Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's! Red Dress for Tamera

Happy V-Day, my dear friends, readers and fellow bloggers! You're all special to me and I wish you happiness and joy today and every day!

And now...a red dress.
Accurate colours - it's a RED dress!
I just missed getting this dress into a capsule this past year. It nearly made the December one, but I ended up removing it right at the last minute. So many dresses, so little time!

It is by Calvin Klein and I bought it in December 2011 at Winners for $59.99, and I have only worn it for two outfits (here), both on the same day! One look was casual and one more dressy.
Today, it got the obi treatment. The dress has quite a defined waist but not an actual waist seam, so I like adding a belt to it.

This is my outfit for Tamera, The Menopausal Supermodel's e-Party for her birthday!
I had many compliments on the dress today - it really is that vivid red in the first picture!

What do you think?
Red Dress (Calvin Klein): Outfit #1

Red dress (Calvin Klein) free polls 
L and I decided not to do anything for Valentine's this year - we went to the gym instead! Rather than being weak in the knees for my wonderful husband of nearly 16 years, I am weak in the arms, ha ha!
Blowing a kiss
He surprised me and bought me this gorgeous bouquet of flowers (they are far away from Vizinni!) and some chocolates to have with our wine tonight. Yay!

The stuff:
My lovely red-lined pumps (last seen in the June 2012 capsule, recap here), my Smoking Lily obi and Smoking Lily gold leather anatomical heart pin. I quickly realized that saying, "I've got my heart on" is not appropriate at work (say it out loud!). "I'm wearing my heart" is much better.

I also wore my new gold chain and leather wrist-wrap and my clock-hand earrings.

Here's a look at my tights, which you can see better in the outdoor stair shot:
It's a black lace/fishnet layered over a bright blue. Cool, eh?

Dress (Calvin Klein), shoes (Guess), obi/heart pin (Smoking Lily), earrings (Foxy), wrist-wrap (handmade).

I got a wonderful surprise in the mail today! I ordered one of Megan Mae's gorgeous tie-obis and it came today!
She is so generous - look at the fabulous vintage scarf, and the chainmail purse! Inside the purse where two buttonflowers (I have quite a collection!).

Check out the "lid" of the purse:
I'm not sure if they are bears or some weird people.

The neck of the purse expands!
Wow! That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! I can't wait to wear this next time I go out.

Thank you so much for the wonderful belt and the beautiful gifts, Megan! I love them!

Someone wasn't very happy about me leaving to go to work this morning.
"I hope you remembered to close your closet door."
Happy V-Day!


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous red dress! Love the blue tights with it too. I'm glad you started doing your stair shots. The details come through best in those.

    Also Yay! I'm glad you like. I found the bag and it was just too quirky not to send to you.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Sheila!~

  2. Wow, love that red with the blue stockings! I never would have thought of that.

    The picture of Vizzini is a little scary. What do you feed her?

  3. Schwing! the red frock ROCKS and I ADORE the tights combination!
    My Mama had a gold version of that handbag, I wish I knew what happened to it......XXX

  4. Love the red dress - I wore a red dress for Valentine's day too! I really like the obi with yours, and the blue and black tights. That dress is a definite keeper :)

  5. The red dress, with you in it, is fantastic! We had a quiet V. Day too - at our favorite taco place it was almost empty. I think the young couples went to "romantic" dinners and left the good eatin' for us old married folks. : >

    Hey Vizzini, no shoes on the menu big boy!

  6. You look amazing in the red dress!! LOVE it!! and what awesome goodies from Megan!!!

    So Vizzini likes flowers??? Our demon child Callie likes them, too. She'll eat the flowers right off leaving you stalks!

  7. Awesome red dress!!! It's fantastic!! The belt looks great with it too.

    Fabulous bag from Megan too!

  8. HI Sheila,
    Love the red dress; its really figure flattering on you. The blue tights are so fun with it and I think you picked the perfect shade of blue so that they look like they belong with the dress.
    BTW.....I always love the way you capture your kitty's expressions....

  9. Love the dress, love the tights, love the belt, love the purse, love your blog, love your style, love our mutual friends. Oh, and I love you!

  10. Piękna jest ta czerwona sukienka i ta srebrna torebka:))Pozdrawiam

  11. The bag from Megan is soo odd and soo cool !
    and that dress needs to get out more :)

  12. I love the red dress. you got a great parcel in the post. lucyx

  13. We try not to make V-day a big deal... I disagree with the assertion that greeting card companies "invented" the holiday. Capitalized on it, yes, but definitely not invented. I think you and L did the exact right thing to celebrate your love... doing something together... but not making it an artificial or cliched event. We're super corny characters, so I made dynamite sticks out of packages of rolos with a note telling Scott that he's "Da Bomb!" and he gave me a bag of Swedish Berries, saying he loved me "berry berry much". We watched a movie, during which I fell asleep, and drank champagne only because his grandparents gave it to us... and it was such a small bottle we knew we would be able to finish it, AND go to work this morning!

  14. That red dress looks amazing on you! Love the pop of blue from the tights, too.

  15. You get such good light from your porch! Your tights made me think of dragonflies, such a great contrast with the RED of the dress. Happy V Day! I gave a card to my DH, but also sent a few cards and texts to the other special people in my life (note-I am not a bigamist).

  16. The red dress is beautiful, definitely a keeper! And it looks so good with the blue/fishnet tights.
    Lovely gifts from Megan, and ahhh, flowers! xxxx

  17. This red dress is exquisite. I think I've voted for to keep it twice :)

    I am sending Megan Mae a bunch I've ties I've thrifted for her shop, and a fantastic fish tie to make into an obi belt for me. Must get to post office!


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