Thursday, August 27, 2015

Colour-Blocked and Dotted...and Ted

My scalp is nearly all shed off, and I can finally style my hair the way I like it. I do like it in the "bangs down" style, but it tends to get in my eyes and bugs me. 
And since it's being a little cooler out, I decided to go head-to-toe cashmere. As one does in August.

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; purchased here for $12.99
  • Skirt - Andres Courreges, thrifted; last seen here in June with dots
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here in May with stars and sky

I wanted to wear these dotty shoes again, but they are tricky to wear. Solid colours are the way to go, and since I just bought this dotted scarf recently, that sealed the deal.
I didn't notice Vizzini in the background until I uploaded my pictures
It turned out to be a little warm (just a titch!) for cashmere.

The stuff:
Such lovely dotty shoes! This is the perfect heel height for me (the front has about a 3/4" hidden platform) that's high-ish and still wearable for a full day at work.

Blurry bling:
Nothing caps things off like a bigass necklace.

  • Scarf - consignment
  • Necklace - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

One more day to the weekend! Woo!


On a less positive note, I had some sad news tonight at my WW meeting: one of my long-term members from my Tuesday night died last week. Ted was in his late 60s and although he didn't lose much weight (he was big on wine and cheese and living the good life), I know he just enjoyed coming to the meetings over the past 3 years. He was a funny, sweet and dear man. He was always encouraging me to have my own show, or do something in the public eye - he was a fan of me and always sat right up front and asked hilarious questions. I was hugely saddened to hear he was gone, and will raise a glass of wine to his memory.

Here's to ya, Ted.


  1. I'm pretty sure that not too many blog posts start off with, "my scalp is nearly all shed off." Hahaha! I love your cashmere ensemble with your dotty shoes with their secret platforms. I dressed for cool weather too and then the sun started to drill. Open window, closed window, open window, closed.... That's autumn for ya.

  2. PS Sad to hear about Ted. He sounds like such a warm person. He was right too - you definitely have the personality that could carry a show!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Sheila.

  4. We'll raise a glass to Ted, he sounds like a delightful man.
    You look smart and sassy, and those shoes! Have a wonderful weekend. We're getting a big blow from Tropical Storm Erika (we stocked up on wine). xox

  5. Oh those shoes - those glorious, dotty delightful shoes! They are gorgeous and lovely paired with the dotty scarf. A very sleek outfit with playful elements that make it stand out.

    Sorry to hear about your friend. So hard when we lose people.

  6. Sorry for your loss. It's never easy to lose somebody.

  7. How very luxe, a cashmere outfit :)
    Sorry to hear about Ted, its nice you remember him in such a positive way.


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