Monday, August 10, 2015

Lilacs and Saint Laurent

I'm home late after going to see the movie "Saint Laurent" with Elaine.
We go see all the fashion-related movies together. This one (review link) was in the bottom half of the ones I've seen. No YSL in my collection of clothes, but maybe I'll do a "Le Smoking" homage one of these days.

  • Blouse - Bordeaux, consignment; last seen here in July for the Blogger Meet-Up
  • Skirt - J. Crew, thrifted; purchased here for around $17.00 on the weekend
  • Shoes - Camper; last worn here in June for L's birthday weekend

I'm not happy with my white top purchases for spring/summer - this is the only one I've worn with any regularity and it's still not quite right. But white is handy, so I shall keep searching.
I loved the skirt, on the other hand. Such a great pattern! Reminds me (and one of my coworkers) of Monet. Very cool.

The stuff:
Great shoes for a whole day's wear.

Big bling:
The skirt has bits of caramel/orange in it, so I chose the orange bigass necklace to wear. The orange pieces remind me of orange Jell-O.

  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment; first wear, bought for $5.00
  • Ring - Frances Jewelers, circa 1963ish, Dad's

And now, off to bed.


  1. Love that printed skirt!

    I smiled when I read that even though that top isn't something you think is perfect, you're still keeping it to fill a wardrobe gap until something else comes along. I need to be more honest with myself when I do that, and ask if I really need 4 or 5 imperfect pieces when 1 or 2 will do the job! It's probably the biggest 'category' of clothes in my wardrobe, pieces that aren't quite perfect but I'll buy them anyway. I should just leave them behind if I know before I buy them that they won't work out!

  2. I like that you mixed orange and purple together in this outfit--yay!

  3. Yes, the skirt is lovely, and such a good fit. I think everyone's wardrobe has a few "it'll do for now" pieces like your top. Something you like better will come along eventually!
    I'm woefully behind with commenting and catching up - just seen that blue suede fringed jacket, wow! xxx

  4. The skirt is very pretty! I stay away from white tops completely as I am a stain magnet. I used to like wearing white t-shirts but I'm one of those "heavy perspiring people".

  5. Weirdly I was on a HUNT for a white top this summer. I still never found one that was quite right. I love yours! And I love all the lavender.


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