Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Red Dress Layered

Hey, hey! It's late (worked late, didn't go to gym and am starving), so I'm going to be quick(ish).

The 3rd wear of the red dress:
Lots of texture and pattern going on, starting with the blouse, one of my favourites which was featured in the October capsule (recap here). I wore it three times that month. The shoes are also from the October capsule and were worn 3 times - I often wear them with this blouse. I just like how the colours go.

Last time to voice your opinion!

Red Dress (Calvin Klein): Outfit #3
Red Dress (Calvin Klein): Outfit #2 free polls 

I previously wore the dress here and here. Tune in this weekend for the final verdict!

These shoes are so comfy, even for a 2"+ heel - very stable for walking around.
Dotty tights (the dots are holes) and the black leather obi tie it all together.
 Funky, man!

The stuff:
Bronze leaf earrings and my spinner ring.

And...dinner time!

Dress (Calvin Klein), blouse (Marcona, thrifted), shoes (Mini QTees, Fluevog), obi (consignment), earrings (Plum), ring (Twang & Pearl).


  1. I'm still crazy in love with the dress. That blouse does go perfectly with those Vogs. Keepers all around if you ask me!

  2. It's a fabulous dress, you rock red, Sheila! Clever layering, and great shoes too.
    Now get some dinner! xxx

  3. Keep! Love this version, with the graphic print underneath. I wrote about your challenge in my post today - you've inspired me : >

  4. A basic red dress is almost as versatile as a little black dress to have in a woman's closet I think. I say keep!

  5. If I had that dress, I'd wear it once a week!

  6. That dress is awesome--so versatile!!

  7. I should have known those are fluevogs. (sigh)

    I love the dress.


  8. I love how you styled this red dress. You prove that red really is a neutral and can be jazzed up any number of funky ways.


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