Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Forbidden Dress Week - Down a Notch in Chartreuse

You know it, you love it - Dress Week is back!
Customized by me - the original stars Ava Gardner and is called "My Forbidden Past"
For this week's Dress Week aka "My Forbidden Dress Week", I'll be featuring shoes that did not get worn in the 2012/2013 "30 For 30 for 12" Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.

And the dresses are not really forbidden, but I have a penchant for using movie titles (usually horror movies) for my Dress Weeks. You can check out some of my previous Dress Weeks here (scroll down to "Dress Weeks", duh) - I've been doing them since 2008, making this my 5th year! Holy moly, where does the time go?

Feel free to participate! Wear a dress this week!

Of course, one of the dresses this week has to be the wonderful chartreuse dress that I got in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago (trip here).
This dress today because the COO of our company for Canada came to the office and the word was that he liked very professional dress. We were warned to "take it up a notch" - for me, I felt I should maybe not do an eye-searing colour combo, or something too crazy.

I've never seen so many suits in my office at once - I have to say I prefer that over "business casual". I think we should do Formal Fridays instead of Casual Fridays!
A little blurry in the mornings...
But I digress.

I re-busted out a pair of fishnet tights so that I wouldn't blind the poor man with my fishbellywhite legs. I had to keep a little bit of my rocker/badass side by wearing my black stomacher, and my leather and chain wrist-wrap, but I thought I pulled off a classic work look quite well. I even did red lipstick.
But oh, these shoes. Look at that luscious heel. These are total movie star shoes.

They are again Steve Madden and I bought them in DSW in San Francisco back in 2006, for I think about $59.99 US. We took a weekend trip down to SF for my 39th birthday (and to watch the 49ers and the Raiders play). I was right in middle of losing weight (30 lbs down), so I'd pledged not to buy any clothes because they wouldn't fit me in a month or two. However, shoes were quite all right!

So yes, I have a sentimental attachment to these shoes.
They are pony hair,and you can see that I've put leopard Dr. Scholl's inserts in them. Yeah, they are a bit tough on the feet, both in the height and in the toe-squishiness. But they fit perfectly and I did wear them all day today (12K+ steps!). And I'll be putting them on again shortly to go to my niece's recital (strings).

Although I didn't fit these into a capsule last year, I really wanted to! They just kept missing out. I have a feeling I'll keep them, just because they are the nicest quality leopard pumps I've ever seen. I suppose if I find another pair that is just as nice and is slightly lower, I might be tempted, but these do hold a special place  in my heart (and closet).

Wanna see how I've worn them before? They're one of the only pairs of shoes I have had for the whole 5 years of my blog.

I wore them in March 2011 (proving that leopard and plaid could be worn together), in September 2010 (with a bunch of items I no longer have, including a lovely wine velvet blazer), in June 2010 (with marigold cashmere), in March 2010 (doing my first stab at skinny pants), in July 2009 (doing a similar look as today with a rust dress), in March 2009 (with my rocking' vintage Gianfranco Ferre 80s skirt), in February 2009 (doing an "Elaine from Seinfeld" pose, and oh, there's my speech about Blaine), in September 2008 (with yellow and black), in June 2008 (with apple green ruffles and today's same belt!), in May 2008 (with orange and brown), and waaaaay back in April 2008 (when these shoes were the wackiest thing I owned!).

So maybe I was just giving them a little rest. Yeah, that's it.

Dress (CeCe), stomacher (InWear), belt (Plum), shoes (Steve Madden).

I totally loved the chartreuse colour of today's dress, and what a coincidence, look what the postman brought in yesterday's mail!
A wee bit wrinkled
The wonderful Megan Mae sent this to me! Thank you so much, sweetie!

It's by Silks of I.S.C. Based on the cut and neckline, I'm going to date this to about 1998-2000. I had dresses like this when I worked in Fairweather women's clothing store back then. It's a rockin' cut on me, so I'm totally excited to wear it.

