Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wardrobely Oxygenated; An Ultimate Weekend; and Stained Glass Boots

First up: Totally Exciting News! I've been featured and interviewed on Wardrobe Oxygen* as one of Alison's "True Fashionista" series. 

I'm truly honoured to be included, thank you, Alison! Check out the post here. Welcome, new readers, and thank you for your kind comments!
*linking 'cause I love - I don't get anything but a little notoriety from this.

Now, I mustn't let this fleeting fame go to my head (hee) so let's settle down and get back to the business of clothes. This is what I wore to work on Friday.
I'm test-driving this new-to-me denim skirt that I thrifted here last weekend for $13.50. It's by Talbot's and I am so happy that it doesn't have any slits. No accidental hoo-hah flashing, no worry about bending over and exposing  god-knows-what. Why is this never an issue with regular pencil skirts, but when it comes to denim skirts, it's all like "let's put in a massive slit"?

Anyway, tell me what you think of this skirt. I wore it again today (pictures below), so you can get a good look-see at it.

But the big star of this outfit is COLOUR. Woo, pink legs and orange-yellow shoes! I loved the brightness of these colours together.
The blouse and the shoes were both featured in the April 2012 capsule (recap here); I wore the shoes 5 times and the blouse once. I wanted to give the blouse another shot because I like all the colours (and I wanted to see it on me as a blonde).

Back shot of the skirt.
 Not too bad - I don't mind the lack of pockets (just flaps).

Although it was rainy, I wore my orange leather jacket and red leather purse.
Bring on the colour! I had a lot "Oh wow!" compliments on this outfit. I definitely brought my own sunshine to a cloudy day.

The stuff:
These are the only Tsubos I've owned that have worked for me (I've had two other pairs that I've passed along). The chain belt is from the 60s - it used to belong to my mom. It had big chain links and tassels that I removed in the mid-80s (regret!).

A close-up of the rings.
Um, a blurry close-up
The purple stone one was my dad's. I got it when he died in 1997. The other one is a $5.00 cheapy ring that's never gotten tarnished.

Blouse (Jones New York), skirt (Talbot's, thrifted), shoes (Tsubo), belt (vintage 60s, Mom's), ring (Francis Jewelers, vintage 50s, Dad's), ring (purchased in the late 90s).

I had to rush home from work on Friday to get my glam on for our friend Alison's surprise birthday party. I went all out!
My penchant for adding rocker accessories to ladylike dresses continues. Also: crazy hair (which I love doing).

This wonderful dark green satin dress has been in my closet since February 2010 - it's by Club Monaco and was $40 on consignment. It looked like a big boring sack on the hanger, but it's so cool on. I love the deliberately uneven shoulders and the looseness of the top of it; the bottom is cut just like a snug pencil skirt.
I first wore it here in Feb 2010 for our friend Ronnie's 40th birthday party, and then again in November 2010 to see "The Wizard of Oz" at the theatre with my nieces (crazy Auntie Sheila always dresses up!).

For accessories, I stuck with silver: my "teeth" necklace, silver bird skull earrings and a silver cuff.

Hee, look what I found in the background of the above picture:
Vizzini is trying to get into my purse! He knows how to open zippers. Little devil!

The back:
Showing my ink
I know - *gasp* - the boots are so freakin' awesome. I cabbed out to a restaurant to meet L and friends for dinner, then we got a ride to the surprise party house. I did the diva thing and clutched arms for support on the rainy sidewalks.

I bought the boots here in March 2013 at the Fluevog store in Gastown (hi, Wes!) in Vancouver, and this is their inaugural wearing. I loved towering 6" above everyone! I was a little concerned about my feet being in major pain after wearing them, but aside from a little soreness on the balls of my feet, they were perfectly fine the next day. For such a high heel, they are surprisingly wearable. They are still on half price at the Fluevog website right now (linking for info purposes only), but I recommend them only for those souls (soles?) who have a good dose of Lady Gaga in them!

The outerwear:
We have a true Spring season here on the wet West Coast, and that means that I can put my winter coats away and wear my mid-weight leather jackets and fancy ones like this amazing Desigual coat.
Tra la! I love how it looked with the boots. I bought this coat for a chokingly high amount of money (over $400) to celebrate getting my current job in March 2011 (first worn here).

I featured the coat in my February 2012 capsule wardrobe (recap here).
I am a robot
I wore purple leather gloves to top it off. I need to wear this coat again soon.

