Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Forbidden Dress Week - I Have Legs

You know it, you love it - Dress Week is back!
Customized by me - the original stars Ava Gardner and is called "My Forbidden Past"
For this week's Dress Week aka "My Forbidden Dress Week", I'll be featuring shoes that did not get worn in the 2012/2013 "30 For 30 for 12" Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.

And the dresses are not really forbidden, but I have a penchant for using movie titles (usually horror movies) for my Dress Weeks. You can check out some of my previous Dress Weeks here (scroll down to "Dress Weeks", duh) - I've been doing them since 2008, making this my 5th year! Holy moly, where does the time go?
Feel free to participate! Wear a dress this week!

I pulled out one of my favourite dresses for today.
This is my lovely blue dress that I wore 3 times in the March 2012 capsule (recap here) - it was most beloved by me (and readers) in this outfit (2nd one down) with my yellow leather jacket.
The cardi we all know and since this is the third wearing of it (following here with the black wool circle skirt, and here with coral and teal), and I shall thusly render my verdict: I am totally keeping it. I love the colours it has in it and the colours it goes with. I had a few compliments on the lovely robin egg blue of the dress with it. Who'd've thunk it? Such a unique colour mix and pattern.

I may have gone with a skinnier belt if I'd realized how short this skirt actually is! Yikes, I felt like Legs McGee at work all day (and yes, my legs are bare).
Thank you all for your input on yesterday's shoes - I did forget to say how they were wearing them all day. They were a bit high, but not too too bad. I can walk in them fine, but not run (yeah, I run in my office sometimes, I'm crazy that way). They don't rub or give me blisters. I'll have to wear them again soon to really assess if I'll be keeping them.

But let us now consider today's shoes, which I haven't worn since I found them in a thrift store back here in January for $18.50.
They are Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and aren't they just a classic pump? They are metallic bronze with a snakeskin on the leather. As I mentioned, I wore them bare, no stockings or tights today - brave of me for a first wear of any shoe. However, I was confident that they would soften over the day and be a comfy shoe.

And I was right! They have broken in beautifully. I'll be wearing these a lot, I'm sure.

Dress (Ann Taylor Loft, thrifted), cardigan (Mexx, consignment), shoes (Ralph Lauren, thrifted), belt/earrings (Plum), bracelet (Club Monaco), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), red stone ring (Fossil).


  1. Bare legs? Oh Sheila, I am so beyond jealous! I was thinking tomorrow I could go barelegged, until I was walking into the grocery store with my hands turtling up into my jacket sleeves. Too cold! Soon enough!
    I love the robin's egg colour of that dress, it pops so perfectly. I had completely forgotten about it from your March capsule, so thanks for linking it back! I may have to remember the blue and yellow winning outfit!

  2. I love the colors in the dress and cardi together!

  3. Fabulous colors, Sheila! Love the Lauren pumps too - totally classic.

  4. Lovely shoes, glad they broke in nicely over the day for you! :)

    Really like the patterned cardi with the blue dress too! I think it shows off your stunning legs, but definitely isn't too short with the belt! :)

  5. I braved it today and went bare legs! Well - almost. I wore knee highs. But still, there is definitely skin hitting the cold air!

    I love the color of your dress and the cardi goes with it really well!

  6. That cardigan was meant to be paired with that dress!! I love it!!
    The shoes are stunning--very classic but just a tad funky with the texture!

  7. Dresses are my life! I am a pear and have large thighs, so they are much better than struggling with pants.

  8. Eee! Love this color combo. The blue is perfect against the unique colors in the cardi. I didn't go totally bare legged today, but went for socks in lieu of tights.

  9. Dresses all week won't be much of a stretch for me, they are my go-to item for easy dressing! Your duck egg blue dress is a beauty and works perfectly with the Mexx cardigan. Great classic court shoes too. I wore bare legs today - but under a maxi so that probably doesn't count! xxxx

  10. Boo-hoo, dress code at work requires a) hose and b) no open toed shoes. Gak - that's the sound of jealousy trapped in my throat.

  11. Lovely lovely Spring colours. Duck-egg blue is one of my favourite colours, it goes with a surprising amount. I put the first proper wearing of new shoes, in bare feet, with no foot- rub,to Good Shoe Karma.


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