Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tall in Tod's, and Buh-Bye Blahs

Today was a better day, but still a day, you know? A day.
I really liked parts of this outfit, but overall, it didn't feel like me.

  • Shirt - LL Bean, consignment; last worn here in June with green culottes
  • Skirt - Un1Deux2Trois3, thrifted; first worn here in February
  • Shoes - Tod's, thrifted; first worn here in July with fakes and reals

I'm so tall in these shoes, my head is cropped
I have nothing against white shirts, but this one doesn't fit right.It gapes at the boobs, it rides up and doesn't stay down where I want it, and it's just not special enough. After it's washed, it's in the giveaway pile.
And sadly, I really wasn't feeling this skirt either, although I liked it with the shoes. The skirt is too big in the waist and doesn't have pockets (we must have our pocketses, precious). And you know what? I only paid $4.00 out of this, so it was $2.00 a wear, and I am fine with passing it along to my coworker who loved the fabric. Ginna, present coming for you tomorrow!

The stuff:
Oh, how much do I freakin' love these shoes? This much. However, truthfully, I had to trek over to our other office this morning (not in these!), and then I just never took my sneaks off. Guilty! But I did wear them for my WW meeting.

Copper bling:
I'm even feeling a little iffy about the copper leather belt, but think I only paid a couple of bucks for it too - but it only takes up a bit of space, so I'll probably keep it.

  • Belt - thrifted
  • Necklace/earrings/cuff - Renoir, 1960s, Grandma J's set, given to me in 1986

Not ever leaving my jewelry box? Grandma's set!


  1. That obi had a lot to stand up to with two ill-fitting garments, I think it deserves a fairer chance to shine. The colour of the leather sure is lovely.

  2. The Tod's are fabulous. I don't love white shirts either, they always feel like too much fabric, or too much work. xox

  3. I agree; the shoes are pretty. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. My philosophy is that the day starts from the feet up so in this case, this would be a very good day for you. Such cute shoes. Such cute Sheila.

  5. I hate it when that happens: your clothes don't accompany you - but kind of set you back :(
    Oh and Gina will be a happy gal !!!
    OMG The TODS shoes are a treat.

  6. You are right Sheila, this outfit is just not edgy enough for fabulous you. I think the shoes and jewelley would look terrific with limegreen. Don't you think? Indeed the whole set of belt, shoes and jewellery set: great.

  7. I have yet to find a white shirt that I love. If I think it looks good, it usually feels bad. If it looks bad, it might feel good. Away! Away with it! Yeah, clothing that is off throws the whole day off. But at least your feet carried on quite admirably!

  8. You look great in this, but you don't look like you. Definitely keep that copper obi.

  9. I really hate uncooperative clothes! And white shirts always make me want to throw them in a dyepot, quick before I stain them permanently. Love the obi and the shoes though!

  10. That copper jewellery set is the bees knees! Your Grandma had great taste in jewellery.

    Maybe if that skirt had been a narrow, pencil style you would have liked it more. It's a lot of skirt.


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