Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Candy-Cane Bustle

I've been wanting to wear this blouse as regular office wear since I bought it over a year ago. 
I have worn it once, as one of my Steampunk outfits back here last April (picture here, in case you don't feel like scrolling). It was $34.95 from Dots and the brand is Linea Domina.

Hard to see in these pictures, but it's striped, dark red on white. Not light pink.
I kept the bottom simple with a plain grey pencil skirt (worn in the April 2012 capsule 3 times, recap here).

I love the hem of the blouse:
It's got a built-in bustle! I had a comment from my coworker who referred to the blouse as "this business going on here." Heh, I like that.

The shoes are my lovely Sencha Teapots by Fluevog, last worn for Pink Day here in February.

Gotta run!

Blouse (Linea Domina), skirt (Plum), shoes (Sencha Teapots, Fluevog), leather obi (locally-made, gift from L), necklace (Raven's Roost Studios).


  1. Me too, love the hem of this blouse! What a great find, and you look terrific. xoxoxo

  2. Hee hee... this business going on here. I love tops like that which have detail. As I transition in and out of wearing my ootd blogger badge, I often feel pressure to pull together amazing outfits, intricately layered with the perfect set of jewelry. It's just not sustainable. This shirt has enough pizzaz you could wear it all decked out and look fab, or wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and still look amazing! Of course, as soon as I typed that, I did a search of your blog for jeans, knowing you're a dress & skirt kinda gal, and sure enough, it's been a year since we've seen you in jeans... and those were cropped jeans... but none the less, I'm sure you get my point.
    Now I'm off to browse your 2009 archives... I must be a Sheila in the making, just 4 years behind... there were a few pics that flashed through my screen where I went: "Damn, that's what I want to wear tomorrow!"

  3. Sheila, the candy cane top, belt and shoes complement each other so well. This is very attractive on you (but then everything is).

  4. That top is so cool. I love the pencil skirt underneath it. It helps tame the volume for a more daily wear.

    I'm seeing a resurgence of obi belts across the blog world. ;) Makes me happy!

  5. Awesome blouse. It's feminine but sassy at the same time with all that business. It definitely needs more outings.

  6. Those Fluevogs are amazing!! The detailing/drape of the blouse is pretty spectacular, too.

  7. I really like the hemline of the blouse, such a lovely piece! Works well with teh belt and pencil skirt too, really nice :)

  8. Beautiful blouse. I love how you've styled it with the wide obi. It's like a candy striper top!

  9. I love that it has a bustle! It's really unique! I like the fit of it on you, it's pretty fantastic.

  10. Śliczna jest ta bluzeczka:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  11. Nice blouse - it looks great with that skirt and obi, but I can imagine it would look good with a longer skirt, too. And of course, the shoes are gorgeous!


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