Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekend Roundup - Bowling, Cat and Purchases

Woo, it's been a fun weekend! I wish I were off tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be dead at work. Now, I'm just going to write this post, then plug in my headphones and do some reading before the groceries are delivered (I know, so decadent!).

On Friday, L and I and 7 of our closest friends met up for lunch downtown. Some of us headed off to go...bowling! afterwards. I had to dress up for bowling. One can't bowl in casual clothes, you know.
This is the second wear of this lovely black wool skirt, first worn here with my floral cardi. I am happy to say I am keeping it - I don't need to put together another outfit to know that it's great quality, a good shape and a good overall black skirt. Being wool, I probably won't wear it much between now and the fall, but you never know.

Can't forget - this is my outfit for "Visible Monday" at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style - get yourself on over there!

The blouse is one I've had since 2010 (first time worn here - some good pictures of the details of it there). I wore it 3 times in the March 2012 capsule (recap here).

I recently saw the same blouse in a different colour mix in a consignment store and was delighted to finally know what brand it is! It's by Point Zero. I do understand why some people cut the tags out of clothes (I was a rabid tag-cutter-outer for many years myself), but I like to know what brand I'm wearing.
I really liked the 50s vibe of this look. The skirt lends itself well to a tucked-in top. I kept this from getting too girly by wearing silver bird skull earrings, two punk-y cuffs, and a bunch of silver rings. Sadly, I lost my silver ear cuff somewhere during the day.

I'm Queen of the Faeries!
The shoes are my wonderful flat "I [Heart] Billy" ones that I wore in the February 2012 capsule (recap here). They are a smidge too small on me, so I'll probably pass them along at some point. For now, I like them.

I wore my full vintage slip underneath everything.
I love vintage lingerie - it's so pretty.

Although it was a wonderful sunny weekend (and still is!) there's a bit of a chill in the air still. Victoria is right on the water, so there's always a cool breeze.
I wore this olive blazer for warmth - don't you love when you can wear a blazer as outerwear? I wore this jacket in the January 2013 capsule (recap here). It's a great versatile topper.

Blazer (RW & Co., consignment), blouse (Point Zero, consignment), skirt (Jones New York, thrifted), slip (vintage, consignment), shoes (I [Heart] Billy), belt (Plum), bag (Danier Leather).

I remembered to pack a pair of socks for my bowling shoes.
All toothy grins after a few pints of cider. My bowling scores steadily declined as I had another couple of pints of beer. Hmmm...could these be linked?
So fast, I'm a blur! I did get a couple of spares and at least one strike. I'm not a great bowler.

After bowling, I stopped at home to feed Vizzini. I walked back down to go for dinner with the last few friends standing.
Blue sky, trees blossoming, and beautiful architecture.

Yesterday, L and I went for brunch with our friend Chris. I set myself a $20 budget to go shopping afterwards. Vancouver was a pricey weekend so I need to behave myself for a couple of weeks.
I couldn't face bare legs just yet (plus I didn't shave my legs, heh), so out came the floral tights.

This is the third wearing of the new-to-me Floating Gold Iceberg t-shirt skirt (previously seen on the weekend in Vancouver and here with floral and teal). My verdict: I'm keeping it. I love the bright coral colour and it's so utterly comfortable. Great skirt!

I've been looking forward to getting this denim shirt back into circulation. It's just the right cut and darkness, and it's not too thick. I'm wearing it semi-done-up over a black shell.
I wore this shirt twice in the May 2012 capsule (recap here), which feels like it was underutilized.
These shoes were made for walking (I last wore them here, with yellow, black and white and grey). Also, since I thrifted them for $4.00 a couple of years ago, I was hoping they would give me good karma on my shopping trip.

I wore my orange leather jacket as my outerwear, so this is how I looked for most of the day.
I got a lot of compliments on all the red/orange/coral mix and the tights (of course).

Jacket (Danier Leather, consignment), shirt (Mexx, consignment), shell (Mossimo, consignment), skirt (Floating Gold Iceberg, consignment), tights (Look From London), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), bag (Danier).

Happily, I did have good karma! I spent only $26.00 (including a $6.00 shirt for L), so I was pleased with that.

I found this lovely scarf that will go well with some of the pale purples that I've been collecting in my wardrobe lately.
Um, Vizzini, do you mind?

The scarf is by Beechers Brook, which made me laugh, since it was one of the lines that the now-defunct Canadian mall store Fairweather used to carry. I worked for Fairweather for 2 years in the late 90s/early 00s. I loved their clothes!