I was so outrageously visible in this outfit - and it felt great! - that this is my link-up to "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Yet Dead Style. Get yourself over there!

Coat (Desigual), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), boots (LA Malibu, Fluevog), necklace (The Bay), earrings (local, Vancouver), cuff (thrifted), gloves (Danier Leather).

We didn't stay too late at the party, because I'm a responsible team player (*snort*) when it comes to Ultimate. Being hungover and running around for two hours in the sun and/or rain and/or wind isn't fun.

I did my usual "quick change" outfit both before and after the game.
Minimal make-up, wet hair, full skirt and comfy shoes.

Both the blue sweater and the snowflake skirt were worn in the October 2012 capsule (recap here). I wore the sweater thrice and the skirt 4 times.
I also have a black cami and a vintage half-slip on.
I last wore these shoes last Monday (here) with my olive suede skirt. They are excellent on my feet after wearing tight cleats for two hours.

Leather coats are the perfect weight for this time of year - they cut the wind and are warm without being too smotheringly hot.
Jacket (Danier Leather), sweater (Smart Set, thrifted), skirt (J.J.F., consignment), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), earrings (local).

I took my camera to the field so you could see where we play. This is Victoria High School. It's the oldest high school west of Winnipeg and north of San Francisco, opened in 1876; this version was built in 1914 (source).
My parents went to school here.

We dump our stuff at the "Girls Entrance". On Saturday, it was rainy, so we put all of our gear up at the top of the steps to keep it dry.
L on the right
I change from my nice clothes into my Ulty stuff there. Everyone gets a gander at my sports bra, but otherwise I'm able to transition quickly.

See? I don't wear fancy clothes ALL the time!
This is my usual work-out gear: board shorts (nice and long), a tee, cleats and my Panthers ball cap. Our practice discs are near me, as are our orange traffic cones for marking out our field. That's our playing area behind me.

It was sunny/cloudy for the whole game - lots of wind, which makes play challenging.
Our friend Chris on the left and me on the right, getting some "catch" in for warm-up before we start playing. We had 10 people show up, so it was a good game. We utilize the full field, with end zones marked out.

Action shot!
I'm catching there, I think. Anyway, proof that I am not always 100% fashionable!

I change back into that same nice outfit and put on a bit more make-up before we go for lunch.

Last night was Winesday at my house! Woo hoo! My gals and I hung out and ate so much yummy food and drank many bottles of wine. We also did a big clothes swap, and I gave away a bunch of clothes. I love seeing things go to good homes!

I slept in a bit this morning, then got ready to head to town with L for lunch and grocery shopping.
More sunshine! I was stopped by a lady in the grocery store who told me, "Those are the most amazing shoes I've ever seen!" They are my Fluevog Prepare Hi Steady "Disco Dutch" shoes, last worn here with my rockin' Etro blazer.

I kept my orange leather blazer on for the entire outing as it was a little chilly.
Second wear of the denim skirt (seen on Friday, scroll up). This time I wore my rocker belt - I do like that this skirt fits at my natural waist, as opposed to sitting on my hips.

This yellow t-shirt was worn 4 times in the April 2012 capsule (recap here).
I am determinedly doing bare legs, even though it's cold out!
I love yellow for spring!

What colour are you grooving on right now?

Blazer (Danier Leather, consignment), t-shirt (INC, thrifted), skirt (Talbot's, thrifted), belt (consignment), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevogs).


  1. Well I love all of the outfits and especially the dark green dress with those to die for boots. You are so smart to have found a sport you enjoy. I have plateaued on WW and need to find a sport I can do and will enjoy. I have to say I am liking the super chic blond hair on you. I think it is good to change the hair up once in a while. I adore that orange leather jacket so wonderful. Your use of color is very inspiring.I need to add more color to my outfits too.

  2. Wow love your colours & style! Those boots are a total work of art!

  3. Oh my, so much fashion-y goodness here. Your green silk dress is completely TDF, you look like a movie goddess. And the accompanying boots! Stand aside, Lady G. Thanks for sharing all the delights with Visible Monday. xoxo

  4. Excuse my language but HOLY FUCK I want those boots. So HOT! GHA!! I can't afford them even at $400. Maybe they will go on clearance. I might even have somewhere to wear them in Toronto. *sigh*

    I can't wait to get my shoes back. IEEEE!!!

