Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Flies, Leaves and a Flower

Is it really only Tuesday? It feels like it should be Thursday at least!

Today is the second wearing of the black leather skirt, and I must say, some of the honeymoon is over.
I love the cut and duh, it's leather, I love that. However, the leather isn't the nice thick Danier leather; it's quite thin and has a crinkly feel to it. It also gets weird dusty marks on it when I brush up against things, like boxes or desks.

Are you ready to vote?

Halogen black leather skirt: Outfit #2

Halogen black leather skirt
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And to think I wouldn't have realized this with my old pre-challenge methods! I think most of us buy something new, wear it once (maybe right away, maybe not) and then we don't haul it out again for a few months, or even a year or longer? Am I right?

I'm finding out NOW how much of a keeper things are. I like it.

In the process, I'm enjoying revisiting some old favourties, like this awesome David Findlay brown tweed blazer that I featured in February's capsule (recap here).
The silk teal blouse is Smoking Lily and was in March's capsule (recap here). I love the pattern of flies on it! So unexpected.

I also wore these shoes in March's capsule:
You can see a bit of the sparkle in the tweed there
Such a pretty shoe - and comfy too! My rings are hard to see - they're a wooden geometric ball and a bent horsehoe. I know my flower and leaves are only metal, but that's sort of spring-y, isn't it?

Off to my WW meeting!

Blazer (David Findlay, thrifted), blouse (Smoking Lily), skirt (Halogen, thrifted), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), metal flower (gift from Mom), earrings (Plum), horseshoe ring (Club Monaco).


  1. I like the look of that leather skirt. I am not too sure why it marks when you brush up against something though. Maybe it needs to be wiped with a leather product?

  2. The shoes are adorable.
    Since there are so many caveats to owning/wearing the skirt, I would say "lose it". I think its important to feel really good in what we wear and not be distracted by irritating things like crinkly leather and funny marks.

    It is pretty!

  3. Love the teal with brown, and great top (FLIES!!!) and jacket and shoes. I voted "lose it" on the skirt because though it has some things going for it, you don't sound satisfied with it and can probably find a better one. I like the "knowing now" factor!

  4. Love the blouse! However, I voted lose it on the skirt. It's not the best fit ever on you, imo, and c'mon it's a black skirt.

    I'm definitely trying to make a better effort to wear more of my wardrobe. I tend to get scared off stuff in winter because I'm afraid of being cold, but I'm usually okay if I can convince myself to wear a skirt in the first place.

  5. I love this new "try and try again" idea!

  6. I love this skirt! I can't understand how on earth someone could dislike it. looks great on you

    Inside and Outside Blog

  7. I still really like the skirt! It looks great in this outfit with the silk top especially :)

    It's good to know you've getting lots of benefit from wearing your new items multiple times in a short period - maybe I should employ that trick to try empty my ever-full wardrobes!

  8. Love the top. I am undecided about the skirt but I'm not sure why.

  9. Like Cara, I am loving your new challenge - very insightful on what to keep/lose. You look fabulous, as always, but the skirt doesn't sound special to you. You'll find one that makes you feel more WOW.

  10. i voted to lose the skirt--too many cons and you can find better!
    Love the flie blouse-great color on you!!

  11. I like this new challenge. I voted lose - only because I think it would work better if it was a hair shorter actually. But I love the shirt and the jacket!!

  12. I think you gotta lose the skirt - you have other amazing leather wear in your closet.
    By the way my mom just called to say that i got a package !! it's a top and a pin, so i am guessing it can only be frm you :)


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