salmon
  • Sweater - Cable & Gauge, thrifted; last worn here in April with denim and plaid
  • Skirt - Kenneth Cole, consignment; last seen here in June with peach and copper
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last worn here in July with denim and brocade

An older lady in the grocery store exclaimed over my "harmonious colours" - people really do like it when I match my outfit to my hair! She asked if I always dressed to match my hair or if I wore a lot of beige. I guess she meant if I wore neutrals to not clash with the hair. I said that I didn't really consider the colour of my hair, but that people like it when I do wear complementary colours.
I love the shape and colours of this skirt. Unlike the red/brown skirt from Thursday, this one has pockets. Take that!

The stuff;
Comfy walkin' shoes!

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - birthday gift from L, Venice

Yvonne and I had a lovely mini-spa experience (eyebrows are fast), then walked across town to My Sister's Closet for a consignment shop. We were very thorough.

I found some violet tights and grey tights for $5.00 a pair.
It's so hard to find coloured tights now!

I also found this awesome magenta leather belt for $10.98.
And this pretty black and white polka dot scarf for $5.98. Such a classic print!

I think I scored on this Banana Republic necklace.
I've been in BR, and their necklaces start around $79.00. This was $5.00! I love this bigass statement piece!

MSC had 50% off on all dresses. This one is by Elie Tahari.
"Where did the blue fringe go?"
It's a cotton and linen mix, fully lined in black satin. The pattern is awesome, and has faint bits of mossy green in it.
"I really wanted that fringe."
It was $14.50, which is a good deal.

Eep, sorry, this is blurry, but take my word: it's a chartreuse fitted lace blouse with a Peter Pan collar.
It's about as insane as it sounds. It's by Kensie and was $18.98.

I rarely buy H&M, even second-hand - the quality is just not very good, and the fabrics are scary, but I fell very hard for this Lady Gaga-ish jacket.
Sorry, a bit blurry, but it's a bright orange-y-red mass of ripped fabric roses (made from recycled plastic bottles, the tag told me). It also has humongous shoulders.

It's from "the Garden Collection by H&M" which seems to have come out in 2010, according to my brief interwebz research.
It was $22.98 and looks like it sold new for around $65, so not bad. Mine still had the tags on, so never worn!

Yvonne and I went to the pub after for bevvies and salad after our shop (she did very well also), and I agonized over another Banana Republic necklace that I'd left behind.
So I ran back and got it! It was only $5.00 too! How could I leave it behind?

Well, my friends, I'm off for now - I hope you all had a marvelously fun weekend!


  1. I absolutely looove the statement necklaces. I hope you wear them this week!

  2. You know at first I'd think the jacket and skirt would be too much to pair together with all the fringe, but if anyone can pull that off, you can! I bet you'd look incredible in it! Can't wait to see you wearing that jacket, even if you don't pair it with the skirt right away! :)

  3. You met up with Jane? Yay! And sounds like you had a great time. And sorry, I have no choice but to encourage you re. said pairing of turquoise and cobalt blue fringe madness. What a score. In fact, many scores here. I laughed that Jane is the one who brought that cool dress to the swap. Meant. to. be.

  4. Oh, that blue jacket is lovely! So special. I've no idea what crocking is. And let me say that, in addition to your advanced skill at fashion, I respect and enjoy your proficiency with language. You always write so well and with entertaining language.

  5. Oh wow - that new J Crew skirt is fabulous as is the Elie Tahari dress.
    I cannot imagine wearing a garment as heavy as the electric blue jacket - I think I'd be exhausted from all that extra weight.
    Before I forget - is there anything you'd like from my recent closet edits ? I have my cousin going to the US and he'll gladly mail it for me.

  6. Dye expert here - it really is a word, honest. Crocking is what happens when loose dye molecules that are just sitting on the surface of your fabric rub off on things. Usually they stick where they are not at all wanted! When I'm dyeing with indigo I carefully process everything after the dye has had a few days or more to set by rinsing and simmering in a soapy bath in order to avoid any future crocking. Since you can't do that to leather, hopefully your fab fringe jacket has already crocked itself into quiescence and will behave itself from now on!

  7. I think you should pair the turquoise skirt and blue jacket together even if it's just for a blog photo - pretty please? Nice score on the fringey jacket by the way, and that is a kickass belt buckle you found for L.

    I LOVE the dress you got at the swap - the colour looks great with your hair. The hair-matching outfit is also a winner.

    Thanks to Louisa for explaining the "crocking" thing - I had never heard that word before either.


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