Monday, April 15, 2013

Swirls of Colour and Matching My Specs

First of all, check out this awesome sketch of me! This is from the lovely Anne of SpyGirl, who's so very talented and generous! 
She drew/painted my Friday outfit, seen here - love it! Thank you so much, Anne! 

This is another depiction of me or my clothes that I've received from readers/bloggers/friends over the years. The last was the drawing by Mary Walker from one of last summer's outfits, and I've been the subject of drawings/doodles from Megan Mae: this one last year for my birthday, this one in August 2011, and of course the one that is in all my inside photos, of me and my dear old Inigo, who we lost just a year ago. I know that one was also a birthday present, because Inigo has a party hat on.

Today, I wore two new-to-me and not-yet-worn pieces.
The sweater is by Bandolino and was thrifted back here in January 2013 for $13.50. I layered a bright purple cami under it - I really liked how the rusty-brick shade of the sweater popped against the purple.

The shots indoors were murky due to copious amounts of rain this morning - this sweater is more red than it looks.
I was really enamoured of the skirt - it's majorly swooshy and is a thin airy silk. Swoosh Factor 11!

It's by Corey Lynn Calter and I bought it on consignment here in March for $22.98.
The shoes - well, I just had to go with purple suede shoes! The skirt has purple and the cami was purple and my glasses are purple! Ah! Purple!

I love purple and reds together. Always have. I remember wearing purple and red together in high school in 1985.

The stuff:
Swirly insides by Dr. Scholl's
The shoes are by Friis and Co. and were featured twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here).

More red bits to go with the reds and oranges in the skirt.
The earrings reminded me of cherries today.

Sweater (Bandolino, thrifted), cami (InWear), skirt (Corey Lynn Calter, consignment), shoes (Friis and Co.), belt (Plum), ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (locally made).


  1. Your Anne M Bray drawing is so spot on! I love it. I'm also thrilled to see the old pictures I've done and the one Mary Walker did too. You're a well-drawn lady, Sheila!

    You also put together some of the most magnificent color combinations, so I'm not surprised.

  2. Cherry and purple, one of my fave combos as well. Incredible skirt! Watch out for that wind! Love this look.

  3. PS I had to mention how fantastic Anne's sketch is too. You are certainly runway material.

  4. Great sketch from Anne - she has captured your pose perfectly!
    I love red and purple together too, and the swooshy skirt is gorgeous. xxxx

  5. Such a lovely drawing - what a nice gift! :)

    I really like your printed skirt too :)

  6. Anne's sketches are fantastic, and she does have taste for the very best!

    Love the colors of that skirt, and the shoes are gorgeous! Wonderful combination!

  7. You really are a master of colour combinations. I'm still trying to get out of my "matchy-matchy" rut. Love the skirt! Swirly to the max!

  8. I saw that drawing when Ally linked to her blog yesterday - what a great sketch of you! It's fantastic!

    Purple and red is a nice color combo, but not one I've tried much before.

  9. Cool drawing!!!
    What a fabulous outfit--and such a gorgeous color combo!! The purple does make the red tones pop!!

  10. Love your drawing by Anne! And your fabulous color combination, and the swooshing : >

  11. what a beautiful picture, i love your skirt beautiful colours.

  12. Love the beautiful skirt and purple shoes, Sheila. These colors are stunning on you.
    The drawing is so cute...and what fun.


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