Check it out, y'all:
This dress is really the bee's knees. 


  1. Ooh my gosh, I LOVE this. The dress style is clean and simple, but the color mixed with the leopard print is anything but simple. One of my favorites of yours, EVER.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad it finally go to you. Took nearly a month to get there. Hrmph! Anyway I do hope it fits, chartreuse is totally a gorgeous color on you and your first dress fits amazing! I love the half sleeves.

  3. That embroidered bee dress is so cute, what a lovely gift.

    I like your extra professional work look, and how you managed to stay try to your style! :) That dress looks amazing on you.

  4. Allo Sheila!

    I like you in that dress perfect shape and color!
    I like also those leopard shoes but i could never wear them, to painful for me but i admire you for wearing them
    Lucky you have met Mélanie i wish i would too, what she sent me is so amazing
    I love what she sent you as well, cute bee pattern, she has the eye this Mélanie


    Ariane xxxx

  5. Have you thought of (or do you know you can) having the heels shortened by a shoe repair person? (do you call them cobblers in Canada?) I have very short legs, and can't wear much above a 3" heel. I've had the heels of a number of pairs of shoes I love cut down. It's not expensive, and even 1/4" to 1/2" makes a big difference in comfort and doesn't change the look of the shoe. How much you can remove has to do with the last and the way the shoe "sits" on a surface--the repairer can tell you. It might be a way to be more comfortable in (and wear more often) shoes you love for the look but not the feel. Like today's fabulous leopard or Monday's equally fabulous spectators. Anyway, just a thought...

  6. Chartreuse really suits you, Sheila, and both dresses are fabulous. Those leopard print heels are killer, love them! xxxx

  7. Those shoes are AMAZING!!! Everyone needs apair of killer leopard shoes!

    I love the chartruse dress--great color and style. It's simple enough that you could add layers and accessories to achieve the "searing" color combo (which would be awesome as you are the queen of color combos!)

    OMG the dress Megan sent you is PERFECT for you!! Can't wait to see how you style it!

  8. I like how you do your business style with leopard print - you are a badass! And your description of the shoes as movie star shoes is spot on - gorgeous shape, absolutely classic.

    Can't wait to see how you style that new dress from Megan. Love the little bees!

  9. I love this dress on you and the color - and ironically I almost wore a dress in a similar color today but then decided not to since it was chilly today. And I'm so excited to see you wear the bee dress!

  10. I LOVE the dress on you! It fits your body well and you look slim, slim, slim! That's the cut of dresses I love on me, too. And the last time I saw a picture of myself (from a wedding) in a dress with that cut, I thought, "Why aren't women wearing dresses like this EVERY SINGLE DAY?" They are so much more flattering than jeans and a t-shirt! Plus, we get taken a little more seriously. A dress like that is armor for whatever the day might throw at us.

  11. Good grief! Am I that far behind?! Blonde?! Love it! This outfit rocks. It's very classy. You've got me re-thinking chartreuse-y piece of fabric I just put away.

  12. This is a gorgeous look, Sheila. In honour of your CEO, but really, your readers benefit more! It fits you so well. I understand the sentimental shoe thing, I have 2 pairs that are boxed away that are kept for sentimental reasons (they are either too high or a bit small in size to wear). Thought the suggestion above to get the heels shortened was interesting though.

    Hope you have an enjoyable recital, and I look forward to seeing the bees!

  13. Sheila, you are beautifully dressed for the more sartorial-focused and/or conservative big wigs at your office. I love this color on you, but know that I can never in a million years wear it :( Megan has the best eye for thrifting - I love the bees!

  14. Śliczna sukienka i cudne buty:))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  15. Now you're looking sharp, that dress looks like it was tailor made for you ! and i cannot believe that you've had those shoes for so long and the fact that they look like they are new. 5 year old shoes for me are rare.


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