Sunday, April 21, 2013

Purple Shoe Week Concludes, Double Boots, Heart Balls, and Some Shopping

Are you ready? This is a big post - I did mention it was going to be a busy weekend!

Friday concluded purple shoe week with these spat-inspired Fluevog beauties.
I last wore them here in March with a yellow and blue combination.

The top half is my leather vest, last seen here in March with leopard and lace, and my floral blouse that I last wore here in February with pink velvet.

I had planned to wear a different blouse with this outfit (this one), but then I remembered that I had a blood donation appointment, so I went with a shorter sleeve.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to donate blood because my iron/hemoglobin was too low. Whoops, I guess I should have had a proper dinner the night before instead of snacks and wine at Book Club.

The skirt was last worn here with my Vivienne Westwood shoes back in March also.
Vest (CAbi, thrifted), blouse (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Optionelle, consignment), boots (Libby Smith Bellevilles, Fluevog), necklace (Raven's Roost Studio).

After work, L and I napped then we roused ourselves to change into party clothes for our friends' Caro and Ronnie's party. It was Newfoundland themed, so we had fresh-caught Pacific cod (for kissing on the lips; it's some sort of tradition - I did NOT do that!) and Screech to drink (I also skipped that).

For parties lately, my goal has been twofold: wear the heck out of my Fluevog boots, and wear some of my older party dresses that I haven't worn much.
Yowza! This dress got high marks from the partygoers, so it'll stay in my closet. It's a London Times dress, bought at The Bay department store back in 2009. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it was probably in the $49-69 range.

Here's how I've previously worn it:

  • October 2009 for my 42nd birthday party - standard black accessories
  • May 2010 for our helicopter trip to Vancouver for our friend Tony's surprise 40th birthday party

I love the crazy pattern of it - it reminds me of Mars or space storms.
The late afternoon light was weird for pictures. Lots of odd shadows.
I walked several blocks in my boots and stood for the whole party (till past midnight), and my feet felt pretty good. I am totally impressed at how-well balanced these are.

I wore them last weekend here.

Here's a look at the dress' construction.
It's that Herve Leger bandage dress type of construction, but the panels on this dress aren't elastic, and they actually work beautifully to shape. The dress doesn't have a lot of stretch, and it is fully-lined.

The stuff:
Rock and roll, baby!

Dress (London Times), boots (LA Malibu, Fluevog), studded cuff/snake ring/spider ring (homegrown vintage, 80s), leather cuff (Guess, thrifted), red stone ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (consignment).

Okay, so this bit is me being silly. You know how people make that *heart* gesture with their hands to show love? One night a few weeks ago, L and I saw someone on TV doing it, and I said that more than heart was needed - you had to have balls!

Thusly, I have invented *heart balls*:

Make the heart, then turn it upside down for balls. Spread the love that is *heart balls* - or, just give *balls* if the occasion warrants it. Use the gesture that shows, "Oh yeah, you are really special."

This is my "Visible Monday" link-up - go check out Patti's Not Dead Yet Style to see all the gorgeous women there! Ha, Patti is looking "wholesome" - me, not so much.

Props and thanks to my super-mojo-riffic friend, Carollyne (check out her awesome blog and her amazing art), for the pictures above. Carollyne's the best marketer - she wants to make *heart balls* go viral. Hee hee!

We had no Ulty game this week, so L and I slept in a bit then went to our favourite diner for brunch. I went loose and casual.
A big ol' flowy skirt, a couple of fun top layers, and walkable shoes for my slightly tired feet. I did a bit of shopping after lunch.

I wore this kimono-style top 3 times in the September 2012 capsule (recap here).
It was windy out, so this skirt billowed and swirled (and only tried to do the "look at my panties!" once).
This is its second wear - it was last worn on another shopping expedition (with stripes) here. It brought me good luck - I found some awesome things.

Much as I would have loved to have skipped a jacket, it's far too chilly (but I'm still doing bare legs! take that, Spring).
My orange leather one was perfect, with fingerless gloves and a scarf.

