Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend in Purple and Red - Two More Votes!

Happy Saturday! I hope your days are full of sun, wind and lovely strolls (well, that's what mine's been full of!).

To start off, we have the second wearing of this lilac Smoking Lily tee:
I previously wore it here, with the V-neck in front. Although you can't see much of it, this is Outfit #2.

Smoking Lily Lilac Greyhound Tee: Outfit #2

Smoking Lily Lilac Greyhound Tee free polls 
I'm a bit behind on my 3 wears in 7 days, but I do have one more planned outfit for this tee next week.

For Casual Friday, I added my denim maxi skirt and my lavender Camper shoes (both featured in the April 2012 capsule, recap here). They were worn 3 times (the skirt) and 4 times (the shoes), so both are solidly in the "keeper" category for me. The skirt makes a great flapping noise when I walk, like sails.
The purple cardi was featured in the December 2012 capsule (recap here), where it was worn 4 times. I like that it has shorter sleeves.

Although the grey of the greyhounds in the tee isn't visible, I used that neutral to pull all the different shades of purple together, with the wide belt (you know I love a bigass belt!) and the grey legwear.
This skirt makes my bum look good! And these shoes are so easy to walk in.

My legwear is actually socks!
With birds! I've got birds on my legs!

The stuff:
I went out for a wee thrift shop and Thai food for dinner with a fellow fashion-y coworker, so had crappy light by the time I got home. I wore my new-to-me thrifted cuff. I walked home from downtown in these shoes - perfectly comfy!

We didn't have a lot of luck at the thrift store, but did a quick overview/try-on in about an hour. I tried on a wonderful pair of red wool pleated vintage Escada culottes (yes!) for under $20, but they were way too small.

I did find this awesome emerald green glass bangle for $5.00.
It is really small, which works well for me, as I have small wrists - most bangles fall off me.

Cardigan (Kenar, consignment), tee (Smoking Lily), skirt (InWear, consignment), shoes (Camper), belt (Plum), cuff (thrifted).

Today, L and I had eye exams scheduled (we're both getting new glasses!), so we got up early, walked to town and had brunch first. We spent the afternoon looking at frames (with our whacked-out dilated pupils) and narrowing it down - we are both craving something a little less "normal" than what we have now. You might not know, but I had to buy my current glasses due to my previous pair snapping in half about 4 years ago! (tragic tale here). I am super-excited to get my new glasses - I will post a pic of L's too! We should have them this week.

I wore the red dress again.
I last wore it for Valentine's Day, here.

One of the biggest lessons I learned from my capsules was the versatility of dresses. Layering them so that they look like a skirt is a great way to extend the wear out of a dress that you may only think you can wear one way.

Red Dress (Calvin Klein): Outfit #2

Red Dress (Calvin Klein): Outfit #2 free polls 
I wore my leather shirt over it, this time around, belting the waist. Love that  shirt! It was featured in the very first capsule, in February 2012 (recap here), during which I wore it 4 times. I also wore it for one of my Wild Card outfits, my Steampunk Vampire Slayer outfit (here, in October 2012).
The boots are my flat Aldo riding boots, featured in the December capsule (recap here), where I wore them 6 times. They are wonderful for walking, although getting a little beat up. I would like to replace them with a pair of good Fluevogs...L and I will be doing our annual pilgrimage to the Vancouver Fluevog stores in March!

Shirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), dress (Calvin Klein), boots (Aldo, consignment), tights (Hue), belt (swap from Ruth).

I have another outfit planned for the dress for next week, and then we will be voting next weekend for it, the lilac greyhound tee and the brown lace skirt. So, nothing up today...sorry!

However, speaking of voting and Wild Cards, have you cast your vote for Favourite Wild Card yet? Final results tomorrow, and I'll also be putting up a vote for the top 3 outfits - as voted by you! - from each capsule. Woo!

Vizzini was being really cute this morning.
"Stay home and play with me!" 
He's looking at L. Cute-looking, isn't he? All lies. Evil cat lies.


  1. I REALLY like the purple cardi ensemble ....everything IN it :)

  2. Love the purple!!!##Those shoes are divine!!

    Our Calliekins is just like Vizzini!!!
    The pretty face hides her evil little heart!!

  3. I really like both outfits! All of the purple in the first one is lovely, and that leather shirt looks great with the red dress! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend :)

  4. Love them both! I love the animal details to the first outfit, and the leather shirt over the red dress - to die for gorgeousness. Very editorial, but also badass at the same time.

    Silly evil kitty! I saw my monsters tonight. Spike loved all over me until it was time to leave, then he tried to bite me. Bruce - the jerk - sat just out of reach making happy face at me while I talked to him, but refused pets. York allowed himself to be cuddled, but had to go back to basting himself beside the heater.

  5. Pięknie wyglądasz w czerwonej sukience i kurtce:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  6. The purple outfit is gorgeous - I love that your purple campers are comfy after the other pair had to go... Don't know where
    I'd be without Campers, they make up about 80% of my shoes!

    And it is great to see another way to wear the red dress, it gives me inspiration.

    It's lovely and springy here this weekend, I am quite glad to be shedding winter...

  7. ANything Smoking Lily stays.... and even though i like the red dress, i am not fully convinced.

  8. Awesome socks! Where'd you get them? I love both outfits but I like the second one the most! love the red, the leather, and the layers.

  9. Cats are the devil's familiars, right? But sooooo cute - that's why they are so effective : > Mine are rending some carpet right now.

    Love both these looks, and an extra thumb up for the red dress. And the green bangle too - I adore that color. xxx

  10. I just bought a very similar pair of shoes (which I'm posting about on Monday), so of course I like yours.

    I don't believe you're on Twitter. I tweeted yesterday that I learned a new word: cynosure. Here's a use for it: "Sheila is the cynosure of the fashion-blogging community."

  11. Loving both looks, Sheila - you can do soft pretty shades as well as bright'n'bold!
    The leather shirt looks fabulous over the red dress (btw, I am holding you personally responsible for my acquisition of a leather skirt, and I think I may be on the hunt for more...)
    Ahhh, Vizzini is such a handsome boy! xxx

  12. Wow, I need a pair of those fab bird socks! I like both the outfits...xXx

  13. I have those same bird on a wire socks! I voted yes to the skirt and the dress.

    Like Curtise, I am holding you responsible for many of my fashion purchases since I found your blog :D

    I acquired a number of tiny bangles in Chinatown. Ideal for small wrists, but surprisingly hard to remove once in a while, as in OMG do I have to wear these every day for the rest of my life...


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