Monday, April 1, 2013

It's...My Forbidden Dress Week!

You know it, you love it - Dress Week is back! 
Customized by me - the original stars Ava Gardner and is called "My Forbidden Past"
For this week's Dress Week aka "My Forbidden Dress Week", I'll be featuring shoes that did not get worn in the 2012/2013 "30 For 30 for 12" Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. 

And the dresses are not really forbidden, but I have a penchant for using movie titles (usually horror movies) for my Dress Weeks. You can check out some of my previous Dress Weeks here (scroll down to "Dress Weeks", duh) - I've been doing them since 2008, making this my 5th year! Holy moly, where does the time go?

Feel free to participate! Wear a dress this week!

Anyway, let's get started. I've been to the gym and there's stew to be made and "Game of Thrones" to be watched. Time's a-wastin'.

First up, these Oxford-style lace-up pumps.
Oh, right, the dress.

Yes, it's by O'Lala and I wore it twice in the September 2012 capsule (recap here), including for my last Dress Week, "Dress Week of Horrors!" It's a nice dress - I get lots of compliments on it. It hides everything quite well and has a funky pattern. I don't totally love it, but that's cool.

I had to work today, as I mentioned, which sucked. I was not in a good mood this morning, and neither were most of my coworkers. So when I'm feeling grumpy, a dress that is comfy is a good thing.
I've had these shoes since October 2009 when L and I took a quick trip to Seattle for my birthday. I paid $22.50 for them at a consignment store in Seattle; they are by Steve Madden. I snagged them out of the store's window, heh.

I tend to wear them with "sexy librarian" looks or ultra-fem ruffles. I first wore them in October 2009 with a whole bunch of clothes I no longer have (tweed and ruffles), although I still have the necklace. I've worn them quite a bit, including in November 2009 (with pink angora, plaid trousers and floral socks), in January 2010 (with orange tweed and my cranes cardigan), in April 2010 (I am so glad I got rid of those pencil shorts), in June 2010 (mixing patterns), in September 2010 (sporting a riding jacket and my brown lace skirt, and a hideous sheer top that I got rid of), in November 2010 (doing the old lady chic thing with tweed), in June 2011 (with that lace skirt again), and in August 2011 (with a skirt that is slit too high).
So it's not like I haven't gotten a lot of wear out of them. I did the bare leg thing today and they were fine, although a bit on the high side. I do still like them, but just never found the right capsule to put them in last year. They are also a smidge big in the heels, which could be remedied if I weren't so lazy.

What do you think? Love 'em? Lose 'em?

The stuff (and a better look):
The shoes are a cotton canvas with leather trim.

Dress (O'Lala, thrifted), cami (Esprit), shoes (Steve Madden, consignment), necklace (thrifted), belt (Club Monaco), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. I love the outfit, the whole thing from the turquoise beads to the shoes!

  2. You look great here. Your shoes definitely look great with this dress and the sexy librarian look. I guess the big question is, are they worth taking up closet space if you ONLY wear them for these specific looks... If you have space, why not keep them? You could also take a Sharpie marker and colour the canvas part yellow or blue or red or every colour like a Pollock painting.

  3. I like the shoes - they look really good! :) Lovely print on your dress too. Hope that the work day at least passed quickly for you :)

  4. The shoes have an appeal but it might be a limited one. They work in some outfits but are not a classic. I'd have bought them but you might become a little bored with them at some point, which is a good time to look for a new pair.

  5. i LOVE those shoes. but if you DO decide to part ways with them, I'd like to be first in line to take them off your hands!

    i really like the colors in this dress (brown + turquoise is a favorite color combo of mine) and the pattern reminds me of constellations. or stained glass. or constellations IN stained glass...

  6. I LOVE the dress---awesome print and style!!
    The shoes are really awesome--funky yet classy!!

  7. You look utterly smashing. That dress is so perfect, great fit, and great colors for you. I vote to keep the shoes and the dress :)

    Thank you so, so much for the beyond gorgeous culottes. We are having such a strange spring, that I may be able to wear them once before it gets too warm. But they will be rocked a lot during cooler weather. Thank you so much for thinking of me. You have perfect taste!

  8. I love Dress Week! I love THIS dress too. The pattern and colors = amazing. I do love your shoes too, but the dress is just magnificent. I will definitely be wearing a dress or two this week, it's getting warmer starting tomorrow!

  9. Love the dress - it's so "me" ; > um, and "you", of course!! While I love the shoes as well, you've got tons of fab shoes, so if these don't make your heart sing, no worries in giving them a new home. The whole look, despite your confessed grumpiness, is very cheery and chic : >

  10. I love that outfit, shoes included. The dress is wonderful, and a good color for you.
    Dress week sounds like fun, maybe next year, This year we still have snow, why, it's snowing as we speak - and I don't own a winter dress :-)
    xxx juli

  11. Oh keep the shoes!! They're terrific. I also like the dress, but I'm a redhead, so that color palette speaks to me.

  12. I enjoy dress week - not only to do wear some fab dresses but you also remind me of those lonely dresses in my closet.
    I wore a dress yesterday and will wear a dress tomorrow.

  13. Yay for dress week! If I'd read this before getting dressed this morning, I would have joined it. I'll have to start tomorrow. :) Although, I'm really just waiting for dress-without-tights week - it definitely doesn't feel like spring here yet.

    My vote is to keep the shoes - I think they're excellent, and they're a nice contrast to girly pieces.

  14. I adore that dress!! I love the print. I'm so-so on the shoes. They look uncomfortable to me, and I usually rate comfort over cuteness, though finding both is usually the goal.

  15. You have to keep the shoes... so long as you will wear them! But maybe that's the corporate Cara starting to shine through again... I'll have to counteract it!
    Hmm... the dress! Yes! I love how its got a hippy sort of pattern....
    ... that is entirely appropriate for the office. Sheila, this outfit is very very me. I may sneak into your closet.

  16. Dress - Triple A+. Love it. Love it on you.
    Shoes - A. You don't mention how they are for walking, or how they are after a day on your feet at work. I love them, but I'm with Megan Mae. Life is too short if they are uncomfortable, keep 'em if they ARE comfy (and fix the loose fit in the heel!). They do make your legs look fab-u-lous!

  17. I think this is my favourite of all your dresses, though I'm sure I'll change my mind next time you wear a dress with a swishy skirt ;)

    Also, I wore the Periodic Table of Awesome skirt to dance class tonight and got lots of compliments!

  18. Yay Dress Week is back!

    This dress is one of my favorites; pretty pattern, interesting colors, an easy go-to dress when you don't want to think too hard about putting together an outfit but it still looks like an outfit.

    I love the shoes, myself, but I adore a nice heeled oxford look. The dealbreaker is the comfort -- if they are comfortable, keep 'em, otherwise kiss them goodbye! :)


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