Sunday, April 7, 2013

Breezy Weekend, and a Bit of Shopping

Hey, another weekend is nearly over - feels like it's just begun!

Our Ultimate Frisbee season started Saturday morning - I love playing and running around in the sun, which did come out for us. Unfortunately, it was rather windy.
Blowing in the wind
I like to put my best foot forward when being out and about in public, so I always wear something nice that  I can change out of/in to at the field. Yeah, I wiggle on my shorts/pants under the dress, take the dress off (I have a full-coverage sports bra on), and put my top on. Off go the shoes, on go my socks and cleats. Oh, and a ball cap - 'cause I'm classy that way.

When we finish playing, I wipe myself down and change back into this so that I look nice when we go for lunch after. My make-up was a little smooshed, but I carry a little bag of stuff to tidy myself back up after I've gotten all sweaty.

Anyway, some of you may recognize most of this outfit as being the Favourite Outfit of the Year from the capsule challenge (worn here). This is the first time wearing this Smoking Lily dress again since then, I think.
I needed to baby my feet, so out came the Fluevog Prepare Guides, last worn here with rust and leather.
We had a great game, but man, am I ever sore today. Even going to the gym regularly doesn't prepare oneself for 2 hours of running and sprinting!

Dress and obi (Smoking Lily), earrings (locally made), shoes (Prepare Guides, Fluevogs).

After a 2 hour nap in the afternoon, I wanted to put on comfy clothes and chill. We met up with another couple at our local pub, and then had them over to our place for some board games. I really didn't want anything binding or constricting, so I totally went for comfort.
And crazy hair...that's what a gob of mousse and sleeping on it will do
This was like wearing pajamas all evening! The stripey cardigan was worn twice in the July 2012 capsule wardrobe (recap here), and the grey sleeveless wool sweater was worn 5 times in the December 2012 capsule (recap here).

I'm linking this outfit up to "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. Go check it out!

The skirt is new-to-me and I've been sitting on it for a while, wondering how to wear it. I thrifted it for $6.00 back here in September, and hemmed and hawed about it then as well. I never did end up wearing it as a layering piece under a long skirt.
I actually quite liked wearing it last night, and I'll probably wear it around the house once it gets a little warmer, as opposed to wearing my jeans.

I wore my new-to-me obi (it's a soft cotton t-shirt knit) over it all to give a bit of definition.
And my Prepare Volunteer boots got hauled out of the back of the closet for the walk to and from the pub. I last wore them here with my Smoking Lily greyhounds tee, in February. Spring is a real season here - the weather is quite variable (I wore a coat over this outfit), and it can be cold and rainy one minute and sunny and warm the next.

I would like more sunny and warm, please!

We don't wear shoes in the house, so I had to make sure I didn't have ugly sport socks on when I took my boots off at home.
Hee, kitty socks! 

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), sweater (August Silk, consignment), skirt (Weekenders, thrifted), socks (Sock It To Me), boots (Prepare Volunteers, Fluevogs), obi (thrifted).

Although it's not called that, we refer to our neighbourhood pub as "The Winchester" - our friends knew that and bought us this awesome cross-stitch:
Check out the other cool designs (link)
Recognize the quote? It's from "Shaun of the Dead", one of our favourite movies. Hee!

Today was another breezy day. I walked to get groceries and then went to the thrift boutique for a browse. 
The cardigan and tank were both in the February 2012 capsule (recap here).

The skirt is new-to-me, bought on consignment back here in March for $30.00. It was maybe a bit cool to do bare legs with this, but I really wanted my swooshiness to go to 11.
It was lovely to wear - I am excited to wear it more this spring/summer. I did easy shoes for all the walking; my Chie Mihara leather flats, last worn here with bright coral and florals.
I like the double layer of the skirt.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), top (Ellen Tracy, swap from Caro), skirt (Lapis, consignment), shoes (Chie Mihara).

I found a couple of good things while out thrifting, including two new shirts for L.

I got this awesome brown crackle-finish leather coat:
It's fitted through the middle and comes to just past the hips, what is called a "car coat".

It has a nice quilted lining and the zipper can open from the bottom. It's by Danier and it was on the half-price clearance rack.
Is it leather or "leather"?
See why? It's labeled "Men's" on the tag, but the sizing is women's. Someone goofed up - it's probably been languishing in with the menswear for a month. I always check!

I also think I may have found the perfect denim pencil skirt!
The waist is not too high, it doesn't have a front or back slit, and the wash is fairly even. It's by Talbot's and was $13.50.

I also found a lovely coral, blue, black and olive dotted silk scarf.
$5.00 and it is by Esprit.

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Love all the stripes and flowing skirt! Ahhh that super flowy one!

    It's been warm here, I hope it spreads! I am loving the bare arms more than anything. I hate sleeves and I'm happy to be out of them lately.

    Also love the shaun of the dead quote!! I love that movie too (except the part where David gets eaten... I can't watch that part). It's probably the only zombie movie I like.

  2. Kitty socks! And a reference to a great flick. What more could a reader ask for?!

  3. Wonderful weekend round-up Sheila. I love your double-layer swooshy skirt and need one just like that in my closet. The cross-stitch is too cool! Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  4. You rocked the stripes -- those are some good finds!

    Blue Hue wonderland

  5. You look fab in all your outfits, I particularly like the green dress/obi belt!
    I'm visiting from Visible Monday.

  6. Lovely shopping finds - especially the hidden gem of the ladies' jacket in the men's section!

    Really like your two outfits with the maxi skirts - the red one is really nice with the stripes and grey.

  7. Oooo, I love that green dress with the splash of purple on the obi! And your striped outfit - like wearing pajamas - excellent! I love it when I have clothes like that that I can wear to work. So comfy!

  8. Colour, colour, that first outfit I love so much. It is so right. And the second one, wow, your crazy hair is perfect! I love your hair like this. And it sounds easy to do - just smoosh stuff in it and sleep, bing, done. My crazy hair was a false front like those old stores - a great big wall in front and nothing behind it. Yours is more full-bodied. Great thrift finds. I often check all the sizes. Sometimes misplaced gems are lurking, as you prove so well.

  9. Love the beautiful green dress, you look amazing. And it's always good to have outfits that are comfortable and soft as well as stylish, the stripes and red skirt are a great combination. Yay for Spring - finally! xxxx

  10. I'm wild about all of these looks too! I've also been wanting to mention how much I love your new glasses, and how I about passed out due to the collective cool of your recent meet-up with Melanie - dude!!!

  11. I love Shaun of the Dead - it's a good movie! I love all of these outfits, the last one is actually my favorite though! I really like that flowy skirt!

  12. That shade of green is supposedly to be the color of the year! Great find! Denim skirt is high on my wish list this season :)


  13. I like the red maxi skirt and the pale whooshy skirt - both work really well with the stripey cardigans.

  14. I like all you outfits! The obi belt is a new concept to me, I must say it looks fabulous!

    xxx juli

  15. Gosh what lovely outfits! I particularly love the stripes with the obi belt and red skirt, and that green dress is divine.

  16. Hard to pick one, but I'm a micro-unit more partial to the layered skirt with stripe cardi. Thanks for showing the cross-stitch! Gives me an idea ...

    Have a great week, and stop by for a visit sometime!

  17. If you weren't so far over the pond, I think I'd invite myself over for a shopping trip with you!


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