Wednesday, April 17, 2013

One More Day of Bland - and a White Top

I am so happy to go back to red hair! I dyed it tonight, so just pretend it's red in today's outfit pictures, m'kay?

This is a sort-of repeat of an outfit from last June:
Both the seersucker skirt and the grey jacket/vest thing were featured in the all-neutral June 2012 capsule (recap here). I wore the jacket twice and the skirt thrice, including this outfit where I wore both of them together (my red hair looks so good there!)
The white top is new-to-me, purchased on consignment for $15.00 back here in January to console myself after Vizzini ate my Fluevogs. It's by Le Chateau and it zips up the side and is fully lined - I adore the bands of lace, the lace trim, the little buttons up the front and the great cut. It was really nice to wear, stayed put, covered my cleavage and yet wasn't dowdy. I'm looking forward to a warm day so that I can wear it on its own.

I am gradually replacing my crap-quality camisoles with nicer and better-made ones with more special detail, and this fits the bill nicely. I have a feeling I'll wear this a lot as a layering piece.

I also wore my newly-thrifted $2.00 Beechers Brook silky scarf in my hair to cover up the horrid ashy-blonde grossness.
You are all too kind to say nice things about it - your mothers all raised you well, hee hee.

This skirt is supremely flouncy! We had a fire drill today and the edges ruffled as I went down the stairs. I can resist twirling when I wear it.

The stuff:
These lavender booties are so crazy-cool. I wore them three times in the January 2013 capsule (recap here). They were not the most practical shoes on such a busy day (over 13,000 steps on my pedometer), but my feet feet fine. I loved how they worked with the purple shades in this scarf.

I also really liked wearing my homegrown vintage 80s amethyst jewelry. It makes me think of my dad.
 Except for the key and the chain, all gifts from Mom & Dad.

Jacket/vest thing (Leshop, consignment), white cami (Le Chateau, consignment), skirt (Y, thrifted), scarf (Beechers Brook, thrifted), booties (Feud), jewelry (except for the chain and key, vintage 80s, gifts from Mom and Dad).

I went looking for Vizzini this morning. Not on the deck, not on the bed, where the heck could he be?
"I'm sleeping on a mofo pillow, woman."
I had to give him a little cuddle. It was worth being a few minutes late at work. Aw.

Oh, and preview:
Red red red red RED!


  1. I always love your closeups where I can ogle the details. Gaaa re. hair disaster. That red is bang-on! I can't wait to see the whole picture!!

  2. I rather like the lavender and grey. The booties are divine!! I love that color red on your hair.

  3. OHMYGOODNESSS I am crazy jealous of that new red!! Gorgeousness.

    Give the Vizz some pets for me. He looks like such a cutie. I could really use a literal cat nap. It's been two weeks since I last saw my monsters. Bruce escaped last week! Thankfully he found his way back home and has been terrified of outside since.

  4. Also hooray for more purple shoes!! I forgot you had those boots.

  5. I really love lavender. I really love those boots.

  6. I have felt your pain about your not-favorite hair color - and look at it now! Glorious! Great outfit today too, love that vest and the shoes.

  7. Glad you got your hair red like you wanted! :) really like the scarf as a headband today though, even if you were only wearing it to try cover up the colour you didn't like! :)

    the purple touches in your outfit are really nice.

  8. Lavender boots and flouncy skirt! Made my morning, as did the photo of your new RED hair.

  9. I love lacy tops and to find one that is fully lined is excellent luck. YAY.

    And YAY for red hair! WhooooT

  10. Wait--Vizzini is a Miami Dolphin's fan?? So is my hubby!!!!
    LOVE the red hair!!!
    The new white cami is gorgeous--can't wait to see it on it's own! I love your swirly skirt and those boots are FABULOUS!!
    As if you would ever wear a pair of non-fabulous shoes!!

  11. Yay red!! The color looks great!

    I love the pretty flowy skirt and the lavender! And I'm often late to work to give my kitties some cuddles too.

  12. Woohoo redness! Good work. This is a lovely outfit, it feels romantic and flouncy.

  13. Now I think this outfit will look even better with RED HAIR! You know I struggle a little bit with neutrals... But the flouncy skirt is very pretty, as are the lavender/amethyst accessories. And the Titian locks are looking awesome! xxxx

  14. I love this outfit - it's very feminine and lady like and I adore the boots! The little sleeveless jacket is very cute. The red hair is looking good!

  15. Oh Sheila! So pretty! And those boots are amazing! I love them!!



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