Saturday, April 27, 2013

Periodically Awesome, Sometimes Chartreuse, Robotic and Roses and Wonder Woman

Well, it's been a while! Thank you all for your patience - my life has been crazy lately. I worked again late on Thursday night and just couldn't contemplate blogging when I got home; I totally crashed. And on Friday, things got seriously bloody (you've been warned). Today, I have to mellow...because I have the annual big 10K race tomorrow! 

Anyway, I'll try to get caught up on your blogs soon (hello to new readers and commenters!), but as we go through this, I think you'll get why I need to chill this weekend.

So, without further ado, here's Thursday. 
Wearing my lovely black wool circle skirt again (last time here when I bowled in it!).

In keeping with babying my feet this week, my nearly flat turquoise Fluevogs were perfect with the shape of the skirt.
I last wore them here with green, magenta and cobalt blue. I like how all the little turquoise bit get to pop off the neutrals here. I do love my colour, but neutrals and I are no longer sworn enemies!

Of course, I would never own "just" a grey cardigan. Mine is awesome.
It's the Periodic Table of Awesome cardigan! It returns! It was worn 3 times during the July 2012 (recap here), including one time when I wore it backwards.

Here's the design:
It's Smoking Lily. There's our old friend, molybdenum! Also, spores.

The stuff:
The first wearing of my Raven's Roost Scrabble tile earrings, and still getting lots of wear out of my Wendy Brandes ring.

I put in another 12 hour day on Wednesday, and finished the newsletter (yay!), after spending two hours editing and an hour and a half getting frustrated by not being able import it into my desired format. Arg! I was so exhausted when I got home that I crashed on the couch with L. Off to bed early!

Cardigan (Smoking Lily), cami (InWear), skirt (Nygard, vintage, thrifted), shoes (Prepare Guides, Fluevog), belt (Bianca Nygard), bracelet (Fossil), earrings (Raven's Roost), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), crystal ring (Oscar & Libby's).

I woke up still exhausted on Friday morning, but you know, when you need to fake it, wear a dress!
This is the second wear of my lovely chartreuse dress that I bought in Vancouver (first worn here with leopard, trying to be sedate, heh heh).

It's the first wear of my new-to-me Teapot Darjeeling Fluevogs.
They were a great fit (even in a size 10) for me. I'm normally a size 9-9.5, but I know from experience that Fluevog's sizing is highly erratic (I own a size 8 in a pair of boots!). Based on the other pair of Teapots I have (which are 9.5s), I knew I'd be good with a slightly bigger size, especially since they can be done up a bit snugger with the laces across the top.

I walked to a downtown restaurant and back in them, and they were quite comfortable. A very little rubbing on one heel, but that will soften up (the shoe, not my heel). My boss, the VP, took all of the Admins to lunch to celebrate Administrative Professionals' Day (it was on Wednesday, but I'm not quibbling!). We had some great food (and even some lovely sangria!).

This dress was great for a day when I needed to feel like I was in pajamas.
The top half of it is lined, but the bottom isn't, so I wore a vintage half-slip underneath.

The stuff:
I love cobalt blue with chartreuse so I did lots of pops of cobalt, including my awesome obi belt by Megan Mae.

I could have worn cobalt blue shoes too, but I wanted to wear these right away.
Love that. "Serve and Be Served".

More pops of blue.
My Wendy Brandes ring again, my enameled ring from the Louvre and blingy chartreuse ring, plus earrings that one of my coworkers called "cat bait" - Vizzini did want to bite them. The bracelet is one of Mom's from the 70s.

Dress (Cici), obi (Megan Mae), shoes (Teapots Darjeeling, Fluevog, second-hand), earrings (Plum), bracelet (Mom's, vintage), lapis lazuli ring (Wendy Brandes), enameled ring (Louvre gift shop), green stone ring (consignment).

After work, I raced home and changed to go meet up with a bunch of friends for dinner, followed by a Robot Burlesque show. I felt very visible.
It was a bit windy
This will be my entry for this week's "Visible Monday" on Patti's Not Dead Yet Style. I wore this out in daylight (scandalous!), on the bus, walking downtown. People very studiously avoided looking at me (but I knew they were).

