Monday, April 22, 2013

Christmas in April - and New Teapots

I was told by at least three people at work today that I looked Christmassy. Yes, I get it. I'm wearing red and green together.
Insert rolleyes here, why don'tcha?

This is my second wearing of the Emerald Green Dress of Checkerboard Awesomeness, last seen here with a similar colour palette (red shoes, black obi) for the Billy Bragg concert earlier this month.

My red cardigan was worn twice in the October 2012 capsule (recap here).
 I quite liked how the orangey-yellow of the shoes went with the roses in the dress pattern.
I last wore these shoes a week ago here with hot pink tights. As I mentioned before, I'm in the big 10K race this Sunday and I need to baby my feet this week. All these heels are not good for race-walking.

The stuff:
Love the leather obi. The black rose bracelet is one of those cheapass things that just keeps hanging on.

As promised when I bought this dress, here's a close-up (albeit blurry) of the pattern.
Don't you love the dear little black and white buttons? I love the weird checkerboards and roses too.

Dress (handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted), cardigan (no label, consignment), shoes (Tsubo), leather obi (consignment), earrings (The Cobbler), bracelet (Le Chateau).

Okay, you all know I'm a just a *bit* of a Fluevog junkie, right? Just a little. Well, on the Fluevog website is this thing called the FlueMarket* where you can buy, sell or swap used Fluevogs. It's a great way to find discontinued styles or find a good deal on a gently-worn pair. I like to sort by my size and then browse and see what's available. Some of them are really pricey, but every so often, you might find a deal.
*linking 'cause I love - no benefit to me

I found a pair I had to have - they are my 22nd pair of Fluevogs. Welcome Darjeeling Teapots!
I totally will, Erin!
The seller is Erin, who doesn't have the type of job that allows her to wear her dressy shoes anymore, and she's going back to school and selling off some of her Fluevogs. I got these for only $90 plus shipping - and Erin is in Ontario, so the shipping wasn't too expensive. Happy to contribute to her continuing education!

This is my second pair of shoes in the Teapot family - the other ones are my Sencha Teapots (seen here), which I bought in a size 9.5. These Darjeelings are a size 10, but they are very narrow (I have narrow feet) and due to the leather lace-up across the vamp, they can be snugged up a bit. I was thrilled to find that they fit perfectly.
Look at the lovely heel. It looks like a teapot spout.

So excited! I have been wanting a really fabulous black shoe that didn't have too high of a heel. Now...I just need to keep Vizzini away from them - he will eat the laces for sure, little bugger.


  1. LOVE the crazy pattern on that gorgeous frock - and the orange shoes are PERFECT! I always feel a bit christmassy in red and green... adding a third colour is definitely a good way to reduce the seasonal tone.

    Sarah xxx

  2. Awesome deal on the new fluevogs! You have more Vogs than I have shoes. ;)

    I love your dress! I think the orange helps keep it from feeling too Christmasy.

  3. The shoes are oh-so-pretty! Twenty-two pairs of Fluevogs?! Do they have a picture of you on their website?

    1. L and I are working on doing the month of Fluevog thing together. Now we just have to take a lot of pictures of ourselves in Fluevogs...

  4. You already know that I seriously love that dress! Playing up the orange is a great idea. Beautiful shoes, as always. 22 pairs - wow! xxx

  5. Those new shoes are lovely! Glad you got such a great deal on them, and that they fit you perfectly :)

  6. I'd be tempted to try that dress out with a black/white topper. Not sure why, just wondering how a light colored addition would do.

  7. I love the vintage 70's print dress - that era had some kick-ass prints. And your new shoes look awesome, congrats on a good buy!

  8. The orange shoes are perfect with that dress. Awesome!

    And great score on the teapots.

  9. I don't think the dress is that Christmasy! I like it. I had someone tell me yesterday that my earrings looked like snowflakes. I guess some people just don't understand fashion, haha!

  10. I think you are officially an addict ;)
    I love how you style every single pair as there is so much detail in these shoes, they are of a superb quality.
    AS comfy as my Fluevogs are I just never wear them and feel terrible about it.

  11. I adore the dress!!! And you do not look christmas-y at all!! Do we work in the same place?? Cuz I get "You look like a bruise" or "You look like a bag of skittles candy exploded on you"--LOLOLOLOLOL

    I love red and green together!

    OMG--THOSE new shoes are amazing!!!

  12. Hi Sheila, love the dress! I'm glad the shoes reached you safely and fit well too :) To echo some of the other commenters: 22 pairs of Fluevogs - wow! You should totally be on their website. All the best, and keep up the fantastic outfits - I'll live vicariously through your fashion choices ;) Thanks again!

  13. Obydwie pary butów bardzo ładne:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  14. Oooh! Great find! Keep little kitty out!!

  15. You are FIERCE, girl! Stylin', runnin', and collectin' Vogs :)

  16. Oh I'm a sucker for unusual dresses. I love that one!


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