Sunday, August 23, 2015

Neutral Weekend Wrap-Up: Newly Purple With White, Grey Soles, and Plaid and a Hat

It's been a deliciously quiet weekend. Just me, L and Vizzini. 

No Ulty on Saturday, so I got up early and dyed my hair.
Yup, purple again, Mom. Better get used to it!

  • Dress - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; first worn here (3rd outfit) for a theatre outing with Mom in May
  • Shoes - Anne Klein, thrifted; last seen here that same weekend in May, only in the 2nd outfit for my Ulty outfit

Since once again, the dye has stained my scalp, I will be in cover-up mode until my scalp sheds. Yay, what an awesome visual!
I love this dress! I need to get at least one more wear out of it this summer. It's not staying out for fall/winter!

L and I did a small shop (I had to mail some parcels and start looking for my next Book Club selection), then napped when we got home. We hung out and played "Arkham Horror" all night. Good times!

The stuff:
A pretty scarf to go with the pretty pink shoes. These shoes are a bit too small, so not sure if they will last beyond this summer.

Circular bling:
The scarf was pretty slippery but I liked it with the outfit.
  • Scarf - thrifted
  • Chain belt - vintage 60s, Mom's
  • Cuff - Bauxo
  • Earrings - gift from L

We happened to go past Footloose Shoes (link, 'cause I love!), one of my favourite shops. L was generous enough to let me have a quick peek around. 
And very generous to buy me these amazing grey suede shoes!

They are by Gentle Souls (by Kenneth Cole), and were on clearance for $134.00.
Isn't that the coolest heel? I love the soft grey as well. I've been looking for a pair of grey shoes for a while, and these are so funky!

Today, I ventured out to get groceries.
A hat to cover the hairline staining and simple comfy clothes for my brief foray into the world.

  • Cardigan - Bellisima, thrifted; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May over a maxi
  • Cami - Esprit; I don't track these
  • Skirt - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; first worn here in June with white and orange
  • Sandals - Born, consignment; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May to Ulty and back
  • Hat - Delux

My second wearing of this skirt and I really loved it. It billows very nicely.
I might keep it out year-round, even though it's unlined and 100% linen - it would go would go well with boots, and I have plenty of slips and half-slips (which I wore today) to wear under it.

This afternoon, I did 3 hours of a training course for WW - necessary but long! - so now I'm going to go give my guys some time. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


  1. CUTE white dress and those grey shoes are amazing. You definitely have a fantastic shoe collection!!
    :) Jodi

  2. Sheila I love your hair! It looks so cute with the scarf. Even after the purple scalp fades you should continue to wear this scarf. The dress is a summer dream. Cuteness!

  3. You do great head camouflage. The purple hair is awesome. I love the intensity. And those shoes L got you are beauties, especially with that cool heel design. And I know part of the reason you were at the post office. Hee hee hee. Karma train steaming your way, Sheila!! Hugs.

  4. Loving the purple 😍. Have you tried rubbing Vaseline around your hairline (and ears!). before dying - stops the staining issue :-).

  5. Tat, yes, of course I do that - you should see the size of the tub of Vaseline I own! However, some always rubs off, and I can't rub it into my actual scalp (which is stained, under the hair, since my hair's so short). This is not like regular hair dye, which doesn't stain the scalp. It's major stain, not just dye.

  6. Love the pink scarf in your purple hair! You look so cool with the headscarf, I always manage to miss the mark whenever I try! I used to wear it a lot when I was younger, and I had longer hair, but you're proving here it's not hair length that's important! Maybe I need to try harder! :)

  7. Love the deep purple . As I let my natural silver grow in, I think purple is in my future. Hee, hee, thanks for going to the post office : >

  8. We love ur dress(& the plaid checked maxi skirt:) too, makes you look radiantly-youthful in a good way:)

  9. A little bit of vasoline along your hairline will keep the dye from staining.

  10. Your hair is gorgeous tied up in a scarf. Also LOVE the grey shoes. Awesome find.

  11. Those lovely grey shoes are my idea of the perfect pair of shoes - the colour, the chunky heel, the ankle strap - absolutely glorious!!!!

    You'll have to let me know how long it takes the dye you use to start to fade - I can let mine go for about 5 weeks and by then it's pretty faded. The scarf looks very cute in your hair!

  12. Beautiful dress.. and the shoes are fabulous. KC Gentle souls are of super quality and comfort, you should have a shoe there to last a long time.


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