Vizzini was extremely unhelpful while I was taking pictures.
The scarf was only $2.00 - it's not silk, but is a very good polyester that feels like silk.

I was also thrilled to find this beautiful silk scarf.
The colour is a little washed-out there, sorry. The oranges and greens are a more vivid.

This is my second Remoy d'Urville of Paris silk scarf:
I also have this sunny yellow/orange one - I paid $8.00 for that one. These were handpainted, and were likely made in the 70s. I only paid $2.00 for this one! Both of the scarves were purchased at the St. Vincent de Paul store.

He was very affectionate after not seeing me all day.

I found yet another obi:
The Women in Need (WIN) store was having a sale on all regular clothing and accessories, so everything I got there was discounted even further! This fabric belt was $6.50 plus 25% discount.

Check out this great 70s-era label from Jac Dale:
A little interwebs research tells me that this was a Canadian company.

I love that emerald is a big colour for 2013 - check out what this tag belongs to:
Not an actual outfit; just showing them on me is better than a hanger 
Love that little V in the waist, and the big pockets (trust me, they're there). That's a majoryly high waist too!

How do I know these are from the 70s? Because that's the last time culottes were in style!
Hey, my arms are looking pretty buff - hurray for the gym!
Aren't they wild? I don't know if these will find a home in my closet, but I'm looking forward to playing with this look for a few outfits.

After all, they didn't cost much.
Yup, only $4.00. Thank you SVdP.

At WIN, I found another emerald item, this fabulous 70s shirt dress:
Again, totally not styled; just showing it on me.
I'll take close-up pictures of the details (buttons, pattern) when I actually wear this, but I fell in love with this dress. It's handmade (can tell by the inside, seams, handstitching), and it's that slinky 70s polyester. It's got a big ol' 70s collar too! I'm totally lucky that whoever made this was almost my exact size. It was $8.50 plus 25% off.

Random cat picture!
When I'm on the computer, Vizinni will often keep me company in the other chair.

Today, L and I cruised downtown with the top down on the convertible, bought groceries (to be delivered - it's free!), then went for brunch. I do like a nice brunch.

I went pretty casual.
One of my layering tees, and a Threadless tee (called "Decay") that I bought about a year ago. This top combo is one that I wear around the house with jeans. I threw on a necklace to disguise the mismatched necklines.

The olive skirt is my infamous "parachute" skirt, featured 4 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here).
I love the way it billows when I walk.

The shoes were worn 5 times in the September 2012 capsule (recap here). I was originally just going to walk downtown by myself, so I needed walking shoes. My toes were a bit cold but it was worth it!

Tee (Threadless), long-sleeved tee (Esprit, consignment), skirt (Cute Options), sandals (Kenneth Cole Reaction, consignment), necklace (gift from Mom).

I wasn't the only one enjoying the sunshine this weekend - it's warm enough to have our deck open, and that means the big scratching post goes out there.
Looking cute and full of mischief - his eyes are just slits in the bright light.

A flop in the sun is always nice.
I hope your Easter weekend has been full of sunshine!


  1. Aww, I wonder if you can get those shoes stretched. They're painfully cute.

    I love all the crazy shots of the Vizz. Each one says "I'm helping, Mom!" er, mostly. Every other one might also be saying "Feed me."

    Jealous of your sun. It has rained and rained and rained here. I'm going to have to pull out a sweater for tomorrow.

    1. The shoes are too short - my toe hits the end of them - I don't think that would be very attractive stretched. Also: I'm lazy. I'm never going to get a pair of shoes stretched.

  2. Me too, loving all the Vizzini pics. When will his own blog be published? : > Your bowling outfit is fabulous! those flats are toooo cute and the black skirt has the most wonderful swoosh. Thanks for sharing all the fun with Visible Monday.

  3. One of the cutest kitties in the world!! Wish I could have one...:-( I'm loving all the longer skirts. I'm a huge fan of them myself and I enjoy seeing how others style them. I see you're in emerald too!! You look great. Trendy or not, it's always fun to get fresh inspiration.

    Have a great week!!

  4. Love the outfit with the parachute skirt. Just terrific! I cannot seem to make the layering tee thing work on my body, but you keep inspiring me to try!

    At least with your fuzzy little helper you can still see the scarves. I'm pretty sure my tubby kitty (let alone either of the dogs) would either conceal the scarf completely or roll the scarf into a nice comfy pillow for themselves first!

  5. Sounds like you've had a lovely Easter weekend! :) I like the scarves you got, especially the one Vizzini is getting comfortable on! :) The cullottes are amazing - I thought it was a green maxi skirt at first until I scrolled to the next photo! Such a bargain too.

