Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Painty Skirt the Second and a Butterscotch Velvet Jacket

Ah, you guys are so polite - I don't even have to have a poll up on yesterday's outfit to know the skirt or the outfit isn't ringing your bells. That's cool, though! I'm the one who wears my clothes and I like to hear what you all think, even if it's not "I love it!" (doesn't that get boring after a while?).

Anyway, I predict this outfit will rank more favourably.
Oh, so many hours ago...I just finished putting in a 12 hour day and all I want to do is crash on the couch and watch American Idol (guilty pleasure, plus Keith Urban is yummy). I write the newsletter for our West coast branches and it's due this week - I can't work on it while I'm doing my job, because writing while being constantly interrupted is nearly impossible. So much work involved. I'll probably be doing another 12 hour day tomorrow.

But let's stop with the whining and get onto this outfit.
This is my new-to-me velvet jacket, purchased this past weekend at the Salvation Army for $7.99 (here), paired with my floral painty skirt (last seen here with purple shoes).  I love all the buttons down the front of the jacket.
I just adore the little peplum in the back of the jacket. It echoed the swooshiness of the skirt in a most delightful way.

So, what do you think of the jacket? I bet it ended up at the Sally Ann due to the colour - it's a tricky one for some. If I had one nitpick about the jacket it would be that it has no pockets. I would love a little hidden pocket in the front.

The stuff:
The un-murdered-by-Vizzini Wonders Ayers, last seen here with my patchwork skirt.

My sparkly necklace and earrings set.
They are by Myka, a Vancouver company. I have a matching bracelet too. L bought me this set from Oscar & Libby's a few years ago for Christmas. It's lovely and heavy - all handmade. The crystals are Swarovski.

Jacket (Gap, thrifted), skirt (Corey Lynn Calter, consignment), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevogs), necklace/earrings (Myka, gift from L).


  1. Sheila, I think you inherited an amazing jacket for (7.99-seriously???) First off, it fits you like a glove, second the peplum style is perfect (pockets would probably take away from the fit and style), and third it is so versatile. I really like how you paired it with your skirt, gave it a whole new look. It will also look awesome with a navy skirt or pants and just a fun white blouse. Then you can turn around and wear it with red, black, OK, I could go on and on, anyways, I adore it (don't want to sound boring and say 'love it'). Hopefully you are now relaxing with American Idol.

  2. Such a lovely printed skirt, it's so nice with the brown :)

    Sorry to hear about your 12 hour days - hopefully it settles down for you soon when the newsletter is over :)

  3. Before I forget, I love your hair!
    The jacket's little flounce on the back is an unexpected complement for your swingy skirt. The colours of both pieces are so rich. And while so many buttons can be a pain, they are worth it. Twelve-hour days? Gaaa. Hang in there.

  4. Seriously gorgeous - amazing details and fantastic palette. Love the gathered shoulders.

  5. Absolutely fabulous jacket. The kind of offbeat color that redheads wear so well. And the cut will go w/ anything--pencil skirt, pants of all sorts, full skirts--endless choices!! A very well spent $7.99!!

  6. Ugh, work work and more work, those are loooong days. It'll soon be the weekend!
    As you predicted, I think with this outfit, we are back in more familiar Sheila territory - warm colours, print, a nipped-in silhouette, beautiful detail and texture. Yes, I do like! That jacket was a great find. xxx

  7. Keith Urban is MINE!!!!
    The jacket is just stunning on you--the color is yummy and I love the buttons and peplum. i think that color will play well in your wardrobe!
    And what's not to love in a painty swirly skirt??

  8. I did like yesterday's outfit, but I do think this one suits you more! I love the jacket, it's amazing and it fits you so well!

  9. I watch A Idol because of Keith Urban - i could probably watch in on mute ! Ha !
    and you scored with that jacket Madame Sheila - that's my kind of purchase :)

  10. That jacket really is incredible! I had a pair of cords in that color, and wound up redonating them because of the color. I just couldn't get away from super 70s color pairings and it just wasn't the right color for me.

    Sorry about the long days. It's that time of year, or at least seems that way to me, where everything is busy busy busy, but nothing gets done.

  11. I adore a velvet jacket with a peplum - can't believe the price for this one! And "unmurdered" shoes has me all cracked up : > You look fab.

  12. This outfit is perfect!

  13. Actually I missed yesterday. Sitting here in 70 degree weather it's my preference. The heavy jacket just isn't going anywhere with me on a true Spring day!

  14. Love the peplum. BTW, I gave a shout-out to you today on my blog. With you as inspiration, I wore a Wonder Woman costume!

  15. Oh honey I am a great fan of the slip peeping below the skirt line - it's so saucy and feminine and ... everything our mother's taught us was just NOT done! The periodic table cardigan ... oh mine eyes it's glorious!!! And I adore the beautiful red jacket, the neckline is absolutely thrilling darling!! xoxo


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