The stuff:
These Aldo shoes are fabulous for walking around. The woven leather has stretched to fit my feet exactly. I can't remember if I've worn them since the July 2012 (recap here), but I suspect I have. Ah well.

I had a nice shop. I find shopping very relaxing and soothing.

In keeping with my ethical shopping practices, I scoped out the booths in Bastion Square to see if there was anything interesting. I found some amazing jewelry at "About Tine" (not time, tine). Shahn makes stainless steel art jewelry out of spoons and forks (get it? tine?). I love the idea of re-using vintage and thrifted cutlery to make new jewelry.
They came in this lovely beaded bag
I bought a leaf bracelet made out of spoons (they've been rubbed with oil to change the colour to a nice bronzy shade), and a ring, also made from a spoon.
The bracelet is nice and small for my wrist - and it does up with a super-strong nesting magnet clasp.

Check out "About Tine" - linking 'cause I love. I got both pieces for $75.00 (the ring was $25 and the bracelet was $55, but Shahn gave me a small discount).

Next, I went up lower Johnson Street. I was excited to find a pair of hemp, sheepskin and recycled rubber slippers on sale to replace my awful junky cheap and worn-out slippers. And - bonus - they were made locally! No picture because frankly, they are practical, not pretty. Heh.

But I'll share my find from the Patch.
It's a fantastic coral-red silk skirt! It was $19.99, and since it's marked a size 14, I'm going to say it's from the 80s. It has wonderful "swoosh factor"!

Check out the gorgeous swirly pattern that's woven into the silk.
I can't wait to wear it!

I also stopped in at the Salvation Army - I don't go there often because it's kind of stinky. But I was in the neighbourhood, and I was disappointed to find that one of my favourite stores, Regalia Boutique, had closed! Aw...

I consoled myself with this gorgeous velvet blazer:
It's by Gap and it was $7.99. I love the multiple buttons down the front and on the cuffs. The colour is a rich butterscotch. Mmmm...butterscotch.

It also has amazing seaming - the fit is great.
The pleats at the bottom are a peplum - and the date on the inside tags says it's from 2005, so only 7-8 years and peplums are back. Why buy new?

After my long afternoon of shopping, we napped again, then got ready for Karen's birthday party.
It was later and darker by the time we left
Shiny! This is a sequined dress that I bought new from Plum on clearance from $129.00 for $20.00 back in January 2011.

Here's how I've worn it before:

  • July 2011 (last outfit) for a party, and worn, check out the first picture of Vizzini as a kitten with Inigo
  • January 2011, with a fancy t-shirt under it to go see "Black Swan"

It's loose and comfortable, although it was prickly under the arms. Sequins can be scratchy.
I love how the dress looks like liquid.

It is covered front and back with sequins.
I did pink tights with my Fluevogs this time.

Another look at the dress.
I think I'd like to try it with a shirt underneath, and see if I can make it work-appropriate. I definitely haven't worn it enough!

The stars of the party:
I walked 4 blocks each way and then stood for several hours. I need to get the heel cap replaced with a super-high density rubber cap (this was recommended at Fluevog). These boots took a beating this weekend!

My feet are very tired today - I'll be wearing flats and comfy shoes all week to get ready for the big 10K race this weekend.

I wore my red leather coat over this, with my lovely 80s scarf.
Purple leather gloves because...purple!

Dress (Esprit), boots (LA Malibu, Fluevogs), scarf (Adrienne Vittadini, vintage 80s, consignment), gloves (Danier Leather).

I hope your weekend has been full of fun, swooshiness, and colour!


  1. Love love love those boots. So jealous of them and you having places to wear them! I'd love to see them paired with your stained glass dress.

    I may have bought a pair of Cydwoq boots yesterday at Gravity Pope.

  2. wow, red dress, red hair, hearts and balls! You are a goddess, thanks for sharing all the goodies with Visible Monday.

  3. much little are a queen of style, Shelia!!

  4. Love the shape of the denim skirt and your party duds are outtasite - the red's my fave. Man, you are so awesome. Gorgeous silvery grey and orange, and wow, the velvet blazer! Fantastic light show. :)

  5. Good Sheila, Bad Sheila. Or is it Bad Sheila, Good Sheila, Bad Sheila? You look just amazing, as usual. I love that last scarf and I bet it looks fabulous with those boots. Also, love the mismatched cross earrings. I might steal that idea!