    Really like your bowling outfit, and your threadless tee outfit. I wore a threadless tee and a maxi skirt recently too! Every time I see you in a threadless tee I'm reminded I need to wear mine more often to justify keeping the large pile I've accumulated.

  6. Your parachute skirt, the Decay shirt, your first outfit - and how cool for bowling as well - blazers as outerwear, floral tights... You are gorgeous in all these looks. Oh, and I love that shirt dress.
    Vizzini, what a camera hog! Are you sure Vizzini didn't take your silver ear cuff...?

    1. Yes, not this time! I noticed it was gone when I arrived home, so it could have been lost in a dozen different places. :(

  7. Ok, I actually really like the black skirt with the bowling shoes. And I want a parachute skirt.

  8. Love your skirts! What a pretty cat.

    Blue Hue Wonderland

  9. Sheila, what a fun post!! First, I love the tights, and the two scarves you found, and that awesome parachute skirt. It's always a winner! How fun it was to see your pictures over at Bag and a Beret! Those pictures were fabulous!! You are beautiful!


  10. Wow!! I love all the ensemble - the roomy pants and green shirt dress but most of all I love the 60s inspired outfit of flare long skirt and shirt! Reminds me of my favorite movies GREASE! You pull it off beautifully!


  11. Wow--where to start?? I adore all of your outfits!!! The emerald culkottes are AWESOME--can't wait to se how you style them!! And the emerald dress is so cute for summer!!
    But--for me you are upstaged by the utter cuteness of VIZZINI!!! He is such a ham!!

  12. So many kitty pictures! I love! He looks so much like my Pippin I can hardly stand it. I think they'd be total buds.

    I love the 50's vibe of your bowling outfit! I haven't been bowling in ages, now I want to go!

  13. Between you and Patti, I now see how essential a pencil skirt is. Between you and Amber, I now want a collection of obis. Between you and me, I love your cat.

  14. There was a sweet little black cat in my garden today, haven't seen him/her before -looked a lot like Vizzini! I am with Megan Mae, maybe you could get your shoes stretched a little? Great bowling-themed outfit, and I really like the dark denim shirt, it fits you so very well. And culottes, whee! i love it when they look like a skirt, but aren't, hee hee. I used to confound colleagues at work with a similarly-swishy but shorter pair. Wore them to falling apart, sadly.

    1. See my response to Megan Mae above - they are too short, so even if I were to get them stretched (lazy, won't), I don't think they can do much about the overall size.

  15. I love the first outfit it has a retro vibe and I think it's perfect for bowling!
    Our weather has been amazing hasn't it?
    and I see there's more sunshine on the way.

  16. You're first outfit totally had me thinking of fifties rockabilly chicks so it was very cool to see you go bowling in it!

  17. I've never understood why people remove labels from garments. The only acceptable excuse for me is if it scratches you - i get so upset when there is no label.
    I really, really, really like your new dress- there is something magical about vintage dresses, specially shirtdresses.

  18. You can put together so many outfits and you are such a skilled remixer always presenting us something with a twist.This time I liked the floral tights and the confession.

  19. So much to ooh and ahh over in this post but my favourite things are the 70s green print dress (I am a matching green with envy over here...), the crazy culottes, the 50s inspired bowling outfit, the floral tights, the scarves, and cheeky Vizzini getting his cute little face in lots of shots! Sounds like you had a great weekend. xxxx

  20. Had a queasy stomach waiting to see if you'd remember socks for bowling... thanks for including that detail!! Bowling shoes creep me out! LOVE the outfit with and without the bowling shoes... in fact I love the too small shoes, but too small shoes are no good to wear... pass them on to people that will love them just as much, but will be able to wear them all the more (oh how I wish I didn't have small freak feet or I'd lobby for them!)

  21. First of all, I can't believe you went bowling in a skirt! I don't think I've ever tried that - I'm sure it'd throw my game off. I love those I heart Billy shoes! I'll have to add some flowers to some of mine and see if they look even half that good. And the green culottes - wow! I so want culottes to come back. I had some denim ones I practically wore out in the late '70s. Ahhh, those were the days.

  22. Love all outfits, particularly the first two followed by the GORGEOUS floral tights! And the scarves and the cats ... all grand. Looking pretty, and you are right ... buff indeed!
    Stop by and say hello sometime!
    Have a great week,

  23. I love your bowling outfit! Such a quiet riot of color and nice matchy details.

    I am just wondering, what is this thing with cutting off labels? I see such clothing in thrift stores, but I cannot think of an explanation. Please enlighten!

    regards, juli


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