Thursday, April 18, 2013

Redder is Better - and Zebra Stripes

Yay yay yay! My red is back! I feel like myself again. Lots of compliments today (and surprise by newer coworkers who'd never seen me red).

Have you figured out my week's theme yet? 
I'll reveal on the weekend if no one gets it, but it's pretty easy.

Another neutral outfit for me! The top half is a repeat of this outfit from the all-neutral November 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore this sweater 4 times and the jacket twice. The shoes are my lovely Pearl Hart Bellevilles, featured in the April capsule (recap here) 4 times.

The skirt is one I've had for ages. I bought it at Plum new in 2010 - it's made in Canada - for $35.00 on sale. It's unlined and is cotton with a titch of Spandex, so it causes major Tight Creep when I do tights.
It didn't make it into any capsules last year, due to well...just not having enough room! I have a lot of skirts. You probably haven't noticed. Heh.

Here's how I've worn it before:

I think it was packed away with summer clothes as of September 2011 due to the no-tights issue, and then it sat in my closet patiently waiting for a summer capsule to fit in...and alas, it never made it in a 2012 outfit. And now here we are in 2013. Where does the time go?
Eeep, my slip is showing
So, sound off, Fashion Nation! What do you think of the skirt?

My inclination now is to keep it. It's got pockets, I love the pattern, it's a great neutral. I think I need to do some more colour with it - I can't believe I've never worn it with red or turquoise!

I didn't do a "stuff" picture as I'm dashing off to Book Club shortly, but I'm wearing a long necklace (fair trade, thank you, Mom!) done up shorter and gold hoop earrings.

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), sweater (Hawick of Scotland, consignment), skirt (Plum), shoes (Pearl Hart Bellevilles, Fluevogs), necklace (gift from Mom).

We have two parties to go to this weekend, so I'll be doing an update on Sunday - happy almost-Friday!


  1. IT'S PURPLE SHOE WEEK... Dear lord, how did I miss that!

    I like the shape of the skirt. It looks like a good length too. I say give it a few good remixes before deciding anything.

    Also I said it yesterday, but I'll say it again JEALOUS of that color. So bright! What brand did you use?

    1. You totally nailed it! Yes, I actually have 5 pairs of purple shoes (plus a pair of purple sandals, but it's too cold for them).

      It's Feria, number 74 (the orangey-est red). My hair is pretty fried from the bleaching so it really sucked up the colour.

  2. I'm totally a fan of the skirt (and the red hair, of course!!). You're a brave woman to wear bare legs today, brrr!

  3. The red hair looks great! I like the zebra print skirt and the shoes are awesome!

  4. You are such a redhead!! Don't ever change it---Looks fab!!

  5. Glad you got your red hair! :)

    Really like that skirt - a definite keep vote from me, it's a lovely print and shape :) Enjoy your weekend of parties :)

  6. Hello, fab red hair! I keep hearing that Feria makes the best reds. I vote yea on this skirt, it's a great neutral and, of course, pockets : >

  7. The skirt works. Keep it. And red hair looks so natural on you. It's what I think of when I think of you.

  8. I love the zebra skirt and I am so jealous of your bare legs! We got dumped on with half a foot of snow last night - should be the last storm though finally!

  9. I vote for keeping the skirt. Its so versatile and has pockets.

  10. The skirt is a great shape and print, and I think your instincts are right - it needs a burst of colour, apart from that provided by your fabulously red hair! xxx

  11. Yep, redder is better.
    and you better keep tht skirt.

  12. Yeah, Sheila...I think the red is best on you. Vibrant like your personality.
    Sexy legs!

  13. I like the skirt, and I bet it's really versatile. Your hair is so WOW, especially with your new glasses! I have to say, though, I kind of like the blond. Oh, well.

  14. Love the red hair again. The glee in your smile totally says your a redhead at heart. I think the skirt is super cute and love the purple shoe theme this week.

  15. Yay-red!!! Is it neutrals week??

    LOVe the skirt and you could definitely punch it up with some bright color!!

  16. Yay, back in the red head blogger gang! The colour is gorgeous on you.

    I am dense and hadn't spotted the purple shoe link, doh.

    I say KEEP the skirt, it is a fun pattern. With the tights-related movement, is it like static cling? Would a light spritz of hairspray up your skirt (ooh my!) sort it out? That works for me and static cling...

  17. I like the skirt, keep, keep!

    Woohoo, welcome back to your lovely red hair!

  18. Love it, but the shoes are particularly nice!


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