I spiked up my hair, and put on my robot best.
The jacket was worn 3 times in the February 2012 capsule (recap here). I love how the neckline goes, and that it has belt loops around the hem.

The pewter leather skirt was last seen on New Year's Eve 2013 (here).
It has just a hint of a train at the back, and is a very slim cut, so I have to take small steps when I walk. This came into play (foreshadow alert) later in the evening.

Boob shot!
I wore a vintage lace-trimmed full slip underneath to keep everything nice and smooth, and to ensure waistal region coverage. No one needs to see my tummy!

I like secret elements in an outfit, like these rose-edged knee highs.
What a sexy back seam! I knew they were there (and I might have hiked my skirt up a few times to show them off).

I wore the same shoes. Still comfy! I felt a bit over-dressed out in the sun, less so at the restaurant, and even less so once we were at the venue for the burlesque. We had a great time and headed home early (before midnight).

The stuff:
My zipper rose, skull earrings, and an assortment of rings. Badass!

Jacket (French Connection, thrifted), skirt (BCBG Max Azria, consignment), shoes (Teapots Darjeeling, Fluevog), zipper rose pin (Victoria & Albert Museum gift shop), crystal ring/red stone ring (Oscar & Libby's), snake ring (homegrown vintage 80s), spoon ring (About Tine).

So...L and I caught the bus home, and the bus stopped a ways from the curb...and I fell off the bus. I thought I could make it, but I did not. I was a little tipsy, I admit, and the step in my restricting skirt was just too big. I landed on my knees, which were thankfully protected by the leather skirt! They would have been just shredded by the concrete sidewalk.

I did a full face-plant on the sidewalk!

Stop reading here if you are squeamish about blood.

I mashed my upper lip, split the top of it, and smooshed my nose. Thankfully, I did not knock my teeth out (I have two fake front teeth from when I knocked them out when I was 17), or even bang them. However, my nose started bleeding - and it was gushing blood. My hands were covered, and I dripped all over the sidewalk and on my leather skirt.

I was of sound enough mind to determine that other than my "sidewalk kiss" and some blood that I was okay and didn't need an ambulance (the bus drove off at this point), and L and I carefully walked home. I got cleaned up, wiped all the blood off my skirt (it came off beautifully) and rinsed the blood out of the cuffs of my jacket (also fine). I washed the blood off my face and tumbled into bed.

Okay, you can start reading again.

My upper lip and nose are puffy (it's not broken, but I might get slight black eyes), and the cut on my lip isn't too bad. I'll survive. I am pretty strong. I also do this quite often. I've wiped out on sidewalks downtown, while crossing roads, fallen down stairs, etc. I'm very clumsy that way. I suppose I will be one of those elderly ladies who breaks her hip at some point.

Anyway, I'm fine, and ibuprofen is helping to bring the swelling down. I hadn't planned to play Ultimate today because of the race tomorrow (of course, I'm still doing it!), so I slept in for a bit, then dressed to go for lunch with the crew who did play.
This is a Smoking Lily dress that was featured twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here), worn over my Christian Dior half-slip and a vintage 80s cami.

The obi is also Smoking Lily - I highlighted the greys in it instead of the magenta on the flip-side.
Looking a little puffy, but gamely carrying on!

I did an adjustment to the waist of the slip after I saw this shot. I didn't hang out this much after that.
The shoes are my purpley-grey Chie Miharas, last seen here with floral and coral.

Sweet Ally at Shybiker did a tribute to Wonder Woman in her post today and dedicated to me. Here's my Wonder Woman pose for you, Ally!
We've been reading each other's blogs for years and years (I'm coming up on my 5th anniversary, and she's not far behind). We Wonder Women recognize each other!

Dress (Smoking Lily), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Chie Mihara).

After lunch, I strolled home, and stopped at a consignment store along the way. I found these amazingly comfortable neutral "nude" shoes for only $25.00! They are by Jump for the People.
Considering they sell new for over $100, I thought that was good. The heel is a comfortable 2", and I love that the back comes up and cups my heel.

