Friday, August 14, 2015

Furry Friday aka Cat-Bait

I finally feel like I'm caught up a bit at work - I'm not kidding, it's been a long slog. Today called for something exceptional! 
Chicken blouse, you say? I say, "Yes, and check out my trout shoes."

  • Top - Hommage, consignment; purchased here at the +40 Blogger Meet-Up last month for $29.00
  • Skirt - Nicole Miller, vintage 80s; last seen here in June as She-Hulk 
  • Shoes - Miista; last seen in the same outfit here in June

I had a lot of fun in this outfit today - people wanted to check out the top's pattern and texture, which became looser and furrier over the day, as I shed little threads all over the office.
I quite liked my magenta socks with these shoes.

The stuff:
These shoes get better every time I wear them. So. Awesome.

Matchy bling:
I loved the pops of magenta from my dangly tassel earrings and cuff.

  • Cuff - Catalyst Reaction Leather, thrifted
  • Crystal ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop, Florence
  • Ring - Dad's, vintage 60s, Frances Jewelers
  • Earrings - consignment (bought at the same store as the top)

So, fluffy texture, swinging tassel earrings, and shoelaces. You know that those are?

"Ah, spaghetti laces, my favourite."
 Cat bait. Vizzini cannot resist shoelaces. He always attacks them and eats them if he can.
"Om nom nom."
I'm constantly swatting him away.
"I have no idea why your shoelaces are wet."
Have a lovely weekend, my friends!


  1. Ah cats and shoes - is there anything better?? Love your floofy sweater - I have a fond memory of you stuffing it in your backpack! Ninja shopper. xox

  2. I'm glad you feel caught up at last. Whew! This whole outfit is one giant catnip. I love the textures and colours. Vizzini, he's so funny. You translate him so well.

  3. My friend's cat is a shoelace fanatic as well. Love the colours in those shoes - it reminds me of the colours in a pool of gasoline when it's spilled on the pavement.

  4. The earrings and the top…. just fab - I'd want to touch them both… the textures.

  5. Looks so good on you. I saw something remotely like your top in Harpers Bazaar Magazine today. I'll send you a photograph. Yours is much better.
    Love your cat. Mine just attacked me (as usual) for no reason.


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