  5. Oh hell YES! The stunning pink and orange combo! And the INCREDIBLE coat! And the mustard suede shoes... and your million watt smile! I love it ALL, Sheila.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Whoa, Sheila...that dark green top is SEXY!

  7. Great outfits--that coat is wonderful! Plus your shoes are all fabulous.

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Where to begin? I love those tights and shoes in the top outfit, how the colors call back to the blouse. The Desigual coat and Fluevog boots...both awesome!

  9. Every incarnation of the denim skirt looks awesome- love the colored tights, the colored jackets and the yellow dutch shoes! I am cray-cray for your party girl look. You look fierce!

    Congrats on the Wardrobe Oxy feature. Alison just proved that she has great taste. xo.

  10. GASP! THOSE BOOTS. Sheila, I'm pretty sure you could beat Gaga to the ground in those puppies. She ain't got nothin' on your style. And I love how beautifully that coat goes with the boots and the dress.

    I love your denim skirt. The fit is spot on! I rarely see any denim skirts around my area that are to the knee and not skin tight. Most of them in the thrift stores are those awful booty-skirts.

    Love the yellow fluevogs with this look! The yellow and orange are so sunny. I love it!

    I've been feeling a lot of blue lately.

  11. Love your bright colour combinations here - pink and orange looks fab together. You're certainly getting mileage from that orange leather jacket - what a great piece! And I love your emerald green look. Very glamorous!

  12. Well aren't I glad I found you at Patti's party?!!! So much awesome goodness and hilarity here, I know, WHY do they put slits in denim skirts? The Monaco dress is an absolute treasure and is perfection on you, as is the COAT!!!!!! I do not need more boots. Stop tempting me;) xo

  13. Love all of your bright outfits! So nice to see so many colourful clothes, nice and cheerful! Really like the pink and yellow printed shirt in the first photo. Congrats on the feature - lovely interview. And now I know the reason behind your blog name, didn't know that! :)

  14. Thank you for being a part of my series, you have fantastic and unique style!!

    And that green dress! The boots! the coat! Oh goodness you made me gasp and swoon!

  15. So many awesome outfits in one post! I love all the colors in your Friday outfit, they look great together! I also love that spiky necklace with the dress!

    And congrats on the feature!

  16. I love everything about the glam rock green dress outfit!!!! Also love the pink tights/orange shoe color combo and denim skirts are awesome because they go with everything.
    Your dad's purple stone ring is amazing.
    Becky :)

  17. I honestly can't find the words to describe all this fabulous-ness, except your green dress and Vogs left me breathless.

    I do like that there's no hoo-hah slit in the back of that denim skirt :P

  18. I saw you in Allison's blog ! Congrats Sheila - it's very well deserved.
    I like your blond hair version.
    Your first outfit rocks it our of this world, I love so much color and all of your pieces shout out "quality" if you know what i mean - it think you did an amazing job. Of course the Tsubos - you know it's actually one of the best pairs of shoes i have EVER HAD!
    I don't think i had seen you wear that rich green Monaco dress - too hot - the computer screen is on fire !

  19. Oh yes, loving the yellow - with pink, orange, denim, anything!
    Your green dress is stunning, especially with those amazing boots and wow - Coat of Glory! xxxx

  20. Normally don't care much for denim skirts but you take it wonderful places with the pink!
    Love the skirt and sweaters, blue and black the best for me ... not sure about the glam factor of cleats ... but the Green. The GREEEEEEEEN ... just wonderful. And the way it fits you. And the coat, and the boots. Yes, I should say SO!

  21. Very nice Sheila! i love the first outfit, bubble gum tights and orange pink top, brilliant, you are my girl
    I love the coat! this brand is so original but too, too pricey for me!

    I love how you glammed up! the necklace you are wearing is stunning, it makes the outfit!


    Ariane xxx

  22. There's so much to see I don't quite know what to pick out. Everything looks great on you, but I especially love how you paired yellow with pink!

    xxx juli

  23. Wow every outfit is so unique, my fave is the 1st one its so bright and colourful and the jacket is amazing!
    I also like your desigual coat, i have one too, its a very good quality and looks fantastic but uhhhh the price... I bought mine in barcelona there are so many desigual stores and i couldn't resist :)
    Have a fabby day! xx Tani

  24. Those stained-glass boots are killer. And look at you playing Ultimate! I had hoped you were going to post pics of that one day. :)


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