  6. You are looking foxy fine! I love the stud cuff- can see you wearing it with loads of stuff.

  7. Woo! Your party looks are super fantastic!! I love that red dress. Very chic, Sheila. I can't believe how much wear you've gotten out of those boots so far.

    I'm pulling out my purple boots tomorrow. Supposed to be cool enough to wear them.

  8. Just stumbled upon your blog through "Not Dead Yet Style". Took a few minutes to fly through it - but I'll be back! Love your sense of style. And can I just say - the red hair fits you perfectly!

  9. Just stumbled upon your blog. Love your style! Had a few minutes to fly through some posts - but I'll be back! Can I cast my vote? The red hair fits you perfectly!

  10. Love your red party dress, but I think what I love the most is all your fantastic energy. WOW, can you send some my way? You are so much fun to see and read about. By the way, I'm crazy about your funky purple glasses.

  11. "heart" ... "balls" - LOVE!!! heehee!!! OK the Gap butterscotch velvet fitted jacket was searching for you and she found you! Absolutely gorgeous! The "stripy" dress is awesome - what an AMAZING figure you have! And oh god you're wearing THOSE gorgeous boots again :) xoxo

  12. you shouldn't make so many cool outfits at the same time. I was totally lost.
    looking at first outfit I was thinking 'omg! awesome shoes' looking at your sexy outfits (second and last) I was thinking how fresh and sexy you look. such a bad girl (in a good termes). and scrolling down the third outfit I could help but notice how romantic and princess like you look

  13. Wow--you've been a busy gal this weekend!!
    Purple shoe week-LOL
    I LOVE the "heart.....balls" AWESOME!!!

    OMG--those boots in both outfits-AMAZING--they really elevate everything to a new level.

    Love the swooshy skirt and can't wait to see how you style the coral skirt and butterscotch jacket!

  14. Such a busy weekend! Love both of your party outfits - that printed red dress is an absolute stunner on you, and I'm pleased to see those beautiful boots pop up often :)

  15. You amuse the heck out of us. Heart balls? Sure! And the bandage dress is amazing.

  16. Ow ow to the party dresses! They are amazing! I really love your flowy skirt too though, super pretty.

  17. You are a party animal, Sheila! Love both the party frocks, the red bandage style dress is awesome, and the sequin dress is sooo sexy, you look amazing. And those boots, oh those boots...
    Love the coral skirt and the butterscotch jacket, can't wait to see you wearing them.
    Heart and balls, what a combination! xxxxx

  18. oh the heart and the balls... i think i'd have so much fun with you ! i'd probably sit next to you at a party.

  19. Two knockout party outfits, Sheila! I think you can make the sequin dress work-appropriate - with a shirt, but perhaps an animal print cardi with black in it? The boots are the perfect accompaniment to both.

    Look forward to seeing the Gap peplum jacket on, the cut looks marvellous!

  20. Wow Sheila!
    You are a true Fashionista!
    Every time i see your blog i say to myself i'm not that bad! Hahaha!
    You have fabulous stuff!
    Those boots are to kill for!
    Adore the tutu like skirt

    Love and hugs

    Ariane xxxx

  21. Heartballs! Quick, you need some HB merch to sell! :)

    I love London Times dresses and that one's a beauty. And I'm all swoony for the flow-y skirt. And all your clothes look fabo with the fantastic red hair.

  22. I was in at John Fluevogs!
    What a great post...I love the party dress, the new coral skirt, the sassy attitude!

  23. Wow you have had a busy time! Great outfits, I particularly like the red outfit, you're so glamorous in it.

    Popping by as a fellow Visible Monday blogger, do pop by my post and let me know what you think!


  24. Heart-Balls. Gotta remember that. All outfits are memorable as well. Can't say which I love the most. Probably the Martian red dress. I so see the connection. But the Plum black sheath is killer as well. Hmmm. I'm a sucker for that kind of drama, and you have the figure to wear it, kid!
    Have a great week!


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