Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Oldie and a Newbie

These are odd August weeks; most of the people at work are on vacation and it's oddly quiet. And yet, my days don't seem to get much less busy.
Less running around overall, and the pace is merely busy vs. frantic. But enough of work! Let's look at this mix of old and new.

  • Dress - Club Monaco, consignment; last worn here in December 2013
  • Blouse - no label, thrifted; last seen here in May with pink leather and sequins
  • Shoes - Gentle Souls; purchased here on the weekend for $134.00

Zoiks, December 2013 - it's been a year and a half since I wore this dress! It's so versatile for layering over blouses, though, and it has All The Things:

  • A bubble hem
  • It's wool and fully lined
  • Pocketses, precious
  • Pinstripes
  • Strapless 

It goes perfectly with this fruital blouse too. I've had this dress a long time; it's nearly one of the oldest pieces of clothing in my closet. Let's go on a wee journey, shall we?

In addition to today:

  • The last outfit in December 2013 (here) layered over steely blue chiffon
  • In December 2012 here over a Victorian lacy blouse (very trendy now, look at me, 3 years ahead of the game!)
  • In December 2012 again here (I was doing a year-long 30 for 30 capsule challenge) with teal and blues
  • In November 2011 here over a red polka dot blouse 
  • Here, in April 2011 over a yellow blouse - that's the very first time I did a picture on my stairs (I haven't mastered the Stair Pose yet)
  • In August 2011 here - you might recognize that first picture: it's the one Megan Mae used to create the illustration that's behind my head in every indoor shot!
  • In September 2010 here, when I first thrifted a Real Label (Prada)
  • Twice in one week here in March 2010, during a wardrobe challenge (I still have that green lace skirt)
  • Here in November 2009 under a cardigan (healing from my first tattoo). Aw, there's my Inigo...
  • In October 2009 here for my birthday week, featuring the Sheila Fact: I hate parsnips. 
  • And the very first time I wore it, here in May 2009, over a white striped shirt.
Twelve times. That's not bad for a dress I bought on consignment for around $40.00. 

The stuff: 

The dress is my oldie, and the shoes are the newbies in my wardrobe. Loved them! No rubs, easy to wear around. I even ventured out on an errand and walked several blocks in them. Love.

Round bling:
This belt is so cool. It's aluminum (or something close to it) - it's incredibly light.

  • Belt - vintage fair
  • Earrings - Stella and Dot, consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

What's the oldest thing you still wear in your closet?


  1. Oh, your new shoes in action! Your clothing documentation is simply stellar evidence of why you excel at your job! Incredible. The oldest thing in my closet? Probably a sheer black tunic type thing I bought in London, Ont, 35 years ago or so. Gaaa...! I was probably 2 at the time. Hahaha. (I got a post delivery notice today, tee hee.)

  2. I really like the strapless dress over a blouse look! Sadly I don't have any strapless dresses to try this myself, I'll need to keep an eye out. I used to wear lots of strapless tops when I was younger and I was constantly readjusting and pulling them up, so that put me off trying them in dress form, haha! I think you'd have better quality in a dress than the cheap tops I used to wear!

    I cannot think what my oldest clothing item would be in my wardrobe that I still wear. I know I had a lot of 10+ pieces that were chucked during my wardrobe detox, so I'm not sure what's left...but I can definitely pinpoint my oldest bag, and it reminds me I should get it out and wear it again! :)

  3. The oldest thing in my closet…. wow - that's a good questions.
    Today I posted a dress I've had for nine years but I am pretty sure I have older stuff.
    Oh and that dress has proven to be a great buy, at 3.33 USD per wear it's still going strong.

  4. You look spectacular I the strapless dress and beautiful blouse Sheila!I wear some scarves that I have had before you were born &costume jewellery from the sixties(late)I expect @ 70 I am one of your oldest followers but you inspire me to keep trying!best wishes from Diane in Australia


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