Here they are on: 
Nice ass, cat.
These will replace my previous pair of nude shoes which are too high for my feet - these ones. I only wore them twice in the October 2012 capsule, and noted in the recap that I was on the fence with them, but would replace them once I found some that were as nice. I think these fit the bill nicely.

Well, I had an adventurous weekend! How was yours?


  1. Sheila -- you still have the BEST wardrobe blog on the net :D

    Remember me? How ARE you? You look freaking AWESOME, so if you feel half as good as that I'm happy for you, lol.

    I'm sticking my toe in the proverbial blogger pool and stopping by to "see" all my old, dear friends. I've thought of you often and hope life is treating you well.

    I'll be around...will stop by again soon. Missed ya :)

  2. Dang--I'm sorry about your fall. At least you have time to recuperate. Good luck with the race!

  3. Oh Sheila, all of your ensembles are fantastically elegant, I especially love the circle skirt and the Robotic Awesomeness. So sorry to hear about your faceplant, ouch!!!!!! I did one off the bus like that with my hands full and landed on my chin, plus am generally klutzy, cheers. Hope it all eases soon, and all best with the race! Love your Wonder Woman response to awesome Ally! True of you both!

  4. First I want to say how amazing you look in every outfit! That metallic skirt is gorgeous, but oh no! about the fall. I'm klutzy too. One of the reasons I avoid maxis.

    I'm so sorry you got hurt, and I'm glad nothing was actually broken.

    I love your bird-skull earrings and those sexy knee high tights! Yowza~

    I had a very UNadventurous weekend. I finally did what I was intending with the bleached part of my hair and now have a truly bright orange fringe. Otherwise I took care of my inlaw's cantankerous dog and watched movies.

  5. Yay! Love the WW pose. Sorry to hear about your fall; that's terrible. Finally, it feels odd seeing your blue obi belt -- I wore those two neckties for years!

  6. Ouch! Please be careful of your beautiful face! :-)

    Love everything, and those nude shoes are perfect!

    Hope your face is feeling better soon x

    (And you didn't mention it, but did the skirt survive unscathed?)

    1. The skirt has a couple of scuffs, including about a 1-inch circular section where the metallic rubbed off. I can cover over that with some metallic modeling paint.

  7. So sorry to hear you fell over getting out the bus, it sounds so painful! Glad that the skirt protected your knees at least. Very eventful week for you! :(

  8. So sorry you took a bail!! At least you looked amazing doing it! I'm loving all of the outfits in here today (great find on those shoes!). Hope you're having a great time at the race today power walking wonder woman xx

  9. Oh, not the face!! So sorry you got hurt, hope you are feeling good today for your Big Run. Your skirt helped save you from more injury.
    I love all your looks, and your new nude shoes too xoxoxo

  10. Oh Sheila, so, sorry about the face plant - that sounds awful, but good for you for getting up and carrying on. That was a gorgeously awesome outfit, and it goes to show that wearing leather does provide protection from whatever accidents may befall you. I have a couple of pairs of shoes by Jump For the People and they are really comfortable, especially for heels.

    Good luck in the race today!

  11. Oh Sheila, your fall sounds awful! You are such a trooper to keep blogging and keep running and keep on being fabulous!
    Love all the looks, of course, but the leather maxi, despite it's treacherous behaviour, is stunning.
    Still loving the chartreuse dress, and a cardigan with the periodic table on it is an awesome thing! xxxx

  12. Sounds like a nasty fall. Boy you do look great in these outfits!

    blue hue wonderland

  13. Bless your heart, Sheila! I am so glad that you are okay - and that the brilliant leather skirt is okay, too. You are so beautiful in each outfit. I love your versatility.

    Hope you are feeling more th' thing by now.

    Love, peace & grace,

  14. You poor gal, I sure hope you're mending well. And I'm sure the rest of us are also grateful that gorgeous skirt was saved also. I don't really know where to begin because, as always, every outfit post is wonderful and full of character. But, I do need to say, those rose-edged knee highs need to be shown! Hopefully we see a post sometime with those stocking being the statement worthy piece they have earned.

  15. You have the best shoes, Sheila. Love the metallic skirt and your cute hair in the pictures
    I do love the knee-highs..they are very unique. You find the coolest things.
    Yikes...Sheila. I'm sorry you fell and hurt your face...but so grateful that your teeth are intact. Please be careful. Oh goodness, girl.

  16. Ouch, Sheila, I am glad you are ok. You looked darn good whilst falling over, at least. I hope your face is feeling less sore now, ready for your race.

    Love all the outfits in this post, though your green dress is one of my favourites - then you go from awesome work look to devilishly sexy evening look! Your confidence and Sheila-ness makes the outfit xx

  17. Cat butt!!! Tee hee. Sorry to hear you fell! I'm glad it wasn't worse and that you didn't knock out any teeth!!

    So much awesomeness in all these outfits, I can't even decide which one is my favorite. I think maybe the green one with the obi belt!

  18. Yikes! Wearing leather is also good as it protects us when we stumble and fall! Your poor face though. :( Glad you're pressing on and not letting it get in the way of your race plans.

    I bought a pair of shoes very similar to your new neutral ones. Great minds think alike!

  19. Wow Sheila--so sorry to hear about your mishap!! Thankfully you weren't injured more!1 (My last faceplant involved 3 casts for several months)

    Every outfit is amazing as always!1 I'm in awe of your color combos!! The grey and aqua, the chartruse and cobalt, that omg fabulous pewter skirt!!

    The new shoes are gorgeous!! And of course--VIZZINI!!!!

    Hope you heal up quickly!!!

  20. Oh NO! I hope you feel better, and heal quickly. I agree you were lucky not to lose teeth.

    As to the outfits, geez, each is better than the next! Those Aqua shoes are freekin' fabulous. And they were looking at you in the robot skirt because you look FIERCE and FANTASTIC in it. I love the hair all gelled up too!!!


  21. Love the chartreuse dress w/belt. I have a thing about green.

    That is an interesting slip! Was it thrifted? Slips have gotten downright hard to find, and what's out there is all all spandex shape-ware - yuck.

  22. My goodness!! You are gorgeous in that metallic skirt number. And the spikey hair. Wow. But the falling-down part, not so good. I am relieved that there was nothing major wrong and the outfit could also be saved. Whew!
    I love how you add little pops of colour in your shoes or accessories to your ground colours. These combos always raise your outfit to a new level of interest.

  23. So sorry you fell and hurt yourself! Glad all was minor, but still the pain and the stress...ugh!!!

    onto happier-love several of the outfits going on in this post. Must admit between you and Megan my love for Smoking Lily has grown.

    Wish I had your luck (ability) to find gorgeous jacket with studs good for summer in thrift store. I'm having no luck looking. Should have looked sooner as they pulled most of them from a couple of thrift stores I frequent.

  24. Sorry about the fall. Glad your spirits (and bones) not hurt in the process.


  25. Oh, you poor thing! I'm glad you didn't knock your teeth out, but that had to hurt! Hope the swelling goes down soon.

  26. Chunky heeled mary-janes are so so retro and I love anything retro!


  27. Oh, honeeeee. So sorry for your boo-boo. Poorest baby, Sheila. Really, I hate falling flat on my face. Have done so myself recently in the restaurant, mashing a plate of crab bisque into my own chest as the dish and I went down ... but no blood.
    Here is one of those cases where looking good makes up for everything else. Every outfit proclaims how far above mere physical injury you stand. I especially love that your wore such wondrous stockings beneath a metallic leather skirt ... that exquisite style says it all for me. Hope the run went very well ... and without an ounce of glibness intended, you go girl!

  28. Ouch I am sorry to hear about your unwanted landing - but you're a tough cookie. I am bad with blood, I cannot see it !
    I did not know your front teeth had to be replaced.. i have veneers over my 2 front teeth :/
    I have so many comments to make on your outfits here, the shirt dresses are spectacular and adding the belts gives them a really cool vibe, like you are wonder woman. Which by the way, I think you are :)

  29. Sorry to hear about your spill. You are a vixen. You look smashing in ALL